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Hillary Clinton.  Photo courtesy

Let's be honest: we've all talked to people who wonder why Hillary is really in this race.If I could show each and every one of those people just one thing, it would probably be this brand new video.

It's about how, over the course of the campaign, she's met and become friends with an incredible woman named Janelle, who recently battled -- and beat -- breast cancer.

I’ve traveled with Hillary every day of this campaign -- I'm there to make sure every event goes off without a hitch -- so I see this kind of thing happen all the time. She listens to people -- she gets to know them and makes a connection. And then, somehow, she finds the time to circle back, to follow up, to show a little love and kindness.

That’s exactly what happened with Janelle, and -- well, you just have to see the video for yourself.

The day they met, Hillary spent 30 minutes getting to know this woman and her two daughters. And ever since that chilly October afternoon, the two have stayed in touch -- in fact, Hillary even introduced her to her lifelong best friend, Betsy, who also survived cancer, and they're friends now, too. "Just to keep widening the circle of caring and love," Hillary told me.

I wish the whole world could see Hillary the way I do. That’s why I’m writing to you today -- because you can help make that possible just by watching and sharing this video of Janelle and Hillary’s friendship. It’s an incredible story about two brilliant, resilient women.

I hope you love this video as much as I do (and share it far and wide!)

Thanks so much,


Connolly Keigher
Trip Director
Hillary for America
Hillary for America 2016    Photo courtesy
Hillary for America 2016    Photo courtesy

If there’s one person on the planet I trust when it comes to stickers, it’s my two-year-old daughter, Maverick. Every time we design a new one here at headquarters, I bring home a few for her. She loves to give them out to anyone who will take one -- if she gets the chance, she'll even stick it on their faces, too!

And she's a huge fan of this brand-new Hillary sticker:

Isn’t it great? Maverick has already claimed a few for herself, and I’d love to order one for you, too.

We're going to get these stickers off to the printer bright and early on Monday morning.  If you want to show off your support for Hillary, chip in $1 right now before the end of the weekend, and we’ll make sure you get one.

On my computer monitor at work, I of course have some Hillary stickers front and center. But I also have some ones from Maverick’s personal collection. (Monsters Inc. and Curious George are current favorites.)

And when I look at them, I think of her and remember why I get up early every day and do this job -- to make sure that she grows up in a country where all of her dreams can come true. That’s what this election is about for me.

Election Day is in 66 days, and you shouldn’t be without every bit of style -- and substance -- to let your family and friends know that you’re with Hillary. So don’t wait to get your free sticker when you chip in whatever you can today. This order’s going to the printer soon.  Donate to Hillary for America now



Tom Phillips
Director of Merchandising
Hillary for America
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