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Wonderful Experiences at ASTON PONTIANAK HOTEL

Alhamdulillah, it came to heart when my family finally had the opportunity to feel the beauty of Ramadan at ASTON Pontianak Hotel, located on Jalan Gajah Mada number 21 Pontianak

Our family got an invitation to honor from Ms. Juanita Putri M. Asst. Aston Pontianak Director of Sales Marketing to stay at the Hotel on July 5, 2015. It has been a long time. But the memories are always beautiful to be recalled. It was encouraging for us and our family that day we had the opportunity to attend the Nuzullul Quran at the Mujahiddin Grand Mosque in the evening. It was truly a Ramadhan experience while enjoying the beautiful city of Pontianak at night and it was all because we stayed at ASTON Pontianak. The following are excerpts of my family's experience

Magnificent Bathed in Light

My family riding 2 motorbikes (I'm with Abbie on a Honda motorbike, and my wife with Tazkia daughter with Motor Mio-ed) arrived at the Lobby of ASTON Pontianak Hotel, the interior of which invites the admiration of my wife and children

As information, my family rarely had the opportunity to stay at a 4-star hotel like this Pontianak ASTON Hotel. I myself had enough "sour salt" to stay in various five-star hotels, mostly in Kuta / Denpasar, when I was still active "working" at KangGuru Indonesia, based in Denpasar, Bali, during the 2001-2005 period ago. Our family arrived at the lobby of the ASTON Pontianak Hotel at exactly 12.00 WIB.

We did carry a cellphone with a camera and had taken dozens of photos in it. Too bad the picture quality is not sharp. Certainly will also be included in this review as evidence (evidence) we did stay at this cool ASTON Pontianak Hotel.

However, due to review considerations, I was "forced" to use some photos from the official ASTON PONTIANAK website for a few corners of the room. We also have our own shots for the corners of the room, but the results are less satisfactory. So in substance, our shots take many of the same angles, it's just that the quality of our photos is abal, different from the snapshots of awesome and professional ASTON PONTIANAK

Bagian sisi samping ASTON PONTIANAK Hotel nan megah  Foto Asep Haryono
Side photo of ASTON PONTIANAK A magnificent hotel. Photo of Asep Haryono

Ruang interior ASTON PONTIANAK Hotel nan megah cetar cetar.  Foto ASTON PONTIANAK
ASTON PONTIANAK's interior space is a magnificent hotel bathed in light. We arrived here at exactly 12.00 WIB at noon, Photo of ASTON PONTIANAK

Extraordinary Deluxe Room
Because I have often stayed at hotels in the areas of Kuta, Sanur and Denpasar, for a moment our family entered the Deluxe Room that was provided that my view immediately impressed with the interior design in this cool Deluxe Room bangeds. My wife is very fond of the painting above the bed room. Whether it's a painting or drawing, but it is abstract but cool.

When my children (Abbie 7 yr and her younger sister Tazkia Putri 4 yr) tweet happily in a soft bed room covered with white base linen, I immediately observe the facilities in the bathroom in this Deluxe Room. The first thing I checked was the bathroom (Bathroom) which was banged. I am feeling very satisfied and comfortable with that stuff. There is even tel in it. Awesome

Hot and cold water regulation in the Bathroom works perfectly. I, who really love to bathe in warm water, can enjoy it as well as my two children, who from their infancy like warm bath water. At home, we always mix water from the PDAM with cooking water so that it is warm. Everything has been presented in this Deluxe ASTON Pontianak Room. My plus points are for ASTON Pontianak. For us children are the main thing

Inilah DELUXE ROOM yang kami tempati hari itu, kapasitas double bed dengan interior yang mengagumkan.  Kami senang.  Foto Aston Pontianak
This is the DELUXE ROOM that we occupied that day. Awesome interior. We are pleased. We have photos with the same angles as these Pontianak ASTON shots, but the color quality of our camera is bad. So, let's borrow from Aston Pontianak. Borrow yes HHihiehiheie. Aston Pontianak Photo
Flat-screen TV ini menyajikan banyak saluran dalam dan luar negeri.  Terdapat 29 channel yang bisa dipilih sesuai selera anda.  Foto Asep Haryono
This flat-screen TV presents many domestic and foreign channels. There are 29 cable TV channels that can be chosen according to your taste. Photo of Asep Haryono
Tea/Coffee Maker
Tea / Coffee Maker that has been presented and is ready to use. The stirrer is unique. I like warm tea. How about you? Do you like tea too? Photo of Asep Haryono

Wastafel di dalam kamar mandi Deluxe Room ASTON Pontianak Hotel
The sink in the bathroom of the Deluxe Room ASTON Pontianak Hotel is made of transparent glass. I usually see many who use porcelain and cement. This is unique and different. I like unique and different things here. Photos of Asep Haryono

inilah Meja Kerja di sudut Deluxe Room ASTON Pontianak Hotel yang membuat saya jatuh hati
WORK DESK: Well this is the Work Desk in the corner of the Deluxe Room ASTON Pontianak Hotel that makes me fall in love. I like the corner of the room with the light and comfortable for working. Moreover, I'm a blogger. At the hotel I keep blogging. Photo of Asep Haryono

My two children, Abbie (Left, 7 years) and her younger sister Tazkia Putri (Right, 4 years) love to play in bed. "soft," they said. Photo of Asep Haryono

Well, have you seen the photos above?

