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Specifications and Selling Price of the Sennheiser Pxc 550 Headset

Consciously or not, music can affect the level of happiness at a certain time through the music you listen to. Especially if the music is you with the best audio quality. You can conclude this when using a PXC 550 model headset from Sennheiser.

Even so, not everything that the headset has is positive, but there is a negative record of the selling price of the Sennheiser Pxc 550 headset, which is priced at Rp 6.5 million. The following is a review of the specifications of the Sennheiser PXC 550.


1. Design
One of the things that is liked about the PXC 550 in addition to the sophistication of its features is the best design and material. Is a very reasonable offer with the selling price of the Sennheiser Pxc 550dandanderol headset quite high. Targeting the market among business travelers who travel frequently, the PXC 550 headset provides a simple yet elegant look. Dominated by black and silver accents slightly in some parts.

In addition, the headband is equipped with a thick enough cushion and coated by synthetic leather. At the earcup it is provided with pads that are composed of the same material. In addition, a size large enough to cover all parts of the ear is very comfortable when used and these pads can help isolate sound.

Designed for those of you who travel a lot, you can easily fold the PXC 550 and put it in a case. By folding and also turning the earcup can also function for power off. This really helps you to avoid the possibility of forgetting to turn off the headset after use. Meanwhile, to turn it back on, you just need to unfold it, and there are no buttons you have to press.

2. The audio quality is quite good, comfortable to wear
The selling price of the Sennheiser Pxc 550 is quite high, relying on drivers for data presenting voice between frequencies from 17 to 23,000 Hz. This headset has a wireless connection with carrying Bluetooth 4.2 with power saving. Besides that, there is also NFC to simplify your pairing process and a microphone for you to answer the phone.
Even though it's not at the audiophile level, the audio quality is quite good. Has a balanced composition between mid, bass and high. Songs with dominant bass, you can enjoy a very kicking beat and also powerful, but not excessive, with a soundstage that includes good.

3. Audio Quality and Performance
With the manual available, operating the PXC 550 actually becomes easier. Activating this item, you can play earcup and move the bluetooth button in the standby position, but the location of the bluetooth button on the headset is rather difficult), there can also be paired to bluetooth in other devices, to play your favorite songs.

However, when trying for the first time, these headphones will be quite difficult to pair, via Bluetooth or NFC. The screen often shows that the headset is refusing connections. The audio quality of the PXC 550 is also helped by noise canceling which can filter out noise quite well. This does not apply if only playing music, but also when used for calling. Although there is quite a lot of filtered noise, the PXC 550 also does not completely reduce the noise.

On the other hand, it can help when used for activities in public spaces, such as the commuter line, noise canceling will not prevent you from hearing the announcement from the driver if the volume you set is not at the maximum level.

Although the selling price of the Sennheiser Pxc 550 headset is quite high, the headset is pretty much in demand by many people. You can check out the Latest Headset List at, one of the online stores that sell accessories.

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