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Enjoying sun set Pasir Panjang Singkawang Beach

The waves were big enough to break the joy of the children at Pasir Panjang Beach, Singkawang, that afternoon. Wrapped in a circular tire around their body, they were eagerly waiting for the shouting waves.

Even though they saw the tension on their faces when the waves they were waiting for were too big and drowned their tiny bodies, the children looked addicted.

In the same place, on a bridge that stretches long enough to the sea, young people enjoy the beach in a different way. They are busy taking pictures with the background of the open sea and the evening sun slowly returning home.

Image sourcer gotravelly
Image sourcer gotravelly

At the end of the bridge, a middle-aged man was also seen calculating the time of sunset. He does not play the waves or take pictures but waits for his fishing rod to be pulled by predators from the sea.

Fishing at Pasir Panjang Beach has become a hobby for Mulyadi. When everyday activities feel boring, he immediately steps towards the end of the beach bridge and throws bait into the ocean.

"Usually, there are a lot of fish, and you will definitely get it," said Mulyadi when talking with CNNIndonesia.com. But unfortunately, that afternoon no fish grabbed Mulyadi's fresh shrimp.

Even though he had been fishing for about an hour. Mulyadi considered the high tide to be the cause. This also causes the waves on the beach to feel bigger than usual.

Every second month (February) the water does rise. Usually until the fourth month (April), "he said.

The high tide season is also called Mulyadi which causes the seawater around the coast to become cloudy. Even though not far from the beach, the color of the sea looks clear blue.

"Later, when April will return, the color will turn blue," said Mulyadi.

Apart from the cloudy color of the seawater, the view at Pasir Panjang Beach is actually quite a feast for the eyes. To the southwest where Mulyadi fished, you can see a hilly island, where the sun hides before setting.

Pasir Panjang Beach, which faces west, is indeed the right destination to watch the sunset. In the direction of the sunset view, there is a unique view that can be seen from Pasir Panjang Beach. Towards Cap Go Meh, there are always dragons that are 'released' into the sea.

It's just that the dragon is an imitation dragon that is usually used to accompany the lion dance game. Being in Singkawang, with Chinese culture that is still thick, makes Pasir Panjang Beach also 'splashed' with trinkets celebrating Chinese traditions.

"It has been there for a week before Cap Go Meh. The committee deliberately put it there," Mulyadi pointed at the dragon that curled its body on the water.

The dragon is seen to be swayed by the winds of the South China sea waves. Like life, but not going anywhere. There is an anchor that forces it to stay in place, no matter how hard the waves are.

Pasir Panjang Beach is located on Jalan Raya Sedau, about 20 kilometers from the city center of Singkawang, West Kalimantan. Towards this beach, tourists can use private vehicles for 30 minutes.

This beach is located in a tourist complex called Taman Pasir Panjang Indah. To be able to enter this tourist area, visitors are charged an entrance fee of IDR 20 thousand. There are also many food stalls and souvenir shops along the beach. Likewise with lodging. From a distance, you can see game services offered by the local community such as paragliding.

Although it is called a park and offers many entertainment options, unfortunately, Taman Pasir Panjang Indah looks barren. In some parts, there is still a lot of empty lands that is left unattended with poorly maintained plants. (meg / meg- CNN Indonesia)

Article source : CNN Indonesia

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