People say that photos are far more "telling" than a series of sentences.

Air Conditioning (AC)
I like the cool room at night. This is not in line with the wishes of my children who like a room without air conditioning. For me there is no problem. I can adjust. Be our room that night filled with warmth. Hehiheie

Work Desk:
Well, I am a hobby of writing very happy with the work desk (work desk) in the Deluxe Room ASTON Pontianak. Plugs for my laptop charger that fits and more importantly is the WIFI network connection (internet) whose speed is amazing. I easily surf in cyberspace comfortably.

Bathroom Amenities:

Yes. Two thumbs up for me. The facilities in the Deluxe Room bathroom are complete and very spoil my family. A fragrant towel made from fine, cool and hot, cool, clean toilet, and shower that works perfectly. We like everything.

Flat-screen TV: With Cable TV channels that present 29 domestic and foreign channels. Please choose according to your interests. My children love the Cartoon Network, I like National Geography and CNN, while my wife likes the Culinary program. Lay wide. Very satisfied. Trust me

Tea / Coffee Maker: Already available. Want to drink hot tea, or coffee can with Tea and Coffee maker equipment that is already available. If you want a creamer, it's already there. If it's not enough, please request with management or cool designation Upon Request

One other small note that we should not miss for our value is the availability of slippers in the room (slippers). There are a pair of slippers with slippers ASTON PONTIANAK logo available in this Deluxe Room. Those of us who were wearing shoes and didn't bring our own sandals were helped by the simple but important facilities for us.

To walk outside for a moment to pick up free newspapers in certain corners in the hotel hallway, there is no need to wear shoes anymore. Enough with sandals. It's just that our input is the need for Slippers (Sendal) for children's size. That's all the input for the Management of Pontianak ASTON Hotel to be considered for guests who stay.

For Sahur Eating (Because when we stayed at ASTON Pontianak still in the atmosphere of the Holy Month of Ramadan day 17-ed) starting at 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning. The Sahur Dining menu is provided at COFFEE SHOP "Majesty" which is no less amazing. To get to this Coffee Shop, we went down using a space capsule elevator. Cool? Bangedssssss

banner satisfaction to ASTON PONTIANAK

Duduk sejenak dan berfoto di sisi ASTON PONTIANAK dengan kolam nya yang jernih. Disebelah kiri itu Abbie, anak saya.  Foto Rudi Maryati
Duduk sejenak dan berfoto di sisi ASTON PONTIANAK saat check out pagi harinya dengan kolam nya yang jernih. Disebelah kiri itu Abbie, anak saya.  Foto Rudi Maryati

Abbie dan adiknya senang sekali turun naik dengan menggunakan Lift berbentuk seperti kapsul angkasa ini.  Asyikk nail lift katanya. Foto Asep Haryono

Koran kami, Pontinak Post, disajikan untuk para tamu yang menginap di ASTON PONTIANAK HOTEL ini.   Complimentary.  Terima Kasih ASTON PONTIANAK.  Semoga koran kami selalu menjadi bacaan yang mengasyikkan dan mencerdaskan bagi tamu tamu di sini.  Foto Rudi Maryati

Various choices of Sahur Dining choices are tantalizing and inviting tastes. Starting from sajiana various fruits (melons, watermelons, and pineapple) as a dessert, main course, chicken porridge (Chicken Porridge) that wowww, yummy wafles to a wide selection of fresh watermelon drinks, orange juice and honey.

Wow, eating perfect alias. it's really fun. Excellent service. I recommend for domestic and foreign tourists visiting Pontianak to stay at the ASTON PONTIANAK Hotel, a modern 4 stars hotel located in the heart of Pontianak.

Very easily reached to various corners in the city of Pontianak. Close to shopping malls and the airport. Thank you ASTON Pontianak Hotel. Thank you for your excellent service. Hope to back again someday God willing (Asep Haryono).

ASTON PONTIANAKGajah Mada Street, Gajah Mada 21 Pontianak 78121
West Kalimantan - Indonesia

t : +62 561 761 118
f : +62 561 738 768
e : info@astonpontianak.com
w : www.AstonPontianak.com

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