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Mandhi Rice: Sensation Taste Of Middle East Cuisine

SIMPLYASEP.COM Almost every Indonesian likes rice. But this time the rice was different from rice in general because of the sensation of Middle Eastern taste, who else if it was not Mandhi Rice.

Now just hearing the name smells of Arabic, indeed this culinary is thick with the taste of Arabic spices. Recently I had the opportunity to taste the food of Mandhi Rice sent from Mba Hany, owner of the Pontianak eDW Kitchen. Happy reading

When I unboxed (opened) 1 pack of Mandhi Rice, the contents clearly consisted of

  • Nasi Mandhi (Arabic Spices Rice)
  • Honey Roast Chicken
  • Pineapple Pickles
  • Sambal

I tasted the Mandhi Rice is clearly a striking difference in terms of physical appearance and texture with other typical Arabic Rice like Biryani Rice.

This Mandhi rice has yellow and white colors, and the physical shape of the rice is different from white rice consumed by the Indonesian people. The texture of the rice Mandhi rice is much more elongated or oval and not short and round like white rice in the umm. While the resulting Yellow color is the result of how to cook it that produces a yellow color.

Yellow Rice (Saffron Rice) which used to be breakfast for Indonesian people comes from looking for ways to cook it using Turmeric. Clearly, the color of Mandhi Rice is less bright than the Yellow Rice. And this is what distinguishes it from Yellow Rice. Let me not be curious, I have included here two photos of the appearance of Gandhi Rice

Nasi Mandhi

Mandhi Rice Not Biryani Rice
Listening to a typical Arabic rice dish is indeed associated with Biryani rice which I also tasted a few months ago. People often associate Arabic rice with Biryani Rice, even though there are many types of typical Arabic rice dishes including Mandhi Rice.

But the Mandhi rice is different from Biryani rice. Now where is the difference? I once wrote about a culinary experience tasting the Biryani Rice dish a few months ago

Biryani Rice that I have reviewed has a sensation of spicy taste because of how to process or cook it in a certain way and use special tools because in Biryani Rice also contains recipes and scents from certain women.

In general, the spicy taste of Mandhi rice is generally spicy which warms the body because there was an Arab spice rempoah that gave its own effect in the form of a warm, spicy sensation that was different from the real Spicy flavor that could make a stretch like burning because of the element of red chili or chili cayenne in general from Indonesian Cuisine.

For rice Mandhi can use Goat Meat or Chicken meat. Now the rice dishes in a mini package from the Pontianak eDW kitchen are just right for one person. Can be used as a dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. According to taste.

In 1 pack of Mandhi Rice, a side dish of Mandhi Rice is available. A piece of Honey Roast Chicken that has a distinctive taste that shakes the tongue. The chicken is tender when bitten. In addition, there are Pickles and Sambal in separate transparent plastic wrap. The price of 1 pack of Mandhi rice is only 35 K


For those who want to order, please order directly to Ms. Hany, Dapur é DW by coming directly to Jl.Putri Dara Hitam Gg.Tani 2 Dalam No. 16 Pontianak. You can also order via message Order via WA 081254934773

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