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Post Mail Will Last Forever

SIMPLYASEP.COM Every June 10 every year has been designated as Social Media Day by the government of the Republic of Indonesia. Now in this day and age, almost everyone has their favorite social media accounts. Let alone you or an adult, children are already infatuated with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.

The various Social Media accounts are very easy to access by anyone and do not require complicated requirements such as making a resident identification card, extending a passport or like making a Certificate from the Police for completing a job application. Only by having an Email and Mobile number that has been registered on KOMINFO, you can already have one or even more social media accounts that you like.

Did you know that in an era when the Internet was not yet booming, maybe in the era of 2000-2001 if I remember correctly? Those years have indeed entered the technology of Handheld telephones or cellular telephone. I still remember some of my friends who already had cellphones in those years. At that time I worked part-time job at an Internet cafe owned by one of the leading campuses in the city of Pontianak. I have published a part of this story on this blog page as well

Well, my writing this time discusses a little about Snail Mail or we are familiar with Correspondence. Well, of course, many of us have