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TIPS To Clean a Fan to Keep it Fresh and Clean

A fan is an ideal choice to get rid of chills. Besides being cheaper than AC, the air produced by the fan also feels fresher. In addition, the fan also does not require large electricity costs such as air conditioning. No wonder you are the mainstay of boarding children.

The types of fans are quite diverse, some are standing (standing fan), on the table (desk fan), and attached to the wall (wall fan).

The fresh air and small electricity costs sometimes make us lazy to turn it off. It is not uncommon for the fan to be left spinning all day or even days! The longer it takes, the more dust and dirt stuck to the fan. As a result, the quality of the air we breathe decreases due to piles of dust and dirt.

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How to Clean the Right Fan
Besides making the air not fresh, the dust that accumulates on the fan also makes it easily damaged, you know! Therefore, clean the fan regularly at least once a month.  How to? Come on, see the following 7 tips for cleaning the fan!

1. Unplug the cable
The first step before cleaning the fan is to remove the electricity first. Make sure your fan is not connected to electricity when cleaning it later. After that, let stand a few moments to dissipate heat in the engine. Cleaning the fan while it is still connected to electricity can be dangerous, you know!

2. Prepare the tools
Tips for cleaning the next fan is to prepare the tools. Prepare a rag (dry and wet), screwdriver, soap, sponge, and a broom to clean the dust that falls down. Don't forget to also wear a face mask when cleaning the fan, OK! This is to keep your breath from flying dust when cleaning it later.

If there is, you can also prepare a vacuum cleaner to clean more dust. However, if there isn't, well, no problem.

3. Remove the propeller cover

|Come on, start cleaning! The first step is to remove the propeller cover by opening the screw using a screwdriver. Do it carefully, yes! You can ask someone else to hold onto the side of the cover so it doesn't fall off after the screw is removed.

If you are alone, here, remove the propeller cover with the fan lying down. Lay the fan slowly so that it is not shaken and damaged, yes.

4. Clean the propeller cover
If the blade cover has come off, yes, it's time to clean up. To make it more practical, you can flush the propeller cover thoroughly using a water or shower hose.

The water pressure on the hose or shower will make the dust that sticks to shed quickly. You can also wash it using a sponge and soap to make it cleaner and more hygienic.  After that, dry the propeller cover using a clean dry cloth. Really practical, right?

5. Clean the propeller The next tip is to clean the fan blades. In this propeller, dust accumulates and will fly if the fan is turned on.

If you hesitate to remove it, you can just clean the dust on the blades with a dry cloth. Then, wipe again with a damp cloth and dry.If you can remove it, remove the dust with a small broom or vacuum cleaner. After that, flush it with water and wash it using dish soap. Before installing, dry the blades using a cloth until the water is absorbed.

Don't forget to clean the circulation holes too! If not cleaned, over time the engine can be disrupted due to accumulated dirt.

6. Wipe the head and the entire fan body
Next, don't forget to also clean the back, head, and entire body of the fan. First get rid of the dust that has accumulated with a dry cloth, then wipes it again with a damp cloth.

Even though you can't see the dusty fan body, it can also interfere with breathing, you know! After that, wipe the head and body of the fan again with a dry cloth.

7. Replace the propeller coverTips for cleaning the last fan, of course, replace the propeller cover. Like letting go, you can ask other people at home if you have trouble. If there isn't anyone, yes, you can install it with the fan lying down. Be careful that the fan doesn't get damaged, huh!

So, those are 7 tips for cleaning the fan to keep it fresh and durable. From now on, let's clean the fan regularly.

A dirty fan not only makes the air not fresh, various dirt that sticks can also become a den of disease, you know. After cleaning it is guaranteed that you will feel the air that is fresher than usual,  How many times do you usually clean the fan once a week? Or is there any other trick? Comment below! (
Qonita Chairunnisa)

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