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Inviting Children To Love Reading

SIMPLYASEP.COM It is no longer a secret that today's Millennial generation children are more familiar with gadgets (read: gadgets) than reading books or newspapers. Indeed, not all of them act like that. But in general, those born in the Millennial era prefer practicality, one of which is the use of technological devices such as smartphones or smartphones.

Nowadays there are no longer countless school children starting from elementary school level (equivalent to elementary school level) already know what Minicraft, Mobile legend, Grotopia, 3D dimension games that run on this internet network connection have hit many children our children. Are they wrong? If you think who's wrong who's right, of course there won't be no end.

Parents in this case, have a great responsibility to be able to educate and provide understanding to their children about the dangers of internet addiction, the dangers of using social media to the dangers when searching or exploring in cyberspace. Should they be forbidden to know the outside world? Let us all, parents and educators at school think of a fair and wise solution without one person being harmed or hurt.

Back to the topic that I tried to discuss on this occasion is how to introduce our sons and daughters to the importance of reading not only reading books in the library, but how to strive for our children, the next generation, to continue to like the hobby of reading anywhere and anytime with quality reading material.

Reading is a fun activity, educating and educating people to be wiser. Reading is a window to the world and it must be instilled early on in our children so that they are not bored with technological development nor do they forget the good habits of reading

What efforts should parents make to encourage their children, sons and daughters to start reading and/or enjoy reading as one of their enjoyable activities? I.

READING: Inviting them to like reading material and reading can be done in a fun way such as to a bookstore, in addition to reading they can also immediately have their dream book. Photo of Asep Haryono
READING: Inviting them to like reading material and reading can be done in a fun way such as to a bookstore, in addition to reading they can also immediately have their dream book. Photo of Asep Haryono

Reading in the library is more fun
Various efforts that can be done by parents in inviting their children to start enjoying reading activities can be done in various ways. Reading is not always done in the library. Although now many libraries have been transformed in such a way as a pleasant place. The library is no longer boring, there are many activities to do in the library.

An example is the GOOGLE office in Indonesia. Google's office in Indonesia in addition to functioning as an office for official official affairs, is also equipped with a reading room or library that is made as comfortable as possible to resemble the usual activities carried out at home. There are cafes, souvenir shops, even pillows or rest areas for resting or sleeping can be done in this office.

Likewise with other libraries both in the city of Jakarta and or libraries in other big cities in Indonesia. The library is now more user friendly for visitors. Now reading can be done anywhere, even when the parents of the Mall with their children can also be directed to the bookstore that is usually found in every super mall, supermarket to department store.

Only what needs to be noted here is that in general the books that are displayed in the library that join the Mall or Supermarket are usually packaged in plastic seal packs and should not be opened by visitors. "No seal of the book is prohibited", "breaking the seal means buying" and many other prohibited sentences.

The existence of "threats" such as "Breaking the seal means that it is considered buying", even though people read books in places where they read books in malls (like at GRAMEDIA), they don't have to always buy.

The visitors come just to read, just read and make GRAMEDIA a heaven of reading for all ages and ages, and don't have to shop for books. They (GRAMEDIA) are genuine business people, so it's only natural for them to implement such "prohibitions". It is their right to apply the terms and conditions when they are at the GRAMEDIA Book Store, which must be obeyed by their visitors. This needs to be considered a way out.

Maybe the solution that I can offer here is, GRAMEDIA can provide samples or examples of reading books that have been sealed and can be read alternately by visitors. This is still a discourse and is debatable.

The problem is that visitors are reluctant to read because their dream book is plastic sealed and cannot be opened for reading. As a result, they can only read the reviews on the back of the book. Things that do not seem to occur if the children are taken to relax reading books in the Library because it is guaranteed that none of the books in the Library are sealed plastic.

Even your sons and daughters are free to bring whatever books they like, can even borrow books more than one book. Terms and conditions apply, of course, isn't it more fun if you invite your children to the library? Do you have a view or specific tips on how to get our children to enjoy reading books? Please share and share here. (Asep Haryono)

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