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TIPS to prevent your image from being stolen by others easily

How to Overcome So that Images or images Are Not Stolen - Of course, it is very annoying if the articles we write in other blogs copy and paste them raw.

Even though it's a risk, of course, our hearts will be irritated if in fact, the article can beat the original source. Especially if the article contains an image and the copier does not re-upload it. This means that the image link is still on the same server as the source of the article. So that it will burden the bandwidth we have.

The problem of copy and paste articles, we don't need to worry anymore. Because every time Google always updates its algorithm. This means that Google will kick away every blog whose contents are copied and pasted. So it's useless to copy and paste because the article will disappear in search engines. 

This is an example of what we called as "wartermark:.  Photo Asep Haryono
This is an example of what we called as "watermark:.  Photo Asep Haryono

But for the problem of images or pictures that get carried away in copying and pasting without re-uploading, we shouldn't let this happen. Especially for blogs or articles that contain discussion of tutorials/guides. Because usually the contents of the tutorial will be equipped with pictures.   People called it "hotlinking" activity

hotlinking is a process of copying and pasting an image from a blog which is then re-installed on another blog without re-uploading. That way the image link is still one server with the copied image server. When the image is accessed, our server directly serves free to display the image. Over time it will make the server swell and increase server load.

For free blogs, it doesn't really matter. But if our blog is a paid blog, it means that we also hire a host to get bandwidth, this is very detrimental. Especially if the bandwidth quota we have is very small/mediocre. The best solution is we must immediately prevent this hotlinking action by creating watermark

Creating Watermark
Watermark is a sign made on an image or video with the aim of protecting the copyright of other parties. The form of this watermark can be in various forms, there is only writing or a logo that shows the identity of the creator of the work. With this watermark, the creators of the works can be protected by their copyright, so that people are not able to admit the image or video carelessly.

There are many software that we can use to create watermarks, starting simple or professional. On a PC or laptop with Windows OS installed, you may find Windows Paint software. With this software, we can make a simple watermark, but it doesn't look cheap. Here are the steps for creating a watermark with Windows Paint that you should try:

Fajar Hidayat is a copywriter who has more than 5 years experience in the world of digital marketing, besides that Fajar is also the founder of the Blogger School. He wrote down some of the benefits of using watermarks on photos when publishing articles on blogs

1. Promotion
When we have work, both digital and manual, by putting a watermark on the work, of course we will be recognized by people who see our work. For example, friends who like the world of photography, put a watermark on the shots, it could be that someone is interested in your friends' work, they can contact you, maybe they intend to buy photos taken by friends.

2. Identity
Because it is impossible for us to write biodata on the work we make, watermarks serve to represent us as creators. It can be a logo or just a name, make it as good as possible and don't get in the way of the main object of the work.

3. Copyright
A work's watermark also serves as copyright, which protects the work from piracy by irresponsible people. Then what if we look at works that have a watermark? Can we use it or not? Of course, as long as you don't remove the watermark, you don't have to bother writing the source of your work with a watermark.

Fajar also added that it is important to put a watermark on a work. It is important for the creator of the work because it relates to copyright, it is also important for the user/connoisseur, as a form of appreciation for the creator of the work. (From several resources)

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