Globalization brings progress in all areas of life. One of them is the development of increasingly sophisticated technology to make it easier for humans to carry out their daily lives. The success of this technology can also be proven by the increasing field of communication, especially in the smartphone revolution with increasingly sophisticated features.

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The difference of past and present smartphone features

If in the past, smartphones were only used to call or send messages, now smartphones are bringing out their newest, increasingly sophisticated features. Here are the differences in the features found on previous and current smartphones that you must know.

Advanced AI features

With the complementary AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature, today's smartphones are even more superior in offering quality images or photos produced. Through this feature, the resulting image will be more detailed with bright colors and still natural. The resulting photos are not inferior to professional camera shots.

Large storage space

The large number of features found on today's smartphones makes the storage required too large. This large storage is intended to store photos, images, videos, recordings, documents, or other applications which of course require adequate storage space.

Modern and Stylish Design

Apart from the two differences above, modern and stylish design is also an important point in today's smartphone features. Unlike the previous smartphone designs which had thick and large designs, nowadays the design is more modern and stylish supported by a relatively smaller and lighter shape. The design is intended to attract buyers.

Accurate face detector

now equipped with a face detector feature, so that it can detect the owner's face. This feature provides high security in analyzing the owner's face so that it is not abused by others.

Sophisticated and durable processor

Equipped with a processor that is increasingly sophisticated and resilient is one of the advantages of today's smartphones. It is undeniable that the processor is the brain of a smartphone.

Those are some of the differences in the features found on previous and present smartphones that you must know as an active user of the smartphone itself.


Don't even bother searching through the Settings app to try to find a feature that will let you record phone calls. Although it’s rare, there might be a time when you find that you need to record a phone call. It might be for work, a conversation with important details that you want to be able to listen back on, or an interview.

If you have an iPhone, you’ll quickly realize that there isn’t an easy way to record your phone calls, and those that have tried using the Screen Recording feature to record their phone calls know this all too well. While you’re learning about your phone, check out these hidden iPhone hacks you never knew about. 

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Image source theverge

Why don’t iPhones let you record calls?

The answer is actually pretty simple: it’s illegal to record phone conversations in some states and since so many people use iPhones, it would be too hard for Apple to regulate a call recording feature built into their operating system.

“While it is not illegal in every state to record phone conversations, Apple wants to make sure that everyone stays compliant by not automatically adding the feature in its smartphones,” says Burton Kelso, a Technology Expert at Integral Computer Service, a computer repair company in Kansas City. “Also, Apple wants to ensure its user’s privacy when it comes to smartphone use.”

In addition to not having a call record feature built-in, Apple doesn’t allow apps access to the microphone and Phone app directly so it can be tricky to get around that limitation, but there are ways to do it. Here are some other things Apple employees won’t tell you.
How can I record phone calls on my iPhone?

Kelso has a few suggestions for how you can record phone calls on your iPhone, but the most important thing to remember is to always tell or ask permission from the person on the other end of the call before you start recording. If you don’t, you could be breaking the law in some states. Here are some other weird laws you probably break all the time.

One of your options is to download a third-party app that uses a three-way-conference call to record the phone conversation. Kelso recommends Rev Call Recorder. It allows you to merge calls and get a full recording of your conversation.

Also, for an additional fee, you can have your conversation transcribed and sent to you in under 12 hours. Another highly-rated app is TapeACall Pro, although it will cost you. It doesn’t set a limit for how long you can record a call for or how many recordings you can make. It also lets you easily transfer recordings to your other devices and they are always adding new features to the app.

Another option Kelso recommends for phone call recording is Google Voice. You can create a free account as easily as you can create a Gmail account. You then adjust the settings to have the phone call you want to record answered through the app or have it forwarded to your mobile phone number.

The recording is done through Google’s server and not on your actual iPhone and a robot’s voice will state that the recording has begun so it is legal, but still make sure to warn the person before you start the phone call.

Finally, you can do things the “old school” way and get an external recorder and put your iPhone on the speaker to record the phone conversation. The iPhone’s speakers are loud and clear enough that a recording device will easily be able to pick up the entire phone conversation for you to playback later. Now that you know why the iPhone doesn’t let you record phone calls, find out why it doesn’t always let you decline phone calls. (Morgan Cutolo)


  • Digital Media Law Project: Recording Phone Calls and Conversations
  • Burton Kelso, Technology Expert at Integral Computer Service

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HP Realme memang sedang sangat populer di Indonesia. Sub-brand dari produk Oppo ini memiliki banyak varian smartphone yang menarik. Meskipun memiliki spesifikasi yang gahar, kebanyakan dari varian tersebut dibandrol dengan harga yang relatif terjangkau, sehingga membuatnya mudah diterima di pasar Indonesia.

Daftar Harga HP Realme Terbaik
Dari sekian banyak produk Realme yang ditawarkan, terdapat beberapa rekomendasi HP Realme terbaik yang bisa Kamu pilih. Terdapat beberapa produk Realme dengan spesifikasi terbaik yang bisa dicoba. Berikut ini merupakan daftar harga smartphone Realme terbaik yang dimaksud.

Daftar Harga HP Realme Terbaik yang Wajib Dipertimbangkan

1. Realme C11
Realme C11 adalah pengganti resmi dari produk Realme C2 yang beredar di pasaran Indonesia. Untuk harganya, Realme C11 dengan varian RAM 2 GB dan penyimpanan 32 GB dijual sebesar Rp 1.599.000, sedangkan untuk Realme C11 varian RAM 3 GB dan kapasitas penyimpanan 32GB dibanderol dengan harga Rp 1.699.000.

Produk garapan perusahaan Tiongkok ini dibekali dengan chipset Helio G35 yang diproduksi oleh Mediatek. Selain itu, Realme C11 yang memiliki layar beresolusi HD+ dengan ukuran 6,5 inchi ini, memiliki keunggulan dalam catu dayanya. Diketahui, baterai yang dipasangi pada HP Realme C11 memiliki kapasitas 5000mAh.

Yang mana dengan kapasitas tersebut, sebuah smartphone diperkirakan mampu bertahan hingga 40 hari dan digunakan untuk keperluan game selama 12,1 jam nonstop. Realme C11 memiliki dua kamera belakang yang ditempatkan dalam modul berbentuk persegi seperti halnya ponsel flagship.

Adapun untuk resolusi kamera belakang yang dimilikinya ini adalah 13 MP dan 2 MP. Ditambah lagi, dual camera tersebut ditemani dengan satu flash LED yang ditempatkan pada bagian kanan atas dari area persegi tersebut. Sedangkan untuk bagian depan, Realme C11 dipasangi dengan kamera beresolusi 5 MP.

realme x3 superzoom

2. Realme X3 SuperZoom
Realme X3 SuperZoom menjadi produk Realme terbaik yang ada saat ini. Dengan fakta bahwa HP ini dihargai Rp 7.999.000, tentulah spesifikasi yang dibawanya tidak main-main gaharnya. Salah satu spesifikasi unggulannya adalah dapur pacu yang dimilikinya.

