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UPDATE COVID-19 cases in Indonesia : Death Toll : 191

Event after event related to COVID-19 continues to emerge. This is in line with the continued increase in the number of people who are indicated or positively confirmed by the virus that attacks the respiratory system. Update: 4 April 2020 at 15:45 WIB: a total of 2,092 people were infected, 191 died and 150 were declared healthy. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Johns Hopkins. Created with Datawrapper confirm the report

On Saturday (4/4/2020), a family in Cianjur regency indicated positive of COVID-19 after going home from Jakarta, while in Subang, the residents of the village office asked for compensation funds due to the virus. Whatever happened in West Java today, following his review:

A family in Karangtengah Subdistrict Cianjur indicated positive COVID-19 based on the results of a rapid test. The Jakarta-based family suspected of being exposed to the Coronavirus consisted of a mother and her two children.

A spokesman for the COVID-19 Information and Coordination Center of Cianjur Regency, Yusman Faisal, explained that the family came to Cianjur a week ago after the head of his family died due to a chronic illness. A few days in Cianjur precisely in one of the housing complexes in Karangtengah District, the mother began to show symptoms of cough

Photo: Infographics team detikcom

Photo: Infographics team detikcom

While in Bali, Corona positive patients (COVID-19) in Bali increased by 5 people. A total of 5 additional new patients are Indonesian citizens (WNI) from Bali.

"I can inform you as follows: first today there are 8 additional patients under surveillance (PDP) compared to yesterday so that the accumulative number per day 183 people out of 183 have taken swab samples for lab tests that have come out today 129 negative than 32

"People stated positive means that today there are an additional 5 people who are Indonesian citizens from Bali," Bali Regional Secretary (Sekda) Dewa Made Indra told reporters at a press conference on Saturday (4/4/2020).

New Corona Data in West Java: 247 Positive COVID-19,
The number of West Javanese residents confirmed by COVID-19 continues to crawl. page displays until Saturday (4/4/2020) at 21.00 WIB, as many as 247 people were infected with the corona virus, this number increased by 22 people from 225 people the day before.

Meanwhile, the number of people being monitored (ODP) in West Java exceeded 20,712, a drastic increase from 16,392 ODP. Where 16,150 of them are still undergoing monitoring period, the rest are finished.

The number of patients under surveillance (PDP) also increased to 1,354 from the previous number, 1,205 PDP. 936 of them are still undergoing the supervision process.

In a lapse of three days, three people died with a positive statement of COVID-19, that number increased the number of death cases to 28 people. Even so, the number of people recovering from the virus has grown to 12, while nationally the number of people who have recovered is 150.

The Head of the West Java Health Office, Berlin Hamdani, ensures that the management of bodies is not only concerned with religious, cultural and social ethics, but also through strict technical health procedures. "All body holes are covered with absorbent gauze and plastered waterproof. Officers must ensure that the bodies are clean and dry," he said.

Officers who deliver are also equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE). "All procedures are made to respect the bodies, family bodies, and protect themselves and the environment from the transmission," he said.  (yum / ern)


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