SIMPLYASEP.COMAre you visiting Bali for the first time? Wondering where to go and where the fun's at? The good news is Bali has no shortage of places to stay at and things to do. The hottest holiday destination right now, Bali still has lots of places you can escape the crowds.

You will soon find out why Bali has earned the moniker the 'Island of the Gods'. The beauty of the little island is unmatched, and the residents are friendly and welcoming. Here are some of the places you may want to sample on the island.

1. Central Bali and Ubud

This is the place for those seeking spiritual nourishment. You can have your pick of chakra cleansing workshops as well as crystal shops. Also, there are vegan shops and shopping sprees to look forward to.

The Sacred Monkey Forest and its chatty residents await your indulgence. You can also visit the Royal Palace and experience the beauty of Balinese architecture.

Ubud offers the Como Uma with its world-class service. There is also Locavore for some fine dining. La Cevicheria is the place to go for delicious seafood, and Paradiso Ubud waits with yummy vegetarian dishes and a 150-seat cinema.

Other attractions that you will find appealing in Central Bali include:

• The rice terraces of Munduk
• Mount Batukaru
• Lakes and botanical gardens
• Tirta Empul for holy water bathing

Photo courtesy Rimba Jimbaran Bali
Photo courtesy Rimba Jimbaran Bali
2. The Ayana Resort and Spa
This resort is located a mere 1- kilometers from Bali airport and sits above Jimbaran Bay. It is a world-class resort that offers gorgeous ocean-front views and astounding sunsets. Guests have unlimited access to dining as well as recreation from both Ayana and Rimba Jimbaran Bali.

You have your pick of up to 19 restaurants as well as the famed Rock Bar. Patrons have access to a private beach and beach club. Get rubbed down at the resort's top-notch spa with a Hydrotherapy Seawater Pool and spa.

You will also play some gold or get a full-body workout at the fitness center. With free Wi-Fi, you can keep in touch with family and friends, check your work emails, and post photos on Instagram.

3. East Bali
Venture east for some of the best diving experiences you will ever have. You will find Bali's highest point, the Gunung Agung rising majestically above the shores
of Amed and Candidasa. These are included among the world's best dive spots.

The floating palace of Puri Taman Ujung is also found here. You can also experience some culture with a visit to the Amed, a fishing village. There are some fantastic villas here, such as Griya Villas and Spa and lots of restaurants with all the mahi-mahi your heart desires.

4. North Bali
Dolphins are possibly the most loved of the big fishes of the sea. You can catch plenty of them in north Bali. Have the time of your life watching them from Lovina in traditional canoes. Afterward, you can bathe waterfalls of Sekumpul, Sambangan, and Gitgit.

Head on to Singaraja to learn some of Bali's history. Singaraja was the island's administrative center when Bali was a Dutch colony.

5. West Bali
• Nusa Lembongan
If you want to leave the chaos of the mainland behind, these two locations are ideal. Nusa Lembongan is a haven for surfers as well as divers. You can also go snorkeling and kayaking. The passing mangrove forests are a delight to behold.
The yellow suspension bridge is a must for most visitors. If you have no issues with heights, you may walk across the bridge to Nusa Ceningan and enjoy a meal at the Le Pirate Beach Club.

Nusa Penida
This destination is approximately a 40-minute boat ride from mainland Bali. It is mostly unspoiled with hidden beaches that make it all the more appealing. You will love the limestone caves and coastal cliffs, as well as the Hindu temples.

Your first visit to Bali will not be the last. You will want to explore more of the island, or even venture farther into Indonesia. There is a lot to do and see in Bali that may not be covered in one visit. 

First of all, I would like to apologize for being late in posting the final stories (part three) from the last two, Part One and Part Two, the trilogy articles of a trip to some AIBEP (Australia Indonesia Basic Education Programs ) in Bali.

Today's posting is the ultimate trip to those AIBEP Schools, end of the trip to the schools, that is Kang Guru Indonesia visited SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker Singaraja Bali.

> This is the final travel report, part three, of my trips with Kang Guru Indonesia visiting to some AIBEP Schools in Bali last 5th to 9th of October 2010, and the last two schools, SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem and SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura, we have visited before. Today's stories is about the last AIBEP school visit at SMP Negeri 7 Singaraja located in Desa Alasangker, Singaraja Regency.

I got very little information about this Desa Alasangker Singaraja regency due to we had very little information about the village from local officers and administration around Buleleng regency at that time. I only got some information on tourist objects around Buleleng regency such as Taman Nasional Bali Barat , Pura Pulaki, Pulau Menjangan , Air Panas Banjar , Pantai Lovina and many other areas.

While driving to the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker in Singaraja regency, we found some Balinese telling some information on the village we are heading to. Some local Balinese told me that the Alasangker Village is a village around Buleleng regency which is still original, unique, full of good faith followers of Hindu. They also respect other religions such as Buddhism and Christianity.

Small Preparations Before Departure

After very tiring days yesterday, 7 October 2010, traveling to some AIBEP Schools around Bali, all Kang Guru Indonesia champions get together again to discuss the next programs. All Kang Guru Indonesia champions back to Fave Hotel, our hotel.

The fave hotel , which still the same Accord groups, located n the heart of Denpasar and preferred by many visitors from Indonesia and abroad due to the location is very close to public facilities such as hospitals, restaurants, and electronics within a walk.