Realme X3 SuperZoom dibekali dengan Snapdragon 855+. Yang mana Snapdragon 855+ merupakan salah satu chipset terkencang yang ada pada saat ini. Tak ayal jika kecepatan operasi dari seri Realme ini bisa secepat Cheetah.

Ditambah lagi, chipset Snapdragon 855+ tersebut masih dikombinasikan dengan RAM sebesar 12 GB dan juga memori penyimpanan berkapasitas 256 GB yang diusung dengan teknologi UFS 3.0.

Hal lain yang mengantarkan Realme X3 SuperZoom layak untuk menyandang gelar sebagai HP Realme terbaik adalah kameranya. Diketahui, kamera dari Realme X3 SuperZoom dilengkapi dengan lensa zoom sebesar 8 MP yang memiliki kemampuan untuk memperbesar optik hingga 5x, serta 60x hybrid.

Nah, kamera ini didesain dengan model periskop, sehingga membuatnya tetap ramping. Keberadaan lensa zoom periskop membuat Realme X3 SuperZoom memiliki focal length yang setara dengan 16 mm hingga 124 mm.

Optical Image Stabilization atau OIS juga membantu preview zoom menjadi tampak lebih stabil. Sehingga foto yang akan dihasilkan akan menjadi tajam dan jelas meskipun diambil dari jarak 100 meter sekalipun.

Selain fitur kamera zoom, Realme X3 SuperZoom juga dilengkapi dengan 3 kamera lain pada bodinya. Sebut saja kamera utama dengan resolusi 64 MP, kamera ultra wide sebesar 8 MP, dan kamera makro sebesar 2 MP.

Itulah beberapa rekomendasi HP Realme yang bisa dipilih dengan harga dan spesifikasi yang menggiurkan. Bagaimana menurut Kamu? Apakah tertarik untuk memiliki salah satunya? 

The idea of ​​learning a new language online may seem strange at first glance because our concept of a school lesson shapes how we understand learning - pencil in hand and notebook open. However, once out of school, we run into an everyday life that doesn't have to fit in with a regular learning appointment in larger groups.

When I recently flew to Poland for the weekend, I realized how uncomfortable I felt not knowing Polish. I was very ashamed not to be able to say thank you. Fortunately, my reaction was obvious: my mobile phone with the Babbel app.

WRITTEN BY Thea Bohn 01/08/2019

I am often asked why Babbel is so good at teaching a new language. To answer this question, I spoke with Belen Caeiro, a polyglot. Belén is in charge of product marketing at Babbel and knows the application by heart. She explains to us why online language learning with Babbel is so effective.

Babbel's secret ingredient is based on three pillars

Belén considers herself to have been a lucky girl. Her parents helped her obtain an international education at an early age. She has lived in Spain, Singapore, the Philippines, the United States and the Netherlands before coming to Berlin. Her past experiences confirm that Babbel is the right place for her:

"I know that all the good things that happen to me in life are possible thanks to having learned a new language"

There is no doubt in Bethlehem's mind that today, perhaps more than ever, we need to learn a new language to understand ourselves and integrate new perspectives into our thinking. The first of the three pillars on which Babbel's online language learning is based is to make this possible.
The first pillar: at Babbel everything revolves around conversation

“We are learning a new language to relate to. To make this possible, our product offers some special characteristics ”, explains Belén. He opens the Babbel application on his computer and shows me all the available courses and lessons. “At Babbel we structure language learning based on relevant topics. Depending on the language you are learning, in Babbel you will find the cultural peculiarities and the most frequent topics of conversation from the beginning. Using public transportation, ordering food, and making wishes are at the top of the list.

Belén points out that all the learning content is related so that orientation is easy. However, if you only want to review one topic, you can start with whatever you want. Belén clicks on the next lesson and touches the microphone icon: “We use feedback from our users to constantly optimize our product. Thanks to our customer service, but also to the meetings we organize, we know that our users want to train their pronunciation. Our product supports the voice recognition function ”.

Online language learning with Babbel is also based on tried and tested learning exercises, such as white text, that show examples in a realistic way. Bethlehem illustrates the principle:

“In Babbel, the so-called dialogue coach simulates the course of a real conversation: it is like swimming in an empty pool. This is how the new vocabulary is consolidated and the idiomatic expressions in natural use are practiced ”.

Belén concludes that even the way we teach grammar is ultimately based on the focus of the conversation. Therefore, the product offered by Babbel is designed in such a way that users can converse in real life as quickly as possible. Compared to other apps, Babbel is not as focused on entertainment. Babbel doesn't offer the gaming aspect that can make other apps more fun. "But this is a clear decision on our part," explains Belén.

"We want our students to put down their cell phones and experience the success of their language in real life."

Belén emphasizes: "We believe that this interpersonal experience is a much greater motivation than a more attractive screen could be - and we see that this is exactly why our users return and continue learning."
The second pillar: Our experts are people, not machines

Babbel is known for its 150 experts in language learning who are dedicated to teaching new languages ​​and cultures. All of the experts are multilingual and most have already taught in schools, universities, and evening classes. They face new challenges, like teaching French to their peers in three weeks or mastering sign language in one month.

These crazy ideas are not to be ridiculed under any circumstances - even our experts are delighted to successfully overcome a new obstacle. Therefore, this is the main objective of these acrobats of the language: that they themselves return to be in the position of the student. Only as we learn do we realize what is really useful in learning.

“Our trained experts are the driving force behind the product. We trust in this guarantee of quality to make each course depending on the mother tongue and the language of learning ”.

The linguistic knowledge that distinguishes the Babbel product is based on the linguistic affinity between the different languages. For example, French is more closely related to Italian and therefore there are many more similarities than between French and German. Belén sees these similarities as "shortcuts" in learning:

"With Babbel you learn effectively, as our language experts know exactly these shortcuts and incorporate them into the product."

Belén also points out that the shortcuts used in the product demonstrate its effectiveness in learning.The third pillar: thanks to user-oriented design, the path to learning is the center of attention

Learning languages ​​online with Babbel has the advantage that learning is based on you. Whether you are a night owl or a traveler, Babbel is always accessible from the device of your choice, even offline if you have previously downloaded the lesson.

"The Babbel subscription system offers you a constant learning experience," says Belén:

"Once you have acquired access to the product, you can freely use any learning materials you want, so you don't have to re-unlock the exclusive content later."

The product is even regularly expanded with new learning content from our experts, so you will receive freshly baked courses.

Belén is proud that not only the product itself but also the functions within the product are completely student-oriented:

“Your motivation to learn is the driving force behind subsequent success. That is why we have developed a feature that allows the learning content to be personalized for each user ”.

Is your motivation to learn a new language to travel? Voilà, thanks to the motivation selector, you will already have the correct content that we have suggested. "Of course, it's not just that," laughs Belén. With Babbel you will feel that we understand you:

"We know exactly what impulses (triggers) are needed to ensure successful learning."

