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Make the Most of Virtual Meetings

During the current epidemic season, residents are encouraged to do physical distancing and remain at home. For those who work are also expected to work from home by utilizing existing technology. So everything can be done without having a physical presence in the office such as sending files via email, matters of payment via bank transfer, to meetings.

Now speaking of meetings, what can also be done remotely? Of course, I can. This remote meeting can be supported by teleconferencing or teleconference.

This teleconference is not only done by officials or office people. Students have also done it because of the encouragement of learning from home. Especially at this time, the technology is very supportive of teleconferencing that can be done easily and with a webcam and headphones.

Of course, teleconferencing is a good choice to replace meetings such as meetings, teaching and learning activities, training, and courses, and so on even informal meetings can be held.

What is teleconference?
Teleconferencing is a live-based electronic meeting or conversation between three or more human or machine participants connected to a telecommunications system.

Some of the benefits of teleconferencing: Saving Money and Time For distant locations, doctors can see patients through video, receive test results laboratory or medical record results can even communicate directly with the medical staff who handle these patients. The global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has accelerated the adoption of online work, video meetings, and virtual conferences that will likely continue.

Almost every business professional has hosted and participated in multiple online meetings, but how many have taken the time to consider how they present themselves on camera and how to make the most of virtual interactions with colleagues, clients, or customers?

If you want to optimize how you appear on video and improve and enhance your ability to communicate in a virtual meeting setting, check out the Presence Summit, a day of professional development, and interactive exercises scheduled for July 15. The event is sponsored by camera manufacturer HuddleCamHD and the Audiovisual distributor company Starin.

Teleconferencing generally aims to make long-distance communication with others.

The Presence Summit “is for any individual or business that uses online communications and considers professional development a priority,” according to the meeting website.

Organizers say that “this thought-leader forum is designed specifically for enhancing communications in a video presence era.”

The summit will show the new opportunities that online meetings can provide, and participants will hear from communications experts and industry professionals about how to be more effective in online meetings and how to use video communications to promote products and services, as well as to improve customer experiences.

Keynote speakers will include Joseph Pine, author of “The Experience Economy,” and Fatima Doman, author of “Authentic Resilience.” The live stream of the summit is free, and an optional professional development track (registration required) allows access to Zoom breakout sessions led by experts on topics including identifying and optimizing your communication style, applying best practices for online meetings and priming video meeting participants for success.

In addition, all virtual conference attendees receive a free copy of “The Online Meeting Survival Guide,” by Paul Richards, business development manager at HuddleCamHD.

“The book serves as the pivotal guidebook to help people navigate this new normal of video communication,” says Richards. “Readers will learn about best practices for using the latest software to make online meetings more productive.”Leading up to the Summit, the book can be downloaded for free at for additional details and speaker information. And watch a video about the event on YouTube at

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