If you want buy the second handphone or used a cellphone , this is the right place for you to shop for the second cellphone around the hotel. There are lots of cellphone vendors in surrounding with good and affordable prices.

I have planned to buy one used cellphone for my wife in Pontianak at that time, but I canceled the plan due to some reason. The day is October 8th, and all Kang Guru Indonesia champions are ready to continue traveling to some AIBEP schools outside Bali.

I took a photo with Suryadi Ningrat, a wonderful and talented Kang Guru Champion from Madura with this posting. Have you seen our photo here? I am wearing a red shirt and Suryadi with his Madura's Batik. I got brand new Madura's batik too after returning to Pontianak after this.

Actually there are 11 AIBEP schools in Bali that have been visited by the Kang Guru Indonesia team during that time of last 5th to 9th of October 2010. The schools are SMP 4 Bebandem, Karangasem , SMPN 6 Amplapura, Karangasem , SMPN 3 Rendang, Karangasem , SMPN 5 Kubu, Karangasem , SMPN 7 Kintamani, Bangli , SMPN 3 Ubud, Gianyar , SMPN 4 Marga, Tabanan , SMPN 5 Baturiti, Tabanan , SMPN 5 Busung Biu,Buleleng , SMPN 7 Alasangker, Buleleng and the last one is SMPN 5 Kubutambahan, Buleleng.

My team consist of Syahrir Badulu, Ririn Pudya, Ayu Kusumastuti, Mahendra, Darmika, and Lusman Driber have been planned to visit three schools ; SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem , SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura, and SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker in Buleleng. The first two schools , SMPN 4 Bebandem and SMP 6 Amlapura , have been completed , and the final target for my team will be heading to SMP Negeri 7 in Alasangker Buleleng.

This is the school that I would like to tell you about

About SMPN 7 Singaraja Buleleng

To shorten the stories, I will not tell you the car view on our way to the school. The journey using IALF's car and we need around two and half hours driving from Jalan Sesetan Denpasar to the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker in Buleleng Regency. My team consist of Ririn Pudya, Darmika, as cameraman and a Driver.

My team received by the principal (kepala sekolah) of the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker in office room of theirs, unfortunately I forgot the name of the principal of the school. The leader of our team, Darmika from Kang Guru Indonesia , introduced us to them one by one, and they were waiting for us since a few days before.

Some officials from Kang Guru Indonesia already confirmed us that the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker already reconfirmed to the Kang Guru Indonesia about our plan to visit their school. No wonder they were waiting for us already, and we can see some spanduks or banner welcoming Kang Guru Indonesia team at the school. Many students were there yelling and screaming our names too. Awesome


The headmaster of SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker Buleleng Bali with a staff. I forgot the name of these people. Anybody knows about them. Any Kang Guru Indonesia champions recognized the people, please let me know to complete this article. The photo taken at October 8th, 2010 during our presentation at the school. Photo by Asep Haryono

Almost any AIBEP schools funded by the Australian Government always put the information in front of their school to show the visitor clearly that the school funded and supported by the Australian Government throup AIBEP projects. You can see from this photo that the SMP Negeri 7 Singraja took lots of money from Australia. Awesome. Photo by Asep Haryono

I have had very little time to capture all areas inside the SMP Negeri 7 Singaraja due to we have only one and half hours making presentations at class with students there. I was lucky to capture two photos describing little sides of the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker as you have seen at this posting. Based on those two photos I have enclosed with this posting, you can see surrouding areas. Not bad, huh?

The location of the class we would like to present a short game, quizz and presentation located at the top of the school. The school itself really located around the hills and we reached the area within a walk distance. If you are carefully looking at the photos at below, then you will see nothing right. What I mean is their students. Where are they? Where are the students? Guess.

DOWN : One side of SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker. We reach the top within a walk. Photo by Asep Haryono.

UP: We look down the basement after we have reached the top. See. Photo by Asep Haryono

I got the information about the SMP Negeri 7 Singaraja from some officials in Kepsek administration. The SMP Negeri 7 Singraja have been officially launched by Bupati Buleleng Gede Wardana. The estasblishing of this school started in December 8th, 2006 with total amount of around 1,2 Billion rupiahs from the Australian Government.

The school consist of six class rooms, 1 laboratory room , one student library, one guide officer, teacher room , principal room and staff as well. There are also some locations for student bath rooms, warehouses, and students canten or cafes.

Class Room Activities
All schools were located in the country areas of Bali. They don't have exact addresses and the KGI group had to go over hills and rivers, and travel on windy raods through rice fields. The whole 2 day experience has brought memories to each of us. This was such a valuable experience to see what has Australian and Indonesian governments have done to support Indonesia.

It's amazing to find schools in the remotest areas of Indonesia and to see the spirit of students who walk for miles to go to school. AIBEP is not just about the school and a facility, AIBEP brings hope and promising future for the younger generation living in the remote areas. Special thanks to everyone and especially to Ogi at KGI for setting up the visits with schools beforehand - Ayu Kusumastuti

Me (Champion Pontianak) and Ririn (Champion Jakarta) in action in front of the students of SMPN 7 Alasangker. Photo by Darmika/Kang Guru Indonesia

I noticed Ririn reading the drill for students. Me (Champion Pontianak) and Ririn (Champion Jakarta) in action in front of the students of SMPN 7 Alasangker. Photo by Darmika/Kang Guru Indonesia

Ririn Pudya (Champion Jakarta) is teaching the students in class.

