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Writing first Blogwalking Later On

The author is very impressed with the Friend's blog which is projected or crowded with visitors (comments) in the comments column. To be honest, getting a lot of traffic on a blog is one of the dreams or dreams of every blogging writer (blogger) including the writer of course. Who doesn't want his blog to be crowded with comments or responses from visitors? Whoever wants it right?

The fun of doing a working visit in the style of a blogger or more famous is known as blog walking (some say blog running to get it done quickly-ed) is indeed like a symptom of addiction or addiction. How not addicted if you come to visit a blog and see the enthusiasm of the visitors of the blog and we get one by one. Already up there when displayed one by one, apparently not.

Once visiting a blog, then our hands will be tempted to click again on other blogs in the blog column. Once the blog is clicked and then complacent with the article and its writing, the mouse is again tempted to click the blog again in the comments column.
Focus on writing the article first, the name is also a blogger. Only then blogwalking. Photo of Asep Haryono
Focus on writing the article first, the name is also a blogger. Only then blog walking. Photo of Asep Haryono

It does not feel that the name is Open New Window or open new tabs more and more. There are many URL addresses that are opened in one timeline. For example when opening the blog Mang Lembu, also the new blog window opened Bang Zach Flazz, then beautiful blogger Mba Ranii Novariany, then Detik COM, then Facebook, then Twitter, then what. Panjaaanng until the row in the browser window

Finally, TERLENA he made, be hovering is not clear FOCUS. This want to blog walking or wandering is not clear where? This is what the writer has been aware of. Symptoms like this that the author always keeps in mind for FOCUS beforehand for what is in plain sight related to this author's favorite blog. Intention for 1-hour long blog walking even a long day of blog walking.

When blogging continues to write when? The fun of visiting someone's "home," your "home" is taken care of. It's better if the "house" itself is taken care of. Equipped with a "living room" with the latest articles and writings. So if a visitor or guest arrives, the guests have prepared their "menu". Like we have a restaurant or restaurant. People come to eat right away. So if a visitor comes, then just eat the "menu" that has been provided: the latest article. Keep in mind. That guest is glorious. Hieheiee

In principle, there are 2 (two) things that are an obligation for writers at this time are First: Write an article or post first. The main reason is the essence of a Blog Writer (borrowing the title Pak Salman, Chief Editor of Pontianak Post) Daily) is Writing.

The name is also a blogger means a blog writer, not a Blogwalker, or a Blog walker. * only plaque. So eh so So the writer must focus on making the article or post first This mission must be complete (accomplished) Then the second is to do a "work visit" ala Blogger or Blogwalking.

So specifically this second author, of course, has many limitations (either time and so on-red). Remembering blogging is something fun, so writers will certainly have fun with blogging and blog walking activities. Any blog that the author wants to visit is subjective. The author is free to determine which blogs are worth visiting.

There is no obligation on how many HUNDRED blogs I go to. Nor does it have to be Dozens of Blogs that writers should visit one by one. It doesn't have to be 20 (twenty) blogs a day, or whatever. I do not like numbers since school age. So the writer is rather allergic to the name of Mathematics at school. No wonder the author's Math grades in school are always bad.

Visiting a Friend's Blog is an intention that must be sincerely built from within yourself. NIAT must be sincere and sincere to read thoroughly the article or writing made by a Friend. Not just a visit "Fall Mandatory".

Not just coming just say hi or just expecting a return visit. Visiting a friend's blog or blogging for writers is like visiting home in the real world. Reading well and thoroughly writing Sahabat is one form of appreciation and appreciation of the author to the host. Being a good GUEST is not an easy matter for myself.

One thing is certain, the author is obliged to return to anyone who is already present and give a reply or comment on this author's favorite blog.

The author really appreciates the time, energy, and costs sacrificed by Friends who have taken valuable time to come here, and provide comments. The author tries as much as possible to reply to a friend's blog visit that has stopped here. Deficiency is definitely there. Limitations, of course, also color themselves. Humans really are not perfect. I just try to be the best. (Asep Haryono)

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