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HMRT! High Tech Transportation Solution to Congestion

MRT High-Tech Transportation with Congestion Solutions - Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with more than 17,000 islands scattered from Sabang to Merauke. Many of these islands are separated by the sea which covers the territory of Indonesia. Indonesia is also known for being rich in biodiversity, culture, religion, ethnicity, and language. With so much diversity, Indonesia is often referred to as the Land of Heaven by both foreigners and natives.

As an archipelago colored with waters and mountains, Indonesia's need for transportation has become a necessity. In this case, the government continues to make efforts to connect the Indonesian islands by building transportation infrastructure, both land, air, and sea routes as access to creating connectivity between islands in Indonesia.

Image source IDX Channel
Image source IDX Channel

The high population mobility in various Indonesian islands, especially in urban communities, has made the transportation system in Indonesia a vital infrastructure. To meet all the needs of the community, people cannot be separated from private vehicles or public transportation to help all Indonesians achieve their goals, such as working, shopping, and so on. Transportation in Indonesia itself will continue to increase in line with the growth in demand for goods and services. The demand for transportation services will also increase the population in Indonesia.

Along with the development of the industrialization era, transportation has experienced rapid development. In its development, transportation from time to time continues to move slowly. In fact, it continues to evolve little by little. Moreover, technology also plays a role in the development of transportation in Indonesia. Various transportation innovations from time to time continue to experience changes for the better.

Starting from the application of steam engines for rail and marine transportation, accompanied by the invention of the engine with internal combustion. The development of the mode of transportation was also followed by gas turbine engines that were turned into turbojets for aircraft. Meanwhile, in the marine transportation sector, the discovery of the development of Nuli fuel for submarines.

In the last 5 years, the Government of Indonesia has developed modern means of transportation in Indonesia to support the activities of its residents, especially in the capital city. Now there is transportation by combining modern technology, namely the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). The existence of the MRT is expected to provide considerable benefits for economic growth, especially in the capital city of Jakarta.

There are several benefits from the presence of the MRT. One of the benefits is the reduced density of vehicles on the road because the MRT is expected to divert people using private vehicles to mass transportation. MRT also contributes in increasing public transport capacity. MRT transport capacity can reach thousands of passengers for 1 MRT. The existence of the MRT can also reduce travel time between regions and increase population mobility.

This reduction in travel time will increase the mobility of Jakarta residents. The increased mobility of city residents has an impact on the improvement and growth of the city's economy, and improves the quality of life for city residents. For the environment, the presence of the MRT also has a positive impact. The environmental impact of the MRT is 0.7 percent of the total CO2 emissions, which is around 93,663 tons per year will be reduced.

With the emergence of high-tech transportation, namely the MRT, it is hoped that it will be a solution to the high mobility of the population in Indonesia. To find out various information about modern transportation in Indonesia, you can visit the Ministry of Transportation's Website & Social Media: (Written by Ridhwan)

Article Source  SMARTPEDIA

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