This is the class we both teaching. Only few students as representation to the whole school. Photo by Asep Haryono

Students are singing together during the presentation. Photo by Asep Haryono

After Class Room

The SMPN 7 Singaraja actually located in Desa Alasangker, Kecamatan Buleleng. The school has been officially launched by Bupati Buleleng Gede Wardan, and I and the other KangGuru Indonesia team found the school located in very high position. We have to use many steps to reach the top of the school around the hills in the area.

Having finished all presentations, games, and quiz in the class which attended only few students as represenation, all the Kang Guru Indonesia team requested permission to the principal of the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker. Both of the people (principal and staff) guided us the basement of the school down there to say goodbye.

We all went down the school and ready to say good bye to all students. Photo by Asep Haryono
TOGETHER : We took photo together with students. They waved their hands to us and saying good bye. Photo Asep Haryono

The very short video at the moment when we left SMPN 7 Singaraja, The video recorded at 8 Ocober 2010. Video taken by Asep Haryono


Many students came along with us that day, and we all took photo together with the students in front of the school. We told the students to learn more and more about every thing, not only English, and we encouraged the school to stay contact with the Kang Guru Indonesia for further considerations about help and assistance in the future. (Asep Haryono)
Road To AIBEP Schools in Bali - Part Two
SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura

By Asep Haryono

In my previous stories, I have told you some preparations before running the Kang Guru Indonesia projects in visiting to some AIBEP schools in Bali including my first stories part one about a trip to some of those AIBEP Schools in the island.

The first school we have successfully visited is SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem can be read here. This is quite important to comprehend my stories today. For those whose spare time is very busy to give away, I will be more than happy to refresh your memories back again.

Taking photo together with the principal of SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura. From right to left; Syahrir Badulu , Me myself , Ayu Kusumastuti, I ketut Rega (Kepala sekolah) and Agun Mahendra from Kang Guru Indonesia. Photo by Lusman

I will be more than happy to inform you of the conclusion of my previous articles. Well, we are the seven Kang Guru Indonesia champions all across Indonesia appointed by Kang Guru Indonesia based in Bali.

Kang Guru Indonesia basically is a project board funded by the Australian Government and the funding administered by Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) based in Denpasar Bali. Kang Guru Indonesia headed now by Mr. Kevin Dalton, and he ran some programs on behalf of Kang Guru Indonesia as the implementation of Indonesia Australia Partnership(AIP) schemes.

Those 7 Kang Guru Indonesia Champions are Saptari Wibowo (Medan), Keyko Sri Rayahu (Semarang), Ririn Pudya (Jakarta), Fadel (Lombok. NTB), Syahrir Badulu (Makasar), Suryadi Ningrat (Madura), and the last one is me myself, Asep Haryono (Pontianak).

Those seven young people who contributed and assisted KangGuru Indonesia to spread its program and promoting KangGURU programs across Indonesia. The Kang Guru Indonesia Champions themselves is not a position for money, and we never receive salary or money in return.

During the last 5th to 9th of October 2010, all Kang Guru Indonesia Champions gathered in Bali to visit some AIBEP Schools in Bali. The AIBEP here stands for the "Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program" funded by the Australian Government. The first school we have visited is SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem , and today our next stories are about a school trip to SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura located in Karangasem. Here is the story :

Meet The Principal

Having finished our first visit at SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem , now the Kang Guru Indonesia team continuing the journey to the next school, SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura located in Karangasem around one and half hour driving from the first school.

We are still four people in the car, me myself, Ayu Kusumastuti (Media Coordinator KG), Mahendra (Cameraman), Lusman (Driver), Syahrir Badulu (Champion Makasar) and Ririn Pudya (Champion Jakarta).

The Kang Guru Indonesia team received the principal of SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura, BapakI Ketutr ega in his office room at the school. Having chat with him and a few staff for several minutes, Ayu introduced us to him one by one, and he did the same way too.

One of his staff offering the Kang Guru Indonesia team some food and drink too. The staff brought some Teh Botol Sosro and some simple and cool snacks. We did not recognize the food yet, but we knew this kind of food very little. Syahrir said the food looks like popcorn, and the taste is really corn I am afraid.

I have taken a photo of the food at below. Well, you my readers, will probably recognize this kind of food. What is the name of the food we ate during the meeting?. It something like "popcorn" or "corn flakes" or what?. I tasted a little bit and showed my face to the principle as if I enjoyed the food. As a matter of fact, I was not comfortable with the taste of the food. No sugar? I love the sugar so much

Can you recognize this kind of food? To be honest, I forgot the name, but I used to taste this kind of food. During our meeting with the headmaster of SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura in his room, we brought this food right away. Tasting good? You tell me. The photo was taken by Asep Haryono

Unfortunately, I have forgotten to take some photos around the school, and I did not take any single photo of SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura either so Will not be able to show you more details about the school. I have searched the whole internet to get some photos of the school, and I did not find any. I think I must contact again to anyone or any friend of mine who knew about the school

You may read Kang Guru Trips To AIBEP Schools in Bali - Part One - SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem

As you can see the image at below, you can get a conclusion by your own, the school has been established and funded by the Australian Government under the small block grant schemes in 2008 at the sum of Rp.1.299.577.000,- ( One Billion Two Hundred and Nineteen Nine Million Five Hundred And Seventy-Seven Thousand rupiahs).

All schools we have visited before, SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem , do not the exact address, and the Kang Guru Indonesia team got the same problem in finding SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura too. Our car running over hills and rivers driving down the road with a much windy street through the rice fields.

