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Vietnamese Drip Coffee at Pontianak's Red Zone Cafe Pontianak

SIMPLYASEP.COM  The rise of the coverage of Vietnam Cyanide Coffee which had boomed in the country a few years ago had made me not understand what this Vietnam Coffee is. But finally, the turmoil, the sense of marketing and my disagreement about Vietnamese Coffee have finally been answered.

Alhamdulillah, last January 30, 2017, I finally enjoyed this Vietnam Drip Coffee. But not just Vietnam Drip Coffee, there are a lot of tempting culinary in Pontianak RedZone Cafe in Ahmad Yani Pontianak street numbers. What is this Vietnamese Drip Coffee sensation like? What exotic and fun menus have I tasted at the Pontianak RedZone Cafe? Let's see the story here.

Vietnamese Drip Coffee at Pontianak's Red Zone Cafe Pontianak

Vietnamese Drip Coffee at Pontianak's Red Zone Cafe Pontianak

Its me ready to drink Vietnamese Drip Coffee at Pontianak's Red Zone Cafe Pontianak

Vietnamese Drip Coffee: Taste that is as graceful as it looks

Actually, if you want to be honest, I am among those who are less fond of coffee (read: Not a coffee lover). But don't complain about first. What I want to set right here is a type of coffee that I don't like.

The coffee grounds served like lapindo mud in the glass are the characteristics of the brewed coffee that I know so far. On my tongue, whatever coffee is mixed with sweetened condensed milk (either chocolate or white) - it's still comfortable.

But this Vietnam Drip Coffee really gives the sensation of drinking coffee that is different from the coffee that I have drunk before. Starting from the fittings from Vietnam Drip Coffee, which is interesting for me to try to discuss a little. What are the tools to mix this Vietnamese drip coffee?

Simple that I saw that night. Once the waiter presented the Vietnam Drip Coffee that stretched out in front of my seat, it was clear that the tools had already been embedded with the coffee.

I see a top filter, a bottom filter, and a lid. I am a layman who does not know how much water and the amount of coffee powder used.

I also do not know why it was suddenly served like this. The coffee is full and the coffee grounds are neatly separated. My guess is that this coffee was prepared a few hours before it was served to the author.

Once I received the Vietnam Drip I saw that there was condensed milk at the bottom of the coffee, and it was white sweetened condensed milk. The question arises why you should use sweetened condensed milk? Is condensed milk just to get rid of the bitter taste of the Vietnamese coffee?

Oh yeah, there was a little accident. It is indeed my first time sipping this Vietnamese Drip Coffee, right, as I mentioned at the beginning of this simple paper. Now when the Vietnamese Drip Coffee is served by Pontianak RedZone Cafe waiter, I see the top filter containing coffee grounds.

At that time, I did not know that it was in the form of "garbage" or Vietnamese Drip coffee grounds, so I thought that was the coffee. So I took the "coffee" with a small spoon in the end and mixed it in the coffee and twisted it. Hahaha it turns out that what I put into it is the dregs that I thought were coffee. Shhh, just stay quiet.

Using Sweetened Condensed Milk

On the Otten Coffee Magazine website, it is mentioned that the use of sweetened condensed milk is a "recipe" for generations.

In his time, wrote on the website, the country of Viet Nam at that time was experiencing food difficulties for its people including the scarcity of finding fresh milk, and the Viet Nam people finally chose sweetened condensed milk as a mixture of drinking coffee. The tradition of drinking coffee with a mixture of sweetened condensed milk has remained until now.

I drank slowly this Vietnamese Drip Coffee while enjoying the aroma of coffee and the sensation of sweetened condensed milk combined with a delicious caramel sensation in every small sip of this Vietnamese drip coffee.

So creamy and delicious the taste of this Vietnamese Drip Coffee tastes pity to be swallowed a lot (Read: Drink thirsty). It's delicious. Now for all friends who happen to visit Pontianak, just come to the Redzone Cafe which is located in the West Kalimantan State Museum complex. (Asep Haryono)

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