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Gandos.. Oh Gandos : Rare Unique Snacks in Pontianak

SIMPLYASEP.COM When I was little, maybe around the age of a dozen of the train in the on era of the 75's (Understandably, my old school generation-red) whose name is Gandos, sorry if I wrote wrong, is one of the snacks that are usually tasted almost every day

Well, who here doesn't know the food or the exact snacks or snacks called Gandos. Hmmm, snacks like this I really like when I was young. At that time I and all the siblings still lived in Pademangan, North Jakarta, when I was in elementary school. I was at SD Negeri 01 Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

This cake, which is also called Bandros, as said by Rudy Arra and Mas Arez Cases, was often found in my alley when I was a child in the 75-80 era. Our house at that time on Jalan Pademangan II number 15 Number 396 Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Hiheiheie still memorized the name of the alley, street, and even our house number at that time. Because there were so many who sold Gandos, I was still small, of course, I still remember the brother of the cake seller Gandos who went around from alley to alley carrying his wares. I should carry it like that.

Image from WIKIPEDIA Indonesia
Image from WIKIPEDIA Indonesia

As soon as the Gandos craftsman passed in front of the house, I immediately went to whimper whining to Mimi (The Sundanese term meaning "mother, or mother" -red) to buy a Gandos cake. And Mimi did not hesitate to spend money on her children's snacks.

Actually, there are still a lot of snacks that I tasted when I was a child, in addition to GANDOS, like SAGON, and white SOMA crackers. Ahaaa snacks like that make me remember for a moment back to childhood.

Taste That Makes Missing
I still remember the Gandos seller that I saw as a child. Heeee still remember it Sep? Actually, it's still clearly gray, right, but indeed my feeling says it's still like that. Still, remember the brother of the GANDOS cake seller who was carrying a bag like that. As soon as the handyman Gandos was called in front of the house, with a "Bang Bang ... here" applause, I shouted. So the Gandos seller came to me. and sit in front of the house holding the sale.

Gantos cake seller was immediately seated on a small bench that he had prepared. It is very similar to the BEbeG seller, which I will share in the next edition, Insya Allah. Not a promise, yes, because if you promise later, you will get debt and be billed.

The Gandos seller stirs up the Gandos cake mixture which is still in the form of thick dough in a bucket. What Bucket? As I recall it was, the Gandos cake mixture which was still thick white was stirred in a bucket with a wooden stick. Sometimes I also use a long wood. Wow wood? Wow, I can't remember clearly anymore. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Sobs. One of the characteristics of Gandos or Bandros cakes is the content (contents) of young coconut. There are coconut fibers if we bite this cake

Once the Gandos cake mixture is put into a furnace or stove that has been shaped like a space segment or mold culverts (wow, it's hard for me to describe with words-red), then the cookie dough is closed. A few minutes later it opened, and the Gandos cake was ripe and ready to be "gouged". I still remember the father of Gandos seller who used a hook similar to Pirate Pirate's hands so to "gouge" the Gandos Cake. Once cooked put in a paper container and sprinkled with sugar. Huiaaaaaaaaaaaa I miss Nandos. Hiheiheiheiee

I do not know more clearly whether the Gandos cake that made melow and melancholy when I was a kid is still being haunted by people in the city of Pontianak? For those who do not know Pontianak, is the provincial capital of West Kalimantan. Well, I have never met Gandos Lesbian sellers like in the photos above are in the Mall or even in the Traditional Market in Pontianak. Maybe there is a Gandos seller but I don't know yet. (Asep Haryono)

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