Having chat with the principle of SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura in his room, it is now the time for Kang Guru Indonesia in "action" for class activities by entering some classes at the school. We walked through the narrow path the school and many students there yelling, screaming Kang Guru Indonesia and cheering each other.

Class Activities

The Kang Guru Indonesia team entered one of the classes provided by the principle of the SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura, and the location of the class a little bit far away from the room of the principle of the school. Just a few minutes after we reached the class and enter the room, one of the class coordinator contacted other English teachers.

One of the English teachers of the SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura contacted the student coordinator to invite all students that day to the class where we are waiting for. Not more than 10 minutes, the class was full of students get together and ready to watch our actions. The first presentation came from Ayu Kusumastuti, a media coordinator of Kang Guru Indonesia Denpasar Bali.

"Okay children how are you today?" said Ayu starting her presentation to the whole class. All students in the class answered together "fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" wow so long answer. While Mahendra , the cameraman, quite busy recording his action, Ayu start presenting the importance of learning English to the whole students in the class.

"Okay class, how are you today?" said Ayu Kusumastuti opening his presentation to the whole class. "Fineeeeeeeeeeeee" answered by the students in the class. Wow long answer. The photo was taken by Asep Haryono

Me and Ayu Kusumastuti, playing Quiz and Game during the presentation. Lots of Kang Guru Indonesia merchandise and goodies have given away during the presentation. All students were very happy about getting those cool stuff. Photo by Mahendra/Kang Guru Indonesia

Syahrir Badulu , Master Trainer and Kang Guru Champion from Makasar, performed his "magic tricks" and English word game to the whole class. His presentation got appreciation from the students in the class. Unique and funny. Photo by Asep Haryono

Some of the students looking at our "action" out of the class, and the students looking through the window. The teachers were also among those students. I have recorded a short video during our presentation at the class at this posting. The video using a small pocket digital camera, Nikon Coolpix L19, the result can be seen at below :

This is a short video taken by me, The video clearly showed Ayu in "action" during her presentations to the whole students of SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura Bali. You can see the real situations through this short clip. Enjoy ya. Video taken by Asep Haryono

Fun Games And Prizes

To avoid boring things and make the class happier and funny, Syahrir Badulu (Kang Guru Champion from Makasar) played another tricky game and also dancing contest for the students. Through a small game, and Syahrir appointed a girl to stand up and demonstrate her ability in dancing. "Please show us your dance to your friend in front of the class," said Syahrir to her.

I forgot the name of this student, but she performed a Balinese dancing which very attractive and interesting however the dancing cannot be accompanied by the dance cassette, but she did very smoothly and look very professional like a professional dancer. One of the local teachers told us that the student was really a Balinese Dancer. "Yes she was a really Balinese dancer and also a student of our school," said one of the English teachers.

Mr Syahrir acted like "crazy" watching the student dance Balinese perfectly. Amazing and awesome dance. Photo by Asep Haryono

A screen shot of the student in the class. Balinese student? Yes they are. They were wearing Balinese dress during that day. We did not know for sure why they were wearing the dress. Photo by Asep Haryono

Many students are seriously paying attention to the Ayu's presentation, and one of the students , in the middle of this photo, was looking at me taking this photo. Hehehehee. Photo by Asep Haryono

Syahrir Badulu can be seen behind of the row of the students in this photo. They are waving our brand new Kang Guru Indonesia Bulletin in the air. Thank you, students, read the bulletin ya, and don't forget to stay in touch with us. Photo by Mahendra/ Kang Guru Indonesia

At the end of the whole presentation, we once again told to the whole class to study fun and relax with English, and recommend the Bulletin for getting the information about Kang Guru Indonesia. We do hope they can improve their spirit to learn more about English and also become a friend and partner of Kang Guru Indonesia in the future.

After Class Activities

The Kang Guru Indonesia team (Me , Ayu Kusumastuti, Syahrir Badulu , Mahendra, and Lusman ) back to the principle of the SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura to get permission to go home to Denpasar. We have planned to stop for the day and returning to the base, Kang Guru Indonesia in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali.

We recommended the school to stay in touch with the Kang Guru Indonesia for further assistance and help. We gather together outside of the principle's room and took some photos together. I took some photos during our way to the car down below. I saw some students breaking up and spreading the other class after attending our presentation. Just take a look at the photos below:

Students went out of the class room after attending our presentation. Photo by Asep Haryono

Students went out of the classroom after attending our presentation. Can you see the hill behind the students? Because of the position of the SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura located in higher places like the hill. Photo by Asep Haryono

The principle of the SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura expressed his gratitude for our visit and presentation. On behalf of Kang Guru Indonesia Denpasar, Ayu also presented a gift and SMP packages to the school through the principle. We do hope the SMP Packages (including student and teacher guide books, cassettes, and CDs) will be useful to enrich the eagerness of the students of the school to learn English.

Ready To Go Home, Denpasar

We are a little bit tired of the whole day traveling to two schools at the same day. The first school we visited before , SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem , and the last one is SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura. We have recorded many photos during the visits, and some other videos at the same time. We have had those documentations to be brought to Kang Guru Indonesia based in Denpasar Bali.

