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Treating the Desire to Work at the Company

SIMPLYASEP.COM When I decided to resign (resign) from one of the largest newspaper print media companies in Pontianak (West Kalimantan) since last March 2016. For 13 (thirteen years) I have dedicated myself to working as an employee or an employee of the company. People say "safe zone" because it has a permanent job and of course with a fixed income (salary) anyway.

After that time, I went into the health water business that I had worked on a year before I resigned. I just run this business at home assisted by my wife so we are indeed a compact team. My wife who does have a longer level of knowledge and experience provides much enlightenment as well as motivation for me.

Maybe because it is used to working in a company, where the time for 13 years as a private employee in a company cannot be eliminated or forgotten or even just ignored.

Although there are differences that are far adrift between working in the company as employees (employees) remain with an independent business or entrepreneur for example a matter of time and freedom of creativity.

But salary is not one of the reasons why I decided to resign at the peak of my career at that time. However, there are some signs that I cannot violate in this article in the sense that things that are too personal (personal) cannot be shared here other than those that are general or general in nature. This concerns the privacy of someone who is protected.

The longing to return to the "safe zone" in the sense of returning busy with routine activities comes to the office with all the socialization with other employees and piles of workload, and in return for a fixed wage every month. The desire to return to the office world often teases me.

And finally, this desire in the heart as heard by Allah SWT. That day after I established the Dhluha Prayer at the Mosque, shortly after sending the children to school, I was called by a colleague of mine who was already a businessman, my friend from the same office.

In short, my colleague asked me to be "helped" to manage his company's website. In other words, I was "proposed" by a company owned by my former colleague. That happened at the beginning of November 2017.

MEMORIES: This is a photo of me as an employee at the Pontianak Post several years ago. IST photo
MEMORIES: This is a photo of me as an employee at the Pontianak Post several years ago. IST photo

Its me now in 2020

The Boss is my friend at the Office
As I mentioned above, coincidentally the leader or boss of the company where I joined now is my colleague or colleague in the same company. It's just that I was working as one of the admin staff or website portal manager and concurrently an editorial assistant, with the "boss" working in the graphic design and concurrently layouter. Be a kind of "reunion".

It's just that my current "boss" has been going back and forth from leaving the company because managing his printing business is increasingly growing rapidly, and I quit a few years later. And thank God, when this article aired on my personal blog, it has entered the 5th month (5). I hold the status of a permanent employee (employee) in a printing company owned by my former colleague.

A brief profile of the company my colleague used to work in was three core businesses namely printing, photocopying and wedding organizer which he had been doing since twenty years ago in accordance with his narrative when my "boss" was in the middle of the celebration in the context of Umrah's departure to the Holy Land of Mecca at the beginning last January 2018 if I did not count it correctly.

My business remains in the health water that I have been in for two years before I decided to resign last March 2016, as well as my other busy activities that cannot be bargained, which are taking and picking up children from their schools. sama-red), and "boss" I know that.

So I work as an employee or company employee is only allowed for 3 (three) hours only and the rest is when I pursue the health water business, and family matters. Thus there is a win-win solution regarding my working hours as an employee or employee.

It's 180 degrees difference when I'm full as an employee at a media company that works for 8 hours nonstop from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. WIB. So far I feel happy, and that too I express my gratitude and thanks to Alah SWT, (Asep Haryono)

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