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Android as an Internet Modem

SIMPLYASEP.COM One of my completeness when traveling or traveling out of town is to bring the complete "combat" of blogging in the form of a set of internet-based telecommunications devices such as Android, laptops, chargers, 2 backup modems, mice, TRI cards and stationery.

As a young Travel Blogger or beginner, the completeness of this communication is very important because with this device I can connect with the world where and whenever needed.

As a manifestation of a Citizen Journalist or citizen journalist, it is my pleasure to share information with the public for a better change. Even when I go to the Lebaran homecoming in a village in Nanggulan sub-district, Kulon Progo, Jogjakarta, I always bring this sophisticated communication equipment.

Android as an Internet Modem
Android as an Internet Modem

Unstable Network
Kembang Pundak IV Village, Nanggulan Subdistrict, Kulon Progo, Jogjakarta, where my family and base camp during the Eid homecoming are real areas (at a glance) not very "rural" very much. Various standard urban facilities already exist in this densely populated village. Irung Petruk Bridge, which used to be 'winding', is now getting better with the construction of the "Summarecon" bridge on it.

Various ATMs exist at the border or Simpang sub-district, affected retailers such as Indomaret, Alfamart, and the traditional markets of Dekso and Wates are also available. Maybe entertainment facilities that are almost minimalist if you don't want to say none at all.

Indeed, access to information through the media of view of hearing such as television does exist. Satellite TV or cable TV many already have it. For just internett it is enough to use HP or Android. Information and entertainment can be independent

Even so, many people's entertainment facilities such as the Cinema Building are still needed by many people as one of the popular and cheap entertainment facilities. Too bad the Cinema Building is not in the Kembang Pundak IV Nanggulan village, Kulon Progo.

To access the internet through an Android device many obstacles that I experienced. Access to an unstable TRI card for disconnected connections always happens every minute or every time. It takes time to change the status of no internet service, then connect, then connect and finally disconnect again because there is no coverage area. Tired of.

Likewise with the laptop that I used to carry everywhere to connect to the internet, I also experienced a lot of network problems while setting foot on this Jewel of Java Kulon Progo. Starting from the US card, TRI Card and Simpati Card do not work well on the modem that I use for internet access on my laptop. For SIMPATI cards, CDMA-Telkomsel status is visible, but when it is connected it does not work. The tragic thing is that the TRI card doesn't connect at all. If on Android my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is normal, but why not connect when using a modem with the same card?

Android as a Modem
Finally, I tried to ask the group Angkring, one of the groups where I was one of the members. Even though the majority of these groups use Javanese, I do not understand the language, are enthusiastic and are well received. It was from this group of friends that I got a brief explanation that the android device that I used could be used as a "modem" for internet connections or emitting Hotspot or WIFI signals. Waa how come I did not think that far huh

The settings are very easy. For the Android model that I currently use, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, just go to the settings, then select Tethering and Mobile Hotspot then select Mobile Hotspot again. Now friends can also set their own password or security key by selecting the Configure Mobile Hotspot menu.

Incidentally, the Android that I use is Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (which is in June 2016) after 12 months of installments. Hehhee Credit confusion. Now how to make this Android into a modem to be used alone or also used to emit WIFI or Hotspot to be together. Sodaqah too right. The reward, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

  • Select Settings, or for those who use Indonesian choose "Settings".
  • Select "Tethering And Mobile Hotspot"
  • Select "Mobile Hotspot" center-right there
  • Done

Now all you have to do is fill in the Network SSD, whatever name you want. For example "Shoulder-IV", then the default security is WPA2PSK leave it alone, now in the Password section then fill in your own best friend's password, Free only clear minimal must have at least 8 (eight) characters, then just save or save.

You can also set OPEN so that WIFI access can be accessed by everyone, but for this one is not recommended. Now by making Android an Internet Modem, I hope I will not experience blogging constraints anywhere else in Indonesia. (Asep Haryono)

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