Just a style only. Nyehehehehe. This is it. it's me the writer. Can you see behind me in this picture? What is that? Yes that is the sea, a very wonderful sea behind me right there. I did not know the name of the sea. I feel hot , windy hill and fresh air at the same time. Photo by Syahri Badulu/Kang Guru Champion Makasar

This is our car taking us to everywhere we wanted, and thanks to Lusman, our expert driver from Kang Guru Indonesia Denpasar Bali. Photo by Asep Haryono

Huahahahahahhaaha. Doing some funny things after completing the last presentation that day. Feeling hungry guys? Yesssss said Mahendra, Ayu Kusumastuti, and me of course. We will eat Ayam Betutu on the way to Denpasar, Okeefe. Photo by Lusman/Driver

We are packing the bags, books, and everything with us again and ready to return to Kang Guru Indonesia in Denpasar, Bali. The journey will take two and a half-hour ride from this school to Jalan Sesetan Denpasar, Kang Guru headquarters. In the next posting, part Three, I will be pleased to tell you more about our next tour visit of AIBEP Schools in Bali.

We have planned to visit another AIBEP Schools in Bali, which is SMP Negeri 7 Singaraja. I will be paired with Ririn Pudya, a Kang Guru Indonesia Champion from Jakarta. As I told you before, Ririn Pudya is a married woman, a lady rocker, and also Radio Broadcaster, and we both will be presenting some actions at SMP Negeri 7 Singaraja in Buleleng regency.

To be continued

Asep Haryono
Former Kang Guru Indonesia Champions
Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat

Kang Guru Trips To AIBEP Schools in Bali - Part One
SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem -October 2010
By Asep Haryono*

These is my stories about touring and visiting to some AIBEP Schools in Bali as I have promised in my previous posting. If you have not read my first stories about preparation at Kang Guru Indonesia at IALF Building, then I recommend you all to read them first.

SMP N Bebandem. Photo by Asep Haryono

As I told you in my previous articles before that the consultative group meeting has been successfully conducted at IALF Denpasar Bali the last 5th to 9th of October 2010. One of the primary assignments for all of us, Kang Guru Indonesia champions, that is visiting to some of AIBEP (Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program) - SMP level around Bali.

I would like to remind you, my lovely readers, that the programs conducted was a part of Indonesia Australia Partnership or AIP which all funding and support provided by Australian Government whose control held by Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) in conjunction with Kang Guru Indonesia based in Denpasar Bali.

Just to refresh your memories about Kang Guru Indonesia Champions, well there are 7 Kang Guru Indonesia Champions so far. They are Saptari Wibowo (Medan), Keyko Sri Rayahu (Semarang), Ririn Pudya (Jakarta), Fadel (Lombok. NTB), Syahrir Badulu (Makasar), Suryadi Ningrat (Madura), and the last one is me myself, Asep Haryono (Pontianak).

We are those seven young people who contributed and assisted KangGuru Indonesia to spread its program and promoting KangGURU programs across Indonesia. We have been selected from thousands of people in Indonesia who actively contributions to KangGuru Indonesia through KangGuru Indonesia magazine, Radio programs, and website as well.

Most of those Seven KGI Representatives are working in a variety of positions such as English Interactive radio presenters, English Teachers, and also private-sector employees. Kang Guru Indonesia Champions is not a position or a job which you can get paid. We never received money or salaries for our volunteer work, and we are volunteer workers actually. Well, I think that will be all for your fresh remember of my stories as a background.

SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem

According to the plan, I and all Kang Guru Indonesia champions have been planned to visit some AIBEP Schools outside Denpasar, and the tour will start at 7 October 2010. Some classroom activities have been discussed together with Kang Guru Indonesia for students during the tour. For this time, Kang Guru Indonesia recommended me to join Group A.
We had four cars actually, and each car will load at least two Kang Guru Indonesia champions, and accompanied with another two staff from Kang Guru Indonesia. Only for SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem, the team is me myself, Syahrir Badulu and two other staff from Kang Guru Indonesia. The team will rotate and changed with other Champions.

This group A consisted of me myself, Ririn Pudya from Champion Jakarta, and also Syahrir Badulu from Champion Makasar. We have had driver, Bli Darmika from Kang Guru Indonesia and Mahendra as camera man. We used APV and another car borrowed from IALF. Those cars are property of the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF) Denpasar Bali. The first school we visit is SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem.

This is SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. Photo by kontra_alayers
The photo taken from

This is SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. Photo by Asep Haryono

The journey we took from IALF Kang Guru Denpasar to this SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem is around three hours if I was not mistaken. The school itself located in Jalan Jepun No 9x Desa Bungaya, Kecamatan Bebandem , Karangasem Regency Bali. According to the principle of the school, I Ketut Latri , told us that the school has been opened on April 1st, 2006 by Bupati Karangasem.
The school funded by the Australian Goverment through BRIDGE Program grants. Do you know the BRIDGE? The BRIDGE is stand for Building Relationships through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement. This BRIDGE Program aims to increase knowledge and understanding between Australia and Asia through school-to-school partnerships that link students, teachers and school communities across the region including in Bali.

This school established by the block grant from the government of Australia at the sum of Rp.1.371.760.000,- from the grant term of 2006. The free education program offered by SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem in conjunction with Rochester Primary School Australia. As for documentations , I took many photos around the school which clearly shows that the school really funded by the government of Australia. Awesome.

Meeting With Principle

Our car is working very hard to reach the SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem which located in very difficult area in Karang Asem. Unlike in Denpasar or many big cities across Indonesia, we hardly find sign or traffic symbol to guide us to the school. We have never been to SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem before, we have no map with us. We asked local people to give us sufficient information to lead our car reaching the school.

