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Types Of Epic Blog Posts

Understanding blogging.  Understanding blogs in the web world means weblogs, here is where we understand weblogs means there is a web and a log. Here the blog refers to a website or site that presents information that is continuous in the writings presented.

At the beginning of its appearance, blogs are indeed used for personal purposes. Most people use blogs to write personal stories that can be accessed online. Blogs are often also referred to as online journals because they allow users to take "diaries" online.

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Image source GetAPP COM

Some types of blog posts are more inclined to perform better than others. Sure, you may create an awesome piece of content that does not fall under the following categories.

However, when the most successful bloggers have a hard time trying to structure their content, they employ the following methods time and time again, to much success.

1. How-to Guides and Tutorials. You can even include "how-to" in your title, which has been proven to increase readership.

2. Latest News and Current Events. Incredibly, some people still care about what Kim Kardashian is doing.

3. Checklists, Lists. These are simple to format, easy to read, and they practically write themselves when you know a lot about a particular topic or field.

4. Case Studies, Customer Success Stories. Social proof sells. Your readers are more inclined to believe someone just like themselves than they are a marketing message.

5. Guru Interview, Advice from Experts. You may not yet be the top expert in your field. However, you can interview that person. Make the interview in-depth, revealing something your guru has not shared before.

6. Lists of Valuable Resources. If you were a copywriter, and you discovered a blog post that listed the top 123 copywriters of the 21st century, you would feel as if you stumbled across a gold mine. Lists of valuable resources relative to your niche are easy to compile, and when you make them evergreen, you have a good chance of becoming epic and long-lasting.

7. Frequently Asked Questions. Your prospects and readers are asking questions that have already been asked and answered. Create a lengthy, valuable frequently asked questions (FAQs) post and you serve your audience well.

8. Top Takeaways From _____ If you have attended a seminar or taken an online course, this type of post is easy. Write down the top 10, 15 or 21 valuable takeaways you experienced and share them in the form of a blog post.

9. Beginner's Guides. You have probably downloaded, read and/or purchased beginner's guides in the past. Written on the correct topic, these can be evergreen in nature.

10. Additional Resource. No product or service is perfect. Take a best-selling info product, course or service and make it better. Purchase the course, take it, and note where it is lacking. Add the pieces that are missing and provide them in a free blog post, linking back to the info product or course for an affiliate marketing bonus.

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