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Getting to Know Mitragyna Speciosa For the Very First Time

SIMPLYASEP.COM It is almost certain that not many people know the name Mitragyna Speciosa, even the common name KRATOM, many of whom may not know him. Yes, Kratom, a name that I myself am also one that just knows the name kratom after seeing the product first hand. And the opportunity finally came when I visited one of the Kratom entrepreneurs in Pontianak on Sunday morning (9 August 2020) around 09.00 WIB at his residence in Paris Haji Husin 2 Pontianak.

The first time I heard the name KRATOM, if I'm not mistaken, was from Kang Otong Rosyid, my best friend at college, and now he has managed the famous Panama Chicken Noodles some time ago. It was from him that I recognized the word and I didn't know what shape and appearance this thing called Kratom was. I also do not have any interest in just finding out on the Internet, the point is I am normal, the reaction is not interesting maybe at that time

First to Knowing Kratom
And finally when I checked the pen pal account that I was a member of (a non-paying member, aka not a Premium class member - free member - red) there was a message entered in my account inbox on the pen pal's website. If I'm not mistaken, the Pen-Pals world is right, I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

And when I opened the message, there was a foreign name who came from a foreign country too. His name is Milan Brabec, from the Republic of Czeh, a European country. In his message he suddenly felt that I was a person who could get "trust" (trust) from him to work with in a business collaboration. I don't know what business he wants to offer me. People I don't know at all suddenly offer a business partnership. Obviously this is very suspicious. 

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But later my suspicions were not proven. Okay, continue the story

Now from the meeting in the inbix, it continues to communication via email. From this email communication, my suspicions were finally answered, which apparently he asked for cooperation to send goods to him. The point here is that I was asked to buy goods (with his money of course) and then the goods were sent to his country. And the item in question is Kratom or the Latin name Mitragyna Speciosa

Frustate Seeking Good Supplier
This is where my mind-boggling journey begins. I immediately received an "assignment" from him to look for his ordered items, namely 18 kilograms of Kratom with a certain type, and half of them I had to order from LAZADA, one of the most popular online shops in Indonesia. I am already a member of this online shop, but just look at the items for price appeal, but never shop.

But in the end I also shop at LAZADA for the first time, and the shopping is also shopping for goods ordered by Milan, namely Kratom as much as 9 Kilograms

I already called it a dizzying trip, right? So, how dizzy?
I had to search for a local Kratom supplier, who had to go through the AGROMARET website according to my friend's recommendation, but ended up hunting to several suppliers or direct sellers (direct sellers). For the price of the Kratom itself, my friend already has a handle, so if what I am looking for, the price can be in the range of the price he has, which is 80,000 IDR.

There were about 4 or 5 Kratom suppliers that I interviewed and I also selected based on the criteria held by Millan Brabec. All evaluations, from the analysis of the price of the product itself to the technical evaluation of the shipment, which were originally intended to be sent to the Czech Rep, but were later transferred to his address in Germany. Germany is in the Zone 6 area for Kratom lovers, for sure what a zone zone is in terms of sending Kratom abroad

From 4 or 5 Kratom suppliers finally narrowed to 2 and finally I decided to sign a contract with Decky Oktavianto, the Kratom supplier whose photos I have included below.

Decky showed me his awesome Kratom at his home, and it was really amazing, and awesome.  Photo Asep Haryono
Decky showed me his awesome Kratom at his home, and it was really amazing, and awesome.  Photo Asep Haryono

This is Red Kratom which has not been organised  Photo Asep Haryono
This is Red Kratom which has not been organised  Photo Asep Haryono

I got Decky's name and address also from my friend who is also my neighbor at the Kubu Raya Airport Ambassador Complex, Budi Wiranto. And the moment below is finally I can touch directly (touch physically) what is called Kratom in powder form (powder)

Why was Decky chosen to get this Kratom order contract because I saw his honesty in doing business. People taking fees or profits, of course, are fine and legal.

However, if the profit or commission requested is outrageous, and he casually mentions that the number of the COMMISSION he wants is no longer a commission but is already included in the area of ​​Pungli or Liar Pungli. Not Aji Mumpung, and that's what I like from this Kratom Kalbar entrepreneur profile

When discussing the issue of FEE or the Commission from Kratom, I am a common person, aka Honest Kacang Ijo. I myself have never mentioned the amount of the FEE or commission from my friend from Germany. If anything (and it seems so) is purely the result of the gift., The result of Milan Brabec's sincerity himself who decides the amount of commission or fee I receive because I have worked so hard to help him find the kratom he ordered.

Millan Brabec himself was amazed at me.

Even in an email he asked me, am I satisfied with the commission or fee he gave me? I answered that I did not think about a bonus (even though who needs to be fond of money-red), but I have integrity and morals when dealing with money to other people, especially if I am a foreigner.

I used to hang out with foreigners when I was active in the Indonesian kangaroo, so the name Bule for me is just like any other human being.

I told Millan not to worry about whether I was satisfied or not with the bonus that was given to me. I just said the important thing is that the 18 kilogram Kratom package the order can get to his hands, he is always the owner, and that for me has been very enjoyable.

Personally, this is the first time I have received a transfer of millions of rupiah from a friend overseas that entered my account. Even though it's just "hitchhiking: aja because I only keep shopping, he's only me shopping and all the groceries belong to him. But obviously that's an achievement for me too. Never before with such a value.

There is something more meaningful than this story. Yes, if you want to tell a story. It is a friendship that, God willing, will last forever regardless of race, ethnicity, nation and country, may the presence of Milan Brabec and his family be included in the pages of my life to make me a good friend and friendship forever. I hiope so and I know sio. (Asep Haryono)

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