The school is located around the hill, and our car must turn around, going up and down on the street to reach the school. We have simple distance actually to the school, but the problem arise when the street is not good conditions, many holes and lots of turning covered by trees. The street is quite bad, and our car must go down and up with street. Some of us got stomach ache and very uncomfortable journey.
We had meals before at IALF and the hotel we lived in, but we still get trouble in our stomach because of those terrible street and the car shaking our team inside the car. There are lots of turning in the hill on the way to the SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. "Oh my GOD, my stomach is terrible" said Lusman our co driver in the car. Hehehehehehe. I feel like to throaw up too.

PRINCIPLE : After more than hours riding from Denpasar, Kang Guru Indonesia team received at SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. The Principleool I Ketut Latri, M.Pd , sit in the middle of this picture. The right of him is Ayu Kusumastuti from Kang Guru Indonesia. Photo by Asep Haryono

Dadaa.... We finaly at the end of the car journey. Yes we reached the SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. We are four people , myself, Syahrir Badulu (Champion Makasar), Mahendra (Cameraman) and Ayu Kusumastuti (KangGURU) receibved by the headmaster of SMP Neger 4 Bebandem, I Ketut Latri, M.Pd. According to the information we had, Mr I Ketut Latri, has been returned from BRIDGE Program in Australia for two weeks last year. Awesome.

"SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem launched officially in 2006 and we got fund donations from Australia for building physical instruments, and we are running free education for local people here", said I Ketut Latri M.Pd to the team. He explained some information about his schoo, SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem, and not more than 20 minutes facing with the principle, it's time for us to do action in the class. Woweeeee. Great.

Class Activities : Fun and Laughter

The presentation begins when me and the Kang Guru Indonesia entering a class provided by the principal for presentation, games, and quiz. The room loaded by at least 20 students in the class. Some of the English teachers were also guided us during the class activities, including the principal by himself. The first presentation by Syahrir Badulu, Kang Guru Champion from Makasar.

Syahrir Badulu , a father of four children, was actually a Master Trainer and ELTIS Consultant in Makasar. He completed his master degree from New South Wales Australia a few years ago. He was good at teaching English for Teacher of English in Makasar and capable of teaching English for speaker of other language (TESOL).

This is small video of Kang Guru Indonesia team make a presentation to students of SMP 4 Bebandem last October 2010. You will see Ayu Kusumastuti from Kang Guru Indonesia introduced us before starting the class activities. Video recorded by Asep Haryono. Enjoy ya

Before we start making presentations, games, and quiz to students in the class, Ayu Kusumastuti, Media Coordinator from Kang Guru Indonesia introduced the team to all of the students one by one. You can see the short video of those introduction at above video clip. Have you seen the video by yourself?. You can hear the sound of the students and us at the same time.

Syahrir Badulu got the first turn. He began the class activities by providing game called "English Magic Trick", and the game was quite funny and interesting. The students in the class amazed by his outstanding skills of playing the magic trick. As part of the game, he provided gift and presents for those who guessing was true and correct. The prizes including books, pencils, flyer, and sticker from Kang Guru Indonesia

BULLETIN : Ayu "Joey" Kusumastuti delivered the bulletin from Kang Guru Indonesia to all students in the class. What I am supposed to do here? Just watching the girls nyeyeyeyeyeye

ONLINE : Just look at the left bottom side of this photo, and you will see a computer screen featuring a frontpage of a website. That is the cover of the Kang Guru Official website at online. Its my turn to do the action, Ayu. Photo by Asep Haryono

MASTER TRAINER : Syahrir Badulu, Kang Guru Champion from Makasar (left side), and Ayu Kusumastuti, Media Coordinator for Kang Guru Indonesia, and the right one is the principle of SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem, I Ketut Latri, M.Pd. Photo by Asep Haryono

Game and fun activities in class we believed as good part of interesting class management and we thought it would be successful for this time. Many students there are laughing and get some amusements and entertainment from us. We were very happy of looking their biggest interests for English lesson however they even spoke with "gado gado" language between Balinese, Indonesia and English at once.

The students clapping during the game, and I saw all of the students in the class got the prize. All the gifts and presentations have been given away to the class , and the time completed by Syahrir Badulu. Soon after Syahir Badulu finished his presentation to the class, it was my turn to make some "action" either. My part during the class was presenting information about the website of Kang Guru Indonesia with computer

"Now students, after Pak Syahrir gave his presentations to you, now we listen to Pak Asep to present about Kang Guru Indonesia website on the computer, so let's give him welcome" said Ayu Kusumastuti , Media Coordinator from Kang Guru Indonesia introduced me to the students. I felt so proud of presenting small presentation about the website and internet for English learning to the whole class.

FRESH : This is a part of other side of SMP Negeri Bebandem , Karangasem, Bali. I took the photo during going outside of the class. Having finished our presentation, games, and quiz to the students. Quite clean and fresh air here. Behind of this building is bigger trees. Photo by Asep Haryono

Not more than one and half hour, Kang Guru Indonesia team (me, Syahrir Badulu, Ayu Kusumastuti, and Mahendra) have finished the game, quiz and smal presentation to students of SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. We step out from the class, and we return to the principal room and saying good bye to him and also to all teachers at school.

