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Bali is Beautiful indeed

SIMPLYASEP.COM What do you know about Bali? The island is very well known worldwide is more famous than the "parent" namely Indonesia. Everyone in Indonesia surely knows the island of the Gods or Bali. Yes, Bali island.

Hearing the word Island of the Gods or Bali, our memories must be floating to Jogger, Kuta Beach, Uluwatu, Sukowati Market complete with dances and also the charm of Caucasians there. Ah, your memory is indeed no different from what I have felt. It didn't feel like I had visited Bali for 8 times since 2007. What is the attraction for you to always want and want to visit the island of Bali? Or for those of you who have been to Bali, then what is the attraction of the island of Bali that you want to re-visit the island of Bali?

My tour to Bali started around 2007, and most of it is centered in Kuta. The first tourist attraction I visited when I first visited the island of Bali was, of course, the Bali Bombing Monument located in Kuta. Indeed, when I saw the Bali Bombing Monument in 2007, there were no more wreaths of mourning. It is clean all. Indeed, at that time I had seen some Caucasians who put garlands at the Bali Bombing Monument. The Bali Bombing incident did make Bali's tourism sink for a few moments, but then Bali again rose to achieve its goal again as a tourist locomotive in Indonesia.

Me at KRISNA Souvenir Shop
Me at KRISNA Souvenir Shop

Krisna, Cheap Souvenir Shop
But along with the development, I began to glance at the lyrics of other attractions in Kuta, Bali. My tour to Bali from 2007 to the next year then tried to see the center by the very famous city of Bali throughout Indonesia from JOGER to KRISNA. Well, let me try to tell a little about the cheap Ole Ole KRISNA Shop. Wow, it's really exciting, and it's not complete if you go to BALI Island without visiting Joger or KRISNA looking for souvenirs to bring home for your family. Wow, really interesting

KRISNA BALI was established for the first time on May 16, 2007 with its founder, Mr. Gusti Ngurah Anom, who is also the owner of COK KONFEKSI, one of the production centers of Bali T-shirts. Under the management of Cok Konfeksi began this so that in 2007 stood KRISNA BALI which is located at Jalan Nusa Indah No. 79 Denpasar-Bali.

Krisna Bali is now present in 3 other locations, namely on Jl. Nusa Kambangan and the other one is very easy to reach on Jl. Sunset Road, Legian and Jalan Raya Kuta (near the airport). If the location is on Jl. Nusa Kambangan, access to it is quite difficult because it is often jammed, the entrance is also not too big let alone use the bus.

Krisna Bali has a complete collection ranging from T-shirts complete with typical Balinese motifs, souvenirs, food, and so on. The location on Jalan Sunset Road makes Krisna Bali very easily accessible. Super spacious parking facilities, because as busy as anything, have never seen the parking lot. Compare it with Joger which has almost no parking facilities and often makes the area around it jam. Just a suggestion, Joger seems better when looking for a comfortable place like Krisna.

Other facilities owned by Krisna Bali are a comfortable shopping room, food court, refresh area, and others. Complete right? For those who are waiting for your wife or shopping buddies, you can spend time eating and drinking or sitting around relaxing. Yes, friend, if you need souvenirs from Bali, please take the driver to go to Krisna Bali. Basically, shopping by the cheap can go to Krisna that there are many choices, and another that all items sold are located on the 1st floor, because indeed the KRISNA building is only one-story alias not terraced level

Again in Bali? I would love to
Well there are many more attractions and centers by BALI that you deserve to visit if you stop by the island of Bali can be an alternative destination for you in Bali in addition to enjoying regional dances and high-value culture. Among them are Sukowati Market, JOGER JELEK BALI BAGUS, Uluwatu, and many others in Bali that you can explore. As for me, there is still no chance to see Uluwatu and other exotic areas in Bali even though I have stopped by 8 (eight) times. Haha. I also want to if there is a chance to stop by somewhere other than KUTA

Hotels that I have been stopping at on the island of Bali are indeed diverse types and modelsa. How come there are hotel models. I still stay in any hotel, it's just because it's determined by other people

Anyways, the road to BALI is really exciting, free alias without spending much money. Indeed, nothing is free if we trip to a tourist attraction. Starting from the cost of plane travel, , and also other local transportation expenses. Kalaw is indeed calculated to commute Pontianak - Bali for accommodation, local transportation, which can reach 7 (seven) million more. You don't need to use Garuda Indonesia like

I would love to visit Bali again.

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