In this case, the replay system plays a central role. To learn new vocabulary, you have to practice it over and over again, using longer time intervals. The replay system does it automatically! As a user, you can even add your own vocabulary.  Learn about Babbel's secret first-hand.
Take the first lesson for free now! (Written by Thea Bohn)

Thea Bohn
Thea Bohn
Thea writes about the things she likes to read. Her studies in German philology, American literature, and philosophy have taken her to Mainz, New York, and finally Berlin. She published a few stories in magazines and anthologies before joining Babbel in 2015

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Halo untuk semua pengguna iPhone, Anda mungkin iri dengan fitur-fitur unik yang hanya dimiliki Samsung Galaxy ini

Jika Anda seperti kebanyakan orang, Anda mungkin memiliki iPhone atau Android. Jika Anda berada di tim Android, Anda tahu bahwa Samsung Galaxy memiliki beberapa fitur unik yang tidak dimiliki Android lain.

Tetapi mereka yang hanya menggunakan iPhone mungkin tidak tahu bahwa ada beberapa hal yang dapat dilakukan Samsung Galaxys yang bahkan tidak dapat dilakukan oleh iPhone. Baca terus untuk mengetahui tentang fitur-fitur keren mereka. Berikut beberapa fitur Android tersembunyi lainnya yang tidak pernah Anda ketahui.

Sembunyikan aplikasi dan file
Samsung Galaxy memungkinkan Anda menyembunyikan aplikasi dan file menggunakan aplikasi Folder Aman. Aplikasi ini pada dasarnya bertindak seperti brankas yang sangat aman di ponsel Anda. Anda dapat menyembunyikan aplikasi atau file tertentu di Folder Aman yang hanya dapat diakses dengan kata sandi atau sidik jari Anda. Anda dapat menemukan aplikasi ini dengan membuka Pengaturan> Biometrik dan keamanan>

Folder Aman. “Anda menyetel sandi terpisah untuk folder dan secara default tidak terlihat — jadi tidak akan muncul di beranda Anda. Menggunakan Folder Aman memungkinkan Anda menambahkan aplikasi dan file yang ingin disembunyikan, dan menjaganya tetap aman, ”kata Andreas Theodorou, Pakar Teknologi di ProPrivacy. "Jika ponsel mendeteksi rooting atau ROM, folder tersebut dapat secara otomatis dan permanen mengunci untuk melindungi konten." Lihat produk teknologi keren yang ingin Anda beli tahun ini.

Berbagi daya nirkabel

Samsung Galaxy sebenarnya memiliki koil pengisian nirkabel yang memungkinkan Anda untuk mengisi daya perangkat dan aksesori Galaxy lain yang merupakan fitur sempurna untuk pasangan atau pasangan teman di mana satu orang selalu memiliki telepon yang terisi daya dan yang lainnya selalu di bawah 10 persen baterai.

 “Cukup AKTIFKAN pembagian daya nirkabel dari panel notifikasi Anda dan letakkan perangkat lain dengan punggung menghadap Anda,” kata Deepu Prakash, SVP, Proses, dan Inovasi Teknologi di Fingent, sebuah perusahaan pengembangan perangkat lunak khusus.

“Anda mungkin perlu menyesuaikan posisi perangkat lain sampai mereka terhubung, tetapi itu biasanya tidak memakan banyak waktu.” Berikut beberapa hal yang dapat dilakukan Android, tetapi iPhone tidak.

Buat GIF dari video YouTube
Samsung Galaxy pada dasarnya memungkinkan Anda membuat GIF apa pun yang Anda inginkan. Satu-satunya yang Anda butuhkan adalah ponsel Galaxy yang dirilis pada 2017 atau lebih baru dan aplikasi Smart Select.

Untuk membuat GIF, buka video di aplikasi YouTube, lalu akses Smart Select dan gesek dari kanan untuk menampilkan Menu Perintah Udara. Ketuk Animasi GIF, atur kotak bingkai untuk menangkap gambar yang Anda inginkan, mulai putar video, dan ketuk rekam. Klik Berhenti untuk mengunduh GIF ke Galeri Anda. Coba trik ini untuk mengambil pesan teks yang dihapus di Android Anda.

Add caption

Amankan penyimpanan Anda
Anda juga dapat mengenkripsi penyimpanan SD Anda dari ponsel Anda sendiri. Ini membantu Anda menambahkan lapisan keamanan ekstra ke perangkat Anda dengan melindungi dari peretas dan pencuri data.

Buka Pengaturan> Biometrik dan keamanan> Enkripsi kartu SD dan klik Enkripsi kartu SD lagi setelah membaca pelepasan tanggung jawab hukum. “Prosesnya mungkin memakan waktu cukup lama, tetapi informasi Anda akan jauh lebih aman untuk itu,” kata Theodorou.

“Ingatlah bahwa ini akan mengenkripsi semua data Anda yang ada, dan seterusnya. Hanya reset pabrik yang akan membatalkan enkripsi, jadi pastikan Anda mencadangkan ponsel Anda secara teratur. ” Ini adalah perbaikan ponsel cerdas yang tidak boleh Anda bayar kepada seseorang untuk memperbaikinya.

Buat catatan di layar terkunci
Dengan Samsung Galaxy Note, Anda dapat menulis dan menyimpan catatan di ponsel Anda tanpa harus membukanya. Gunakan stylus untuk mengetuk layar sambil menahan tombol atas dan kemudian mulai menulis.

“Untuk memeriksa apakah fungsi memo layar mati aktif, buka Pengaturan> Fitur lanjutan> Pena S dan pastikan bahwa opsi Memo layar mati aktif. Karena teknologi ini mengandalkan stylus, ini tidak akan berfungsi dengan seri Galaxy S, ”kata Theodorou. Lihat kode ponsel cerdas tersembunyi ini yang harus Anda mulai gunakan.

Ubah pesan dan situs web menjadi pengingat
Alih-alih mengetik secara manual semua pengingat Anda di aplikasi Pengingat, Samsung Galaxy memiliki pintasan. Jika Anda ingin menyetel pengingat tentang situs tertentu, navigasikan ke tiga titik di kanan atas jendela browser, klik Bagikan, lalu

Pengingat. Jika Anda ingin menyimpan pesan teks sebagai pengingat — mungkin alamat surat atau alamat email yang akan Anda perlukan nanti — tekan utas yang ingin Anda simpan, klik Opsi Pesan, lalu Kirim ke Pengingat. Cobalah rahasia ini untuk mendapatkan masa pakai baterai smartphone yang lebih baik.

Tangkapan layar gesek telapak tangan

Fitur unik ini berfungsi pada ponsel Galaxy S10 dan 20, kata Prakash. Pertama, Anda harus pergi ke pengaturan menu gerak dan mengaktifkan gesekan telapak tangan.

Kemudian, saat Anda ingin mengambil screenshot, cukup geser telapak tangan Anda di layar. Tahukah kamu kalau smartphone kamu sudah mengetahui hal-hal menyeramkan tentang kamu ini?

