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Mental disorders Does Not Always Mean CRAZY People

A person who experiences physical pain such as injury or other illness will be labeled as "sick" by the common people. Phrases like 'Get well soon, huh!' Must be commonplace. Yes, they were sick and looked like sick people.

Unlike people with mental disorders, they must immediately be considered as crazy. There are still many who think that when someone suffers from this disorder, it does not have to be cured through a psychiatrist or psychologist, but it is enough to get closer to God. There is nothing wrong with praying, but that does not mean that when sick, humans only put their trust in without doing any effort. That's not what God taught you, right? 

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Various Types of Mental Disorders
The public's lack of understanding of the types of psychiatric disorders can be one of the reasons ordinary people consider this disorder to be crazy. There are many types of these disorders and they can be categorized according to specific types. The list below is for knowledge only to know more about this disorder. If you feel you have a symptom, don't make a unilateral diagnosis, go to a psychiatrist or psychologist and consult for the best solution.

Anxiety Disorders
The first disorder is an anxiety disorder. Symptoms usually experienced by sufferers are a response of fear, panic, sweating and even a faster heart rate when faced with certain situations. This becomes a disorder when these symptoms cannot be controlled to interfere with daily activities.

In addition to the above, anxiety disorders can also take the form of a phobia to a condition, such as social anxiety disorder or panic disorder. There are people who have a phobia of specific things, such as a phobia of narrow spaces, blood, or heights.

Affective or Mood Disorders
This type of disturbance is experienced by someone who is experiencing constant sadness or too much joy for a period of time. It could also be when there are alternating feelings of excessive joy and sadness. Bipolor and depression are the most common examples of this condition. Kyclomytic disorders, namely changes in emotions from happy to sad in light doses are also included in conditions of affective or mood disorders.

Personality Disorders
This type of disorder as the name implies is related to the personality of the sufferer. People who have an extreme and rigid character who are usually different from the norms in society are the symptoms experienced by sufferers of this disorder. An example is someone who is antisocial or paranoid.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
For those of you who have watched the movie Split, you will know that one of the main character personalities played by James McAvoy suffers from OCD.

This disturbance makes the sufferer's mind filled with fear or disturbing things that make them feel they have to do something over and over again. In the movie Split, it can be seen that personality cannot see things that are not neatly arranged. Another condition is people who always wash their hands for fear of overdoing it with germs. Nowadays, washing hands is important but that doesn't mean you have to wash your hands every time.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
As the name suggests, PTSD occurs after a patient experiences something traumatic. This disorder can arise, for example, when someone experiences the sudden death of a loved one, natural disasters, or sexual harassment.

During this pandemic, circumstances that have never been experienced and various situations that suddenly change can cause various psychological symptoms. Halodoc is a platform that can be used for consultation. consultation with the best psychologist can be done only from home without the need to come to the practice location. If you need a prescription, Halodoc is also ready to deliver it directly to the patient's house.

Family and the surrounding environment is one of the fortresses so that mental disorders do not occur. Understanding the people closest to this disorder which is a disease and can be cured is important so that sufferers do not feel more burdened. The belief that mental illness is the same as the physical illness that requires a doctor is also important. (Muhammad Rifqi Saifudin)

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