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GRILL MEATBALL Practical School Children Snacks

SIMPLYASEP.COMToday's kids prefer snacks at school, although there are also many children who have brought lunch from home. Yes, children who go to school are highly recommended for breakfast so that their concentration of learning is more focused. But there are also many parents who may be due to their busy schedule and cannot prepare their provisions

Children are always happy if they are given sangu (pocket money) to buy snacks at school. One of the snacks for school children with a lot of fans is not only children but also parents namely Pentol. Yes Pentol snacks school children in the form of balls of meat that are served either with gravy (Pentol Kuah) and or Pentol which is burned (Pentol Bakar)

Can the pentol be burned?
Of course, I can. Why not

Pentol Balar is a meat ball in the form of BAKSO or BASO that has been boiled thoroughly and then proceed with the burning process on burning coals to produce a pentol fuel pentol smeared with oil or certain concoctions to scent it. The aroma is indeed like grilled satay or grilled fish meat. I often see several burners selling pentol applying certain oils in their pentol satay and roasting on satay grills
FUEL PENTOLS: Like satay, meatballs are served in skewers and burnt but this is called roasted pentol (21/2). Photo of Asep Haryono
FUEL PENTOLS: Like satay, meatballs are served in skewers and burnt but this is called roasted pentol (21/2). Photo of Asep Haryono

In the serving technique, the Baked Pentol is only roasted. It's different from the Pentol Kuah because there are other components that complement the pentol sauce such as Mie, vegetables, fried onions, tofu, also equipped with salt and also chili sauce if desired.

Pentol gravy is "Bakso" or "Baso" which is of interest. Well, pentol Bakar is not as busy as Pentol Kuah in terms of presentation. It's just that we need to be careful so that the embers in the combustion process of the burn pentol do not leave a BLACK COB attached to the Baksonya. Because BLACK CHARCOAL is a chemical that is very dangerous if it gets into the human body. It is recommended in presenting this Bakol pentol using OVEN or attempting embers in the process of burning not touching the meat. Please look at the photo below:

Actually, without being roasted (GRILL) or even roasted, the Pentol is ready to eat. However, because the name is Pentol Bakar, it is inevitable that it must be burned. But the Pentol combustion process should only be a "complement:" or "cosmetics" only because the Meatballs must have been cooked and prepared in a meal.It is highly recommended that the Pentol Bakar not turn black in color because it burns the embers.

How about the price per 1 skewer Bakso or Pentol Bakar? Of course, it depends on the content of the Meatballs. If the pure meatballs (pure) made from high-quality meat such as COW or Original Chickens the fall must be expensive. But the common Pentol Bakar that we encounter in the school office canteen is the price of school children. Rp. 1,000 (One Thousand Rupiah) per stick Meatballs.

The Pentol Bakar does use the Sang Bulatan Meatballs skewers into a bamboo stick that does look like a bamboo skewer. The amount of one bamboo stick for 4 to 5 Meatballs. So it can be said that Pentol Bakar in principle is Sate Bakso or Pentol Sate or Sate Pentol. Because the form of presentation is indeed like satay

Processed Bakso Bakso? Now specifically for Bakso Bakar, or Bakol Pentol in principle is ordinary meatballs that are technically cooked or ripe. The combustion process is "accessories" or "cosmetics" only because without being burned even the Meatballs are already cooked or ready to eat. That is called Bakso Bakar or Pentol Bakar. (Asep Haryono)

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