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Tips for Staying Healthy at home After From Hospital

After being treated in the hospital, it is certainly very happy. Not only for patients, especially for families. Not because you have to pay for treatment at the hospital, but the return of the patient from hospital treatment can bring a little peace to the patient's family.

However, it does not mean that the patient will stop at home in terms of his medication. The patient's condition must be maintained so that he is no longer hospitalized. Because of that, there must be a necessary preparation.

The time when you are in the hospital is definitely a lot of stressors. Not only the patient but also the family feels it. This is because many Indonesians do not make records or history of the patient's illness. Naturally, because in an emergency, people rarely remember a person's history.

Tips for Staying Healthy at home After From Hospital
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Much better, you keep a record of your family history of illnesses, types of medication and family medical records in a special file. These tips will make it very easy for you if you have to go to the hospital suddenly.

Why is knowing a family history of illness important? Because by knowing all that, the patient's family will have a list of what drugs are consumed, so it will reduce the impact of drug allergies if they are hospitalized.

If you are finished undergoing treatment at the hospital, then immediately make a discharge plan because it is also very important. The patient's family can prepare well so that the patient remains healthy and in good condition. This plan can involve medical personnel such as doctors and nurses who treat it.

Some plans that need to be considered after being hospitalized in the hospital, including:

1. The family must know in detail what to do and what not to do.
Consult your doctor, whether or not the need for further treatment must be done after discharge from the hospital.

2. The medicine to be drunk.
Be sure to ask in detail about what drug information the patient will take at home in the future.

3. Families who take or buy the patient's medicine.
It must be ensured that the family knows what drug prescription will be given to the patient. Check the description and dosage of the drug again.

4. Write down the telephone number and family name that can be contacted at any time if you have questions about the patient's medication.

5. Always pay attention to what treatment plans will be provided by the hospital.

The doctor will always provide follow-up care to the family after returning from the hospital.

Even though the patient is allowed to go home, it is very important for the patient and his family to keep updating the patient's health condition. By knowing how and what to do at home to restore the patient's health to normal.

The most important part of the patient's discharge process is to ask the doctor who treated the history list while in the hospital. So that the process of continuing care can be continued by the nurses at home.

It is important for the hospital to keep patients healthy and not to return to treatment after 30 days. Because in some countries there will be fines to the hospital if the patient is hospitalized again before 30 days.

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Article Source IBU DIGITAL

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