In the next posting, I have planned to write another stories of our tour and journey to another AIBEP School in Bali. The next school we are going to visit is SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura. The school is also a part of funding project from AusAID and funded by the government of Australia under BRIDGE Grant programs. The next stories will be our tour, game , quiz and small presentation to SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura located in Buleleng.

The next visit will be at SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura located in Buleleng, around one hour riding from SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. I will still be paired with Ayu Kusumastuti, Syahrir Badulu and Ririn Pudya, Champion from Jakarta. For your information, Ririn Pudya is a married woman , lady rocker and Radio Broadcaster as well. She was a rocker of hard rock FM based in Bali. The stories will include food trip or culinary tour and other interesting stuff. (Asep Haryono)

To be continued

Asep Haryono*
Former Kang Guru Indonesia Champion

TOPI :   Alhamdulillah.  Walau belum sampai ke Aussie, ya minimal ngerasain Topi nya dulu aja deh Sebuah Topi berbahan bagus bordiran dengan logo KangGuru dan tulisan Australia pemberian sahabat saya Pak Haji Daeng Effendy Ali di Sydney Foto Asep Haryono
TOPI :   Alhamdulillah.  Walau belum sampai ke Aussie, ya minimal ngerasain Topi nya dulu aja deh Sebuah Topi berbahan bagus bordiran dengan logo KangGuru dan tulisan Australia pemberian sahabat saya Pak Haji Daeng Effendy Ali di Sydney Foto Asep Haryono

Catatan Asep Haryono

Jika tidak salah dalam catatan saya bulan Juni 2017 kemarin tepat 1 (satu) tahun KangGuru Indonesia berakhir atau ditutup (closed) oleh Pemerintah Australia melalui Indonesia Australia Language Foundation. Mungkin banyak yang belum mengetahui apa yang dimaksud dengan KangGuru Indonesia? Baiklah akan saya coba bahas secara garis besar apa yang dimaksud dengan Kangguru Indonesia itu.

Would you like to know what I mean about KangGuru Indonesia and some information on the latest development about Australia-Indonesia Partnership? KangGuru Indonesia proud to use the hastag "Good Neighbours Make Good Friends" as the spirit for all the goods thing we did to foster the relationship between Australia and Indonesia.  Its actually you can easily find out all about the Australia-Indonesia relationship by reading of people to people activities, links, ties and exchanges through google and from the Embassy Of Australia in Jakarta.. 

Kang GURU Indonesia (KGI), former name was KanGuru Radio English (KGRE) is one of the good elements of  English language and information services to Indonesia from the government of Australia started in 1989.  Iif I was not mistaken, if the KangGuru Indonesia still exist until today, they will be celebrating 28 years of service as a part of the Australia Indonesia relationship. 

KGI has recently revised the popular teacher packages for both junior and senior high school levels in Indonesia, and combined with the FREE Listening and Reading Class Sets,  assists thousands of English language teachers across Indonesia. 

Mulai memberikan kontribusinya terhadap Indonesia sejak tahun 1989, KangGuru Indonesia merupakan salah satu badan nirlaba yang mendapat dukungan penuh dari Pemerintah Australia melalui program Bantuan Australia (Australiand Aid) dengan koordinatornya dari Pemerintah Australia yang diselenggarakan oleh Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) yang berpusat di Denpasar (Bali).     

Beberapa program unggulan dari Kanguru Indonesia (dahulu bernama KangGuri Radio English-red) antara lain adalah pelatihan atau training bagi penerima beasiswa Australia (ADS) , Pembinaan guru guru Bahasa Inggris di daerah terpencil (remote areas), pembangunan Sekolah bantuan Australia untuk pendidikan Dasar (Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program), Pembinaan Klub Bahasa Inggris tingkat SMP/SMA se Indonesia dalam wadah Joey, program Siaran KangGuru di stasiun Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) se Indoneisa, pelatihan (workshop) dan masih banyak lagi lainnya.

Dalam perkembangannya KangGuru Indonesia tidak bisa terlepas dari peran serta 7 (tujuh) Champions yang merupakan perwakilan dari 7 provinsi di Indonesia :  Suryadi (Madura), Syahrir Badulu (Makasar), Ririn Pudha (Kediri), Keyko (Semarang), Saptari Wibowo (Medan), dan Fadel dari (NTB), dan saya sendiri mewakili Pontianak. Ditutup untuk selama lamanya.

Ini meruoakan hak preogratif Pemerintah Australia yang memiliki project ini sedangkan posisi Pemerintah Indonesia hanyalah mitra dan sebagai penerima bantuan program dari Australia tersebut. 

Sebagai orang yang pernah "bekerja" untuk Pemerintah Australia selama 5 tahun (2001 s/d 2005) ada banyak manfaat yang saya peroleh.  Saya bisa melihat sendiri banyak sekolah sekolah di Indonesia di Indonesia yang dibangun atas bantuan dari Pemerintah Australia.

Selain itu melalui KangGuru Indonesia juga saya sudah mengunjugi Bali sampai 10 (sepuluh) kali dari periode tahun 2005 - 2010.  Dari semua itu, hanya 1 yang belum kecapaian sampai saat tulisan ini naik, yaitu ingin berkunjug ke Australia. Saya ingin sekali merasakan downunder itu seperti apa.