Gunakan dua aplikasi secara bersamaan
Fitur lain yang dimiliki Samsung Galaxy yang tidak dimiliki iPhone adalah kemampuan untuk menggunakan dua aplikasi sekaligus pada layar terpisah, kata Liz Hamilton, Direktur, Orang dan Pelanggan di Mobile Klinik, bisnis perbaikan ponsel teratas Kanada.

Untuk menggunakan, ketuk dan tahan tombol Terbaru di bilah navigasi, gulir ke aplikasi yang ingin Anda lihat di setengah layar dan ketuk ikon aplikasi bundar di atas jendela, lalu pilih Buka dalam tampilan layar terpisah. Aplikasi akan menyematkan ke bagian atas layar dan kemudian Anda dapat memilih aplikasi lain yang ingin Anda tampilkan di layar.

“Fitur ini bisa sangat berguna untuk banyak contoh, jika Anda perlu mengirim informasi kontak ke seseorang, Anda dapat membuka aplikasi kontak dan messenger Anda pada saat yang bersamaan, membuatnya lebih mudah untuk menyelesaikan tugas Anda,” kata Hamilton. “Fitur ini juga berguna untuk berbagai keperluan pekerjaan. Daripada terus berpindah dari satu tab ke tab lain, membuka keduanya dapat menghemat banyak waktu. ”

Prediksi aplikasi AI
Fitur prediksi aplikasi menggunakan kecerdasan buatan untuk memahami pola penggunaan Anda di Samsung Galaxy Anda. “Hal ini membuat menjalankan aplikasi dan beralih di antaranya menjadi sangat mudah,” kata Prakash.

Ini juga memastikan kinerja puncak dan menghemat banyak waktu.” Anda tidak perlu khawatir tentang mengaktifkan fitur ini di ponsel Anda, AI melakukannya untuk Anda. Pelajari tentang peretasan Android tersembunyi yang tidak pernah Anda ketahui.

Sesuaikan audio Anda dengan volume yang sempurna
Fitur unik ini sangat cocok untuk pengguna headphone. Untuk mengatur volume yang sempurna, buka Pengaturan> Suara dan getaran>

Pengaturan Suara Lanjutan> Kualitas dan efek suara> Equalizer. Bermain-main dengan dan sesuaikan berbagai opsi suara yang ditawarkan ponsel untuk menemukan keseimbangan sempurna Anda. Setelah Anda menyimpan perubahan, Samsung Galaxy mengingat pengaturan dan akan menggunakannya setiap kali mengeluarkan suara. Jika ponsel Anda lambat, coba cara mudah berikut untuk mempercepat ponsel Anda.

Pesan SOS satu tangan
Fitur ini sangat mudah disiapkan dan pada akhirnya dapat menyelamatkan hidup Anda. Untuk mengaktifkan, cukup klik tombol daya tiga kali dan pesan teks akan dikirim ke empat kontak darurat yang berbeda.

Pesan darurat tidak harus hanya berupa pesan teks; Anda juga dapat menambahkan gambar atau mengirim rekaman suara lima detik dengan gambar itu. Untuk mengaturnya, buka Pengaturan> Fitur Lanjutan> Pesan SOS dan isi kontak darurat Anda. Untuk menjaga keamanan Anda tetap ketat, jangan pernah melakukan hal-hal ini di Wi-Fi publik. (Morgan Cutolo)

Sumber Artikel  Reader Digest COM

Pontianak. Dalam sebuah workshop  pembuatan contoh buku kas digital serta pemanfaatan Jurnal Keuangan Berbasis Android yang diselenggarakan di Pontianak beberapa waktu yang lalu melibatkan tidak kurang  30 (tiga puuh) pelaku UMKM (Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah) . Dalam usaha mereka untuk mempermudah promosikan produk UMKM kepada pangsa pasar yang lebih luas tidak saja untuk lokal Kalimantan Barat namun juga untuk seluruh Indonesia.  Bahkan tidak menutup peluang promosi tersebut sampai ke manca negara

Secara khusus hadir dalam acara tersebut Edi Suprianto, Ketua Borneo Istimewa (Sebuah website lokal yang berisi produk produk UKM Kalimantan Barat) memaparkan beberapa konsep dasar mengenai pola pemanfaatan pembukuan digital  untuk  memudahkan pengaturan keuangan keluar masuk serta pencatan keuangan serta hutang piutang

Ada beberapa catatan yang menarik yang dapat dipetik dalam acara workshop tersebut.  Salah satu poin penting nya adalah bagaimana mencari solusi yang efektif , efisien dan ekonomis adalah dengan  memanfaatkan Android untuk mengelola pembukuan bisnis sehingga bisnis selalu berada dalam genggaman.

Seperti apakah konsep dasar pemanfaatan Laporan Keuangan dan tren pencatatan bisnis berbasis android kepada pelaku UKM kalbar yang bertujuan untuk memajukan UMKM di Kalimantan Barat.  Mari kita coba bahas

Pembukuan Bisnis Konvensional 

Banyak orang yang dari awalnya tidak melirik peluang penggunaan pencatatan keuangan digital berbasis Android secara  daring (Dalam jaringan) karena anggapan bahwa untuk mengelola sebuah pencatatan pembukuan keuangan digital membutuhkan kemampuan teknis  dan atau ketrampilan khusus di atas rata rata, selain itu juga karena pembukuan bisnis digital  juga dianggap terlalu mahal karena harus melengkapi dengan peralatan dasar dan sumber daya manusia (SDM) yang mengelolalanya yang membutuhkan banyak biaya. 

Stikma seperti ini terus menghantui para pelaku bisnis usaha rumahan atau usaha kecil (KM) sehingga mereka tidak berani melakukan terobosan ekspansi bisnis yang ekstrim dalam memaparkan usahanya untuk meraih pasar yang lebih besar karena masih berkutat dalam pencatatan keuangan yang manual,

Beberapa masalah dasar dalam pengelolaan keuangan yang juga serta manual. Proses penghitungan neraca keuangan dalam arti kata pencatatan uang yang masuk dan keluar serta anggaran belanja usaha masih menggunakan konsep yang sederhana atau dikerjakan dengan manual.  

Begitu pula dengan pemasaran produk UMKM nya pun masih diakukan secara manual baik dengan menjajakannya di lapak lapak pasar tradional dan , menitipkannya di toko toko, Bahkan pemasaran melalui komunitas seperti arisan keluargan dan door to door pun masih sering digunakan. Konsep pemasaran yang manual seperti ini tidak membuat hasil yang maksimal. Walaupun disadari juga tekni lama seperti pembicaraan dari mulut ke muut atau  mouth to mouth system masih dirasakan cukup efektif.

Aplikasi BukuWarung Solusi Pembukan Bisnis Dalam Genggaman

Ada keterkaitan antara cara pencatatan bisnis secara digital dengan perencanaan promosi secara digital yang saling bersinergi. Pelaku UKM tidak fokus dalam melakkan ekspansi promosi usahanya jika konsentrasinya masih terpecah harus mengelola keuangan dan pencatatan usaha yang masih berpola manuak dan tidak praktis.

Tidak adanya keseragaman mengenai pencatatan pembukuan bisnis dari para pelaku UKM masih belum memberikan rasa aman dan nyaman baik dari kalangan pelaku UKM itu sendiri maupun dari sisi pelanggan nya ini konsumennya Pelanggan sering tidak tahu kapan jatuh tempo hutangnya yang harus dibayarkan dan belum praktis dalam tata cara pemberitahuan jatuh tempo hutangnya

Aplikasi BukuWarung

Dahulu konsep pencatatan buku dan laporan keuangan masih bersifat manual dan memasarkannya masih menggunakan pola sederhana dimana para pembeli dan penjual berinteraksi secara langsung seperti dalam prasar tradisional misalnya seperti hutang piutang yang jatuh tempo dan tidak tahu kapan batas waktnya dan masih banyak lagi

Para pelaku Usaha Mikro Kecil Mengengah (UMKM) Di Kalimantan Barat ini agar bisa maju dan siap bersaing denga pelaku bisnis Global. di era Digital 4.0 ini kini bisa bernapas lega dengan hadirnya Aplikasi BukuWarung. 

Aplikasi berbasis Android BukuWarung ini adalah aplikasi pembukuan UKM yang dibuat dengan tujuan untuk memudahkan pemilik usaha (UKM) dalam mencatat pembukuan laporan keuangan usahanya yang tidak lagi dilakukan secara manal melainkan sudah berbasis Android.  

Pertama, Handphone adalah perangkat yang dimiliki banyak orang kaena harganya yang semakin terjangkau.  Gadget yang identik dengan sosial media ini dapat dimanfaatkan pelaku UKM dalam  mengelola pencatatan laporan keuangan dan pembukan hariannya dengan mudah dan praktis. 

, Dengan memanfaatkan Aplikasi BukuWarung ini pelaku UKM dapat dengan mudah mengelola pembukan kas dan pencatatan transaksi keuangannya dengan nyaman, efisien, efektif dalam genggaman

Ketiga, Dengan memanfaatkan aplikasi BukuWarung bagi produk UMKM di Kalbar ini bisa memperoleh banyak keuntungan yang lebih besar daripada menggunakan teknik pemasaran yang konvensonal terutama dalam hal Biaya dan Waktu  serta target pemasaranya. Bahkan dengan menggunakan Digital Marketing bisa dilihat apa yang menjadi kenginan pasar dan dari sanalah para pelaku UKMK bisa memenuhi keinginan sejati para calon konsumennya

Cara Menggunakan Aplikasi BukuWarung
Dengan menggnakan aplikasi BukuWarung ini, para pelaku UKM Kalbar bisa dengan mudah melakkan pencatatan, pembukuan laporan keuangan usahanya termasuk hutang piutang dengan mudah dimanapn dan kapanpun Bahkan para pelaku UKM bisa dengan mdah melakukan pencatatan semua pemasukan, pengeluaran, dan serta utang piutang pelanggan serta menghitung omset dengan mudah.   Uniknya lagi dalam aplikasi ini juga terdapat fitur yakni SMS Tagihan otomatis kepada para pelanggan yang bisa dimanfaatkan, dan it sema free of charge (gratis).  

Download (Unduh) aplikasinya di sini

Setelah aplikasi selesa diunduh dari Playstore,  segeralah jalankan dengan menggnakan satu nomor Handphone yang biasa anda gunakan.  Dengan mencantumkan nomor Handphone anda ini sebagai akses untuk menggunakan sema fitur fitur yang ada dalam aplikasi BukuWarung.   System akan mengirimkan CODE yang bisa diperoleh atau didapat dalam bentuk pesan singkat SMS atau Whatsup

Contoh Cara Mencatat Hutang

Dengan menggnakan aplikasi BukuWarung ini, proses pencatatan semua hutang dapat dilakukan dengan mudah

1. Di halaman Utang, pilih +Tambah Pelanggan
2. Pilih pelanggan dari daftar kontak, atau Tambah Kontak Baru
3. Masukkan Nama Pelanggan dan Nomor HP (tidak wajib)
4. Pilih jenis Utang, lalu Masukkan Nominal
5. Lalu jika ingin menambahkan transaksi lagi, pilih salah satu jenis transaksi

Aplikasi BukuWarung

Yang cukup menarik dari aplikasi BukuWarung ini adalah dapat menggunakan lebih dari satu device (perangkat) Handphone secara bersamaan.  Namn yang perlu dicatatat adalah semanya harus  versi terbaru  Tak perlu kuatir karena sema data data anda akan tersimpan dengan safe (aman) selama koneksi internet aktif dan data tersimpan secara online .  

Selamat mengunduh Aplikasi BukuWarung ya

SIMPLYASEP.COM Kecantikan wanita Korea sudah menjadi semacam idola bagi sebagian wanita Indonesia.  Mereka yang menngemari artis artis Korea terutama kecantikan wanita Korea menjadi inspirasi bagi wanita Indonesia yang menggemari tata rias alis Korea ala wanita Korea  Salah satu tata rias yang banyak ditiru wanita Indonesia adalah memiliki alis mata alami ala wanita Korea,

Hanya saja tidak semua wanita Indonesia memiliki bentuk alis mata yang sempurna seperti yang menjadi idaman mereka.   Bentuk alis mata yang natural atau alamiah dan memiliki bentuk dan makna menjadi idaman setiap wanita Indonesia.  Kini sudah banyak tutorial atau teknik touch up atau berdandan pada bagian alis mata yang dibuat semirip mungkin dengan artis Korea pujaan mereka.

Bentuk alis mata yang alami menjadi inspirasi wanita Indonesia yang menggemari dan mengidolakan punya bentk wajah seperti wanita Korea terutama pada bentuk alis mata yang lurus yang pernah booming di Indonesia sekitar tahun 2015 yang lalu dan kecenderungan itu masih terasa di tahun 2020

Sebagian wanita masih menyukai alias mata yang tebal dan masih tetap mempertahankannya sebagai sebuah gaya hidup sedangkan mereka yang mendamkan alias Korea juga tidak mau kalah.  Alasannya beragam ada yang mendamkan efek wajah tampak lebih glowing dan terkesan lebih muda jika berhasil membuat alias mata mereka menjadi lurus seperti wanita Korea 

Percantik Mata Alis Mata Ala Maybelline

, memiliki berbagai produk makeup yang bisa menjadi pilihan Wanita Indonesia dalam merawat dan mempercantik diri termasuk melakukan perawatan kecantikan termasuk untuk tampil cantik seperti membuat alis korea ala kecantikan wanita Kore. 

Agar hasil yang maksimal dan alias Korea yang dibuat menjadi sempurna, soft, tampil menawan dan tidak kaku sebaiknya dipilih dan disesuaikan dengan bentuk dasar alis mata mu 

Beberapa produk produk Maybelline yang tepat dan cocok dengan jenis alismu misalnya Fashion Brow 3D Palette ,
Fashion Brow Duo Shaper , Fashion Brow Ultra Fluffy, dan masih banyak lagi produk premium Maybelline lainnya.  Pilihlah yang sesuai dengan bentuk dan jenis alis mu
SIMPLYASEP.COM I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime for a long time, maybe around 2015 when I started using it, and so far I have been a big fan of Samsung's Android type of cell phone since a few years ago.

I've even made a few notes or reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime in my beloved blog too. In general, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is still being updated because of the same features as the current era, it's just RAM capacity and small storage.

Review of Samsung a10s
Alhamdulillah, the month of Ramadhan 1441 Hijri, I already used Samsung Galaxy a10s. Because I am already familiar with Samsung's Android brand, so I have no trouble operating this Android Samsung a10s.

Well on this occasion I did not discuss a review of all the cool features of Samsung a10s, which is said to be the cheapest type of Android Samsung. I just tried a quick review of the camera and video.


Well this Samsung Galaxy a10s was released in 2019 ago, and when I bought cash this Android still used the Android 9 operating system, and then I updated it to Android 10. I don't really understand what the difference between Android 9 and 10 is, maybe the readers faithfully my blog can help me. What exactly is the difference or superiority between Android 9 and 10
For the Samsung Galaxy a10s own Camera, this is a Multi-Camera with Rear 13 MP specifications, f / 1.8, 28mm (wide), AF 2 MP, f / 2.4, (depth). As for the front camera (Front) 8 MP, f / 2.0 is quite capable. I did a take photo test using all the cameras both front and back even by using the Live focus feature to produce a BOKEH effect or blur.

Now in this Samsung Galaxy a10s features like a large camera or SLR to produce photos with BLUR effect. Now please friends or friends all see the photos I took with the Live focus effect or create the BLUR effect as below

his is the Samsung a10s that I often see on Baim Wong's YouTube videos when holding give away. It turns out that this android feature is also cool. Photo of Asep Haryono
This is the Samsung a10s that I often see on Baim Wong's YouTube videos when holding give away. It turns out that this android feature is also cool. Photo of Asep Haryono

I used this Android as internet connection
I used this Android as internet connection

The video
To record a video I use simple TONGSIS so that it doesn't produce a lot of shakes when recording video, and the results of the recording are quite clear both in terms of sound (sound) and the color image in the video itself.

At first, I was worried because the first time I tried VIDEO or video recording, the preview results suddenly darkened as if they were going to go out and when I press the screen, it appears bright again. Apparently, I was wrong when I played the video.

I should press Play the Video or Play video instead of the open file from GALLERY. And for the sound is quite clear even without using a headset as I normally use when recording video using the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

In closing so that you are satisfied in taking photos and or videos I suggest to add the memory card so that the photo and video files do not "disturb" the original storage capacity of only 32GB, you can add more with a memory card and settings so that all the shots Photos and videos "enter" into the memory card.

This is the first Samsung A10s Review on the occasion today, I still have to test some other features of the Samsung Galaxy a10s that I bought at a price of around 1.8 million. If there are suggestions, criticisms, and comments please write on the comments page in this article. See you again in an upcoming review. Insha Allah. (Asep Haryono) 

SIMPLYASEP.COM Sudah lama saya menggunakan Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime mungkin ada sekitar tahun 2015 saat saya mulai memakainya, dan selama ini memang saya fans berat HP Android jenis Samsung sudah sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu. 

Saya bahkan sudah membuat beberapa catatan atau review Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime diblog kesayangan saya ini juga   Secara umum
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime tetap update karena fitur fitur yang sama seperti era sekarang hanya saja kapasistas RAM dan storagenya kecil.

Review Samsung a10s

Alhamdulillah bulan Ramadhan 1441 Hijriah ini saya sudah menggunakan Samsung Galaxy a10s.  Karena sudah familiar dengan Android merek Samsung jadi saya tidak mengalami kesulitan untuk mengoperasikan Android Samsung a10s ini. 

Nah pada kesempatan kali ini saya tidak membahas review semua fitur fitur kerennya Samsung a10s yang kata orang jenis Android termurahnya SAMSUNG.  Saya hanya coba review singkat saja tentang Kamera dan Videonya.


Nah Samsung Galaxy a10s ini memang keluaran tahn 2019 yang lalu, dan saat saya membeli cash Android ini masih menggunakan system operasi Android 9, dan kemudian saya update menjadi Android 10.  Saya kurang begitu paham apa perbedaan antara Android 9 dan 10 ini, mungkin para pembaca setia blog saya ini bisa membantu saya.  Apa sebenarnya perbedaan atau keunggulan antara Android 9 dan 10
Untuk Camera nya sendiri Samsung Galaxy a10s ini memang Multi Camera dengan spesifikasi  Rear 13 MP, f/1.8, 28mm (wide), AF 2 MP, f/2.4, (depth).  Sedangkan untuk kamera depan (Front) 8 MP, f/2.0 yang cukup mumpuni.   Saya melakukan tes take photo dengan menggunakan semua kamera baik depan dan belakang bahkan dengan menggunakan fitur 
Live focus untuk menghasilkan efek BOKEH atau blur.   

Nah dalam Samsung Galaxy a10s ini fiturnya sudah seperti kamera besar atau SLR untuk menhasilkan foto dengan efek BLUR.  Nah silahkan kawan kawan atau sahabat semuanya melihat hasil foto foto yang saya ambil dengan efek Live focus atau create efek BLUR seperti di bawah ini


SAMSUNGA10s :  Inilah Samsung a10s yang sering saya lihat di video youtube nya Baim Wong saat menggelar give away.  Ternyata keren juga fitur android ini.  Photo Asep Haryono
SAMSUNGA10s :  Inilah Samsung a10s yang sering saya lihat di video youtube nya Baim Wong saat menggelar give away.  Ternyata keren juga fitur android ini.  Photo Asep Haryono

Ini sahabat saya bang Akbar Rizal yang saya jepret dengan teknik Live Focus untuk hasil foto bokeh atau Blur.  Foto Asep Haryono
Ini sahabat saya bang Akbar Rizal yang saya jepret dengan teknik Live Focus untuk hasil foto bokeh atau Blur.  Foto Asep Haryono

Efek BLUR pada foto kucing
Efek BLUR pada foto kucing


Untuk merekam video saya menggunakan TONGSIS sederhana sehingga tidak menghasilkan banyak shake (goyang) saat merekam v ideo, dan hasil rekaman nya cukup jenih baik dari segi sound (suara) maupun citra warna dalam videonya itu sendiri.

Tadinya saya sempat kuatir karena saat pertama kali kedua mencoba VIDEO atau merekam video, hasil previewnya mendadak  gelap seperti mau padam dan begitu saya tekan screennya muncul terang lagi.  Rupanya saya saya salah dalam memutar videonya.

Nah ini adalah salah satu hasil video dengan Samsung a10s

Seharysnya saya menekan Play the Video atau Play video dan bukan open file dari GALLERT. Dan untuk sound cukup jernih walau tanpa menggunakan headset seperti yang biasa saya pakai saat merekam video dengan menggunakan Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Sebagai penutup agar kamu puas dalam mengambil foto dan atau videom saya sarakankan agar menamb ah memory cardnya agar file file foto dan video tidak "mengganggu" kapasitas penyimpnana aslinya yang hanya 32 GB itu, kamu bisa menambah lagi dengan Memory card dan setting agar semua hasil jepretan Foto dan Video "masuk" ke dalam memory card tersebut.

Ini saja dahulu Review Samsung a10s pada kesempatan hari ini, saya masih harus mengetes beberapa fitur lainnya dari Samsung Galaxy a10s yang saya beli dengan harga sekita 1,8 juta ini.    Jika ada saran, kritik dan komentar silahkan di tulis di halaman komentar di artikel ini. Sampai jumpa lagi pada review yang akan datang. Insya Allah. (Asep Haryono)

Spring is here and that means it’s lawn cutting season. In the interest of curbing your carbon footprint and "going green," you may want to consider an eco-friendly alternative to a healthy, beautiful lawn – an electric lawnmower. Options for self-propelled, high-powered electric lawnmowers abound, and there’s a mower to fit every lawn and budget.

Special features of modern electric mowers include variable speeds that allow users to adjust to different conditions on the ground. That means no need for extra effort when going uphill. In addition, electric mowers can be set for slower speeds to maneuver around flower beds, trees, or lawn furniture.

Many top companies, including DR Power Equipment, Ryobi, Greenworks, and Craftsman and Kobalt, among others, offer a range of styles and models for battery-powered, self-propelled, walk-behind lawnmowers that feature the unique and efficient variable-speed electric transmission designed by General Transmissions.

Image source from Google Search
Image source from Google Search

"With the variable-speed, self-propelled drive system, you mow the lawn at your own pace. Change speeds whenever you want by adjusting your grip on the speed control. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing to change speeds," says Wouter Barendrecht, chief executive officer of General Transmissions."The electric drive has a motor on it that controls the self-propelled function, so you can disengage the cutting blade and still keep moving with the self-propelled feature operating," says Barendrecht.

Still not convinced? Here are the top three reasons to try a battery-operated lawn mower this year:- Easy to use. Battery-powered lawn mowers are safe and simple to use. Speeds can be adjusted without stopping the mower, and you mow at your own pace.

Many of them include mulching features, and some have batteries that can be used interchangeably with other electric equipment from the same manufacturer. Other features, such as telescoping handles, make storage a snap, especially for homeowners in townhouses or other areas with limited space."

These mowers weigh a lot less than comparable gas-powered ones, so they’re easier to maneuver and easier to store. You can even hang them by their handles on a storage hook in your garage or storage area," says Jeff Land, vice president of merchandising and engineering at DR Power Equipment.- Economically smart.

A battery-powered, self-propelled lawn mower saves money. Think of all the cash you can save on gas this season, not to mention oil and oil filters. The batteries charge on standard household current, and most homeowners can mow an average-sized lawn (about an hour of mowing power) without the need to recharge.-

Environmentally friendly. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, gas-powered lawn equipment generates 5 percent of the air pollution in the United States each year.

In addition, a gas-free mower eliminates the noise pollution, gasoline smell, and potential contamination and hazards of spilled gas and oil.For more information, visit to learn more about what makes battery-powered, self-propelled lawn mowers a good choice for today’s many homeowners

Same Soil is David Michael Miller's second solo album and the follow up to last year's Poisons Sipped. The sound might be best described as "modern traditional." With it's a mix of blues, gospel, and soul influences, Same Soil is a celebration of traditional roots styles.

The album opens with the acoustic guitar-driven riff of "All the Blues to You," which lays the foundation for the entire album of soulful songs with relatable themes. There is always enough familiarity to make you feel at home and enough twists to keep you interested but this is Same Soil's second major strength.  
Image source david miller music
Image source david miller music

The first is David Michael Miller's voice. This man has a command of the human voice that few can match. Dynamically he is always right on the mark without ever sounding like he's showing off. Every line seems to roll off his tongue with total and complete ease. From the highest, most intense passages to those that are barely spoken; each melodic figure and lyric ooze soul.

David explores songs inspired by Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, and Bo Diddley among others. The main riff of the down and dirty "Doing Me In, Doing Me Wrong" references' "Manish Boy" but takes a more modern turn that would make Muddy proud. "Got Them Blues" is an up-tempo gospel blues jam that with more than a nod to Robert Randolph.

"Friend of Mine" is a soulful blues ballad with sax and guitar work that are reminiscent of early Tom Waits. When David's voice comes in with the soul and savvy of Robert Cray and a hint of Al Green, the goosebumps really start. He draws on many influences and styles, yet still sounds very natural and always earthy.

This may sound like hyperbole but every track on Same Soil is a total winner. This is one of those rare albums where you aren't skipping around looking for the good songs. "Just Ride" is a great blues rocker. "Shoes To Shine" is a dynamite funk/soul number with surprising chord changes and a great solo section with the sax and guitar trading fours.

No review of Same Soil would be complete without mentioning the band hand-picked by David to bring the songs to life including keyboardist Jim Ehinger (Bonnie, Raitt, Albert Collins, Billy Vera, and The Beaters), saxophonist Jason Moynihan (Buddy Guy) and drummer Carlton Campbell (of The Campbell Brothers). Everyone is giving one hundred percent but no one is "overblowing", They all play to perfectly serve the songs, David's voice, and the rootsy production.

David Michael Miller has the potential to go anywhere and be anything in this business that he wants. He could easily be the next great blues super star ala Robert Cray or Bonnie Raitt. In the meantime, we can all groove to the Same Soil while we see what the future holds. (Louis Lombardi -

Did you know Medicare has a rating system that evaluates health plans based on dozens of quality measures and patient experiences? Very few plans receive the top Medicare rating. Out of 563 Medicare Advantage plans for 2013, only 11 plans with prescription drug benefits earned the top five-star rating. Six of those 11 were Kaiser Permanent plans.

Image from kiplinger
Image from kiplinger

“We are a top plan because we focus on our patients’ health,” said Jed Weissberg, senior vice president for Hospitals, Quality and Care Delivery at Kaiser Permanent. “We help our patients to exercise, eat well, maintain a healthy weight and get regular check-ups. Walking, for example, can have remarkable therapeutic value—cutting the rate of new cases of diabetes by half or more.”

Part of staying healthy is having a health plan that covers all of your medical needs. For seniors selecting a Medicare plan, this means finding one that has the right doctor and provides the care, treatment and pharmacy benefits you need. To help Medicare-eligible beneficiaries select a high-quality plan, Kaiser Permanente offers four tips.

1. Know your health plan’s star quality rating. A 2011 Harris Interactive survey found that only one in five Medicare-eligible seniors was familiar with Medicare Star Quality Ratings. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services assign an overall star rating to each Medicare plan for how well it performs. The Medicare ratings range from one star (lowest rating) to five stars (highest rating). The system rates plans on preventive care, managing chronic conditions, member satisfaction, customer service and pharmacy care.

2. Use the Medicare ratings to find a quality plan. The highest-rated plans feature well-coordinated, patient-centered care. When seniors suffer from chronic illness or require hospitalization, high-quality plans initiate best practices and treatment to deliver excellent follow-up care.

3. Look for customer service and responsiveness to your needs. The very best health care plans give patients support systems that include making online appointments, getting lab results electronically and providing secure email to their doctors.

4. Seniors can choose five-star excellence almost any time of year. Medicare’s Special Enrollment Period allows seniors to enroll in a 5-star plan throughout the year. Seniors who become eligible for Medicare as they turn 65 should enroll during the three-month period prior to and after their 65th birthday.

After this initial enrollment period, they may be subject to higher premiums or late penalties if there has been a gap in their coverage. To find out the latest 2013 ratings, visit any time after October 11. Plan performance summary star ratings are assessed each year by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and may change from one year to the next

for more than a decade, homeowners have embraced going green in various ways. Now, a growing number of consumers are choosing American-made solar panels for their homes—and the solar installation industry is booming.

Currently, about 13 gigawatts of solar electric capacity have been installed nationwide—enough to power more than 2 million households. Underscoring this trend is that 82 percent of people who responded to a recent solar survey said they support making solar panels on American soil.

“We’ve all heard about the importance of manufacturing to the American economy,” said Robert Fortunato, whose California home hosts 26 solar panels made by SolarWorld in Hillsboro, Oregon. “We selected our U.S.-made solar system for its quality, reliability, and financial return and because we think it’s important to support American workers.”

To this end, solar installers and electricians offer a range of domestic products.
“We made a decision at PetersenDean to only source our solar products from North America. As a result, we’re supporting the American economy, supporting American workers and reinvesting those dollars back in America,” said Jim Petersen, founder of PetersenDean, a nationwide solar and roofing company.

According to industry experts, here are the top four reasons that homeowners select solar panels from American manufacturers:

Image from Wikipedia
Image from Wikipedia

• Quality and reliability. A residential solar system is, in effect, a power plant on your rooftop that is designed to last at least 25 years. Consumers trust American solar manufacturers to stand behind their product guarantees because these companies rank high in measures of quality, responsiveness to warranty claims, accessibility for customer service and compliance with safety requirements.

• Sustainability. For those Americans who are “greenies,” there is little logic in buying a solar system made in Asia and shipped on a diesel-burning cargo ship halfway around the world. Instead, homeowners are opting to buy select American-made solar panels, produced according to stringent environmental, labor and quality standards, to reduce environmental impact.

• Energy independence.
Solar power represents an important tool for achieving energy independence for the U.S. Just as people believe the nation should not have to rely on the Middle East for imported oil, many feel that America should not depend on foreign nations for solar technology and manufacturing.

• American job creation.
The U.S. solar manufacturing industry employs thousands of Americans across the country. Studies show that technology and manufacturing jobs, with comparatively high wages and benefits, are the types of jobs that the U.S. should aspire to create and maintain

Savvy travelers recognize the benefits of flying privately, including convenience, comfort, and confidentiality. However, those who do employ private travel are not immune to the hassles of dealing with charter operators, a process that often involves waiting days for a flight confirmation. 

Image source cactus-madagasca
Image source cactus-madagasca

Some online charter jet booking services allow users to enter information, but most do not allow for the actual booking and payment process. Enter ONEflight International, a Colorado-based charter broker, that operates the BAJit online booking program, a system that strives to make the process of booking, confirmation, and payment through its simple online portal, seamless.

The website,, allows users to create a profile and search approximately 4,000 domestic luxury jets available through 500 top-rated charter operators. Other special features that make BAJit a win for private jet flyers: they can enter travel details and browse the available jets, viewing both interior and exterior photos as well as information about amenities such as in-flight wi-fi and pet-friendly aircraft. In addition, travelers can view and compare ratings of different jets, compare prices, and consider aircraft size and style.

Once travelers have made a choice for the jet that meets their needs, they can book and pay instantly through the secure website. Frequent fliers can save money with a membership program that offers reduced hourly rates.

Travelers can feel confident that the planes they book online via BAJit meet strict standards for safety. flight coordinates travel in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration and all planes must meet FAA standards. the flight also conducts safety screenings before every flight.

"While economics and convenience are at the forefront of most companies that charter private jets, it is our responsibility to maintain their safety," says Ferren Rajput, founder, and CEO of ONEflight International. "Delivering peace of mind to our clients is a mandate for all our employees.

It is why we go through extreme measures in protecting their safety while providing our clients with a great experience on every flight," adds Rajput. Private jet travel will become even easier with the introduction of the BAJit phone app, according to the company website. In the meantime, visit to book a flight with ease, and visit to learn more about ONEFlight International.

More businesses and countries worldwide are embracing digital payments as a way to make e-commerce more efficient and create a smoother transaction experience for consumers.

Digital wallets, such as nubuck, offer a dollar-backed stable token built on Waves blockchain technology, one of the fastest blockchains available. buck's technology allows for the management of both digital and traditional currency, and both online and offline purchasing power.

Mobile Payments in Indonesia: Race to Big Data Dominationn. Image from medium
Mobile Payments in Indonesia: Race to Big Data Dominationn. Image from medium

"Piloted by an all-star management team, uBUCK is looking beyond carving out a niche to become a disruptive player in this ever-changing payments industry," according to the company’s website.

The uBUCK digital wallet allows for instant transfers of funds, and unlike some digital wallets, uBUCK is not limited to the United States. Transfers can occur globally, with no transfer fees and no cost to the end-user.

The elimination of transfer fees is one of buck's strongest selling points, as it is an option for those who don’t have traditional bank accounts, such as migrant workers looking to send money home, or for anyone else, such as parents sending money to kids at college who want to avoid the additional fees associated with some financial transfers.

Users of uBUCK can transfer funds, make online purchases, or withdraw cash at an ATM, although reports on digital wallet use suggest that the expanded technology may ultimately replace the need for bank branches and ATMs.Sending money with uBUCK is a simple, four-step process:*

Buy the voucher. Users download the uBUCK app and purchase a voucher.* Buy uBUCK cash. Users redeem a PIN to purchase uBUCK cash.* Select recipient. Users without a uBUCK account will be invited to the app via email.* Send payment.

Users can then enter the payment amount, send, and confirm."Our mission is to put honesty, transparency, and trust back into software," according to Ashik Karim, CEO of LiteLink Technologies, the parent company of uBUCK Technologies. LiteLink was recently featured in a Forbes magazine article, "10 Blockchain Companies to Watch in 2019."LiteLink is publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange and OTC Markets. Their symbols are CSE:LLT and OTC:LLNKF

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