Taunya hanya di TV, Film dan Youtube saja, berkunjung sesungguhnya belum pernah.  It was strange as it may seems. I have been working for KangGuru Indonesia for almost 5 years, but I have never had any opportunities to travel Australia.  Saya cuma punya TOPI nya saja yang dari Australia.  Topi pemberian sahabat saya di Sydney Pak Haji Daeng Ali Effendy.   Saya ingin sekali berkunjung ke Australia. (Asep Haryono)

Ingin menikmati suasana ala Kuta namun dengan keramaian yang lebih minimal? Jika ya, Seminyak adalah opsi yang pas. Terutama jika Anda memiliki preferensi perjalanan dan wisata ke kawasan yang lebih eksklusif, maka bertandang ke kawasan ini adalah langkah yang tepat.

Destinasi Favorit Turis Eropa
Seminyak memang dikenal sebagai kawasan destinasi  wisata yang cukup elite. Sekilas, selain kepadatan daerahnya, Seminyak menyerupai kawasan Kuta, namun dengan kemasan yang lebih berkelas. Anda akan lebih banyak menjumpai turis mancanegara berkebangsaan Eropa di sini. Tidak seperti turis Australia yang memadati Kuta, turis Eropa memang lebih dikenal sebagai turis yang kerap memanjakan diri mereka dengan hal-hal berkelas.

Karakter mereka identik dengan kegemaran memanjakan diri sebaik mungkin dengan hal-hal yang berkualitas. Anda tidak perlu kaget jika menemukan bahkan usia remaja penduduk Eropa itu menghabiskan berjuta-juta rupiah setiap malamnya untuk menginap di resor terbaik.

Pun demikian dengan memanjakan lidah di beragam kafe dan restoran, mereka berani membayar mahal untuk karya koki terbaik meski hanya dalam sebentuk porsi kecil yang tidak mengenyangkan. Termasuk juga saat membeli lukisan seharga Rp10.000.000,00 di sebuah art shop di pinggir jalan di Seminyak yang sebenarnya hanya berharga seperempat kalinya di tempat lain.

Ize Seminyak, Akomodasi Upper ClassBerkonsep Modern Cerdas
Namun demikian, tidak sedikit pula turis mancanegara yang melanglang buana di Seminyak. Menginap di hotel berbintang, bersantap di restoran elite, dan berbelanja di butik-butik upper class. Jika Anda merencanakan untuk menghabiskan waktu mencicipi atmosfer di Seminyak, Anda bisa mulai mencobanya dengan menginap di Ize Seminyak.

Photo courtesy izeseminyak

Ize Seminyak merupakan akomodasi menginap berbintang empat yang terletak di kawasan strategis Seminyak. Dari Bandar Udara Internasional Ngurah Rai Denpasar, Anda hanya perlu sekitar setengah jam untuk sampai ke hotel dengan mobil.

Desainnya akan mudah memikat Anda sejak kali pertama menjejakkan kaki di sini. Hotel ini dibuat dengan konsep modern yang chic dan menyesuaikan dengan selera kalangan muda yang cerdas. Interiornya yang elegan dipadu dengan keramahan pelayanan khas Bali.

Layanan dan Fasilitas Ize Seminyak
Hotel di jantung Seminyak ini memiliki 81 kamar. Anda dapat memilih jenis kamar sesuai keinginan, seperti kamar Deluxe, suite club, atau club double. Minimal, setiap kamar yang ditawarkan cukup luas dan dilengkapi dengan AC, minibar, TV layar datar, lemari es, tempat tidur dengan kualitas terbaik, dan balkon. 

Beberapa jenis kamar bahkan memiliki akses langsung ke kolam renang dan fasilitas bathtub spa.  Dan tentu saja, Anda juga dapat menikmati akses internet dari dalam kamar untuk sekadar mencari hiburan di dunia digital atau menyelesaikan pekerjaan.

Photo courtesy izeseminyak

Anda dapat merelakskan tubuh dengan menikmati minuman segar yang tersedia di Ize Lounge dan Ize Pool Bar.  Restoran Ize Seminyak juga siap memuaskan lidah dan perut Anda dengan variasi sajian Asia dan Eropa. Tidak hanya itu, Anda yang ingin melemaskan otot-otot yang mulai pegal dapat memanfaatkan layanan pijat dan bathtub spa. Atau jika Anda memilih untuk kembali menyegarkan badan dengan berolahraga, Ize Seminyak menyediakan fasilitas pusat kebugaran dan kolam renang.

Objek Wisata di Sekitar Ize Seminyak
Menginap di Ize Seminyak akan memberikan Anda kemudahan untuk menjelajah Seminyak karena lokasinya yang sangat strategis. Jika Anda ingin berjalan kaki dan menikmati suasana pantai, Pantai Petitenget dapat dicapai dalam lima belas menit.

Pantai ini berada dalam gugusan dan garis pantai yang sama dengan Pantai Kuta sehingga memiliki karakter yang mirip: pasir putih, intensitas matahari cukup tinggi, dan ombak yang baik untuk berselancar. Namun tenang saja. Sama seperti kawasan Seminyak pada umumnya, Pantai Petitenget tidak akan seramai Kuta–sehingga cocok untuk Anda yang menyukai suasana tenang.

Photo courtesy TripAdvisor

Anda ingin berbelanja? Seminyak Square dapat Anda kunjungi hanya setelah sekitar lima menit berjalan dari hotel. Selain itu, di sepanjang jalan Seminyak, ada banyak jejeran kafe, gerai, art shop, butik, dan lain-lain. Ciptakan momen terbaik Anda bersama Ize Seminyak melalui Ize Seminyak akan memberikan Anda pengalaman yang berkesan dan tak terlupakan selama berada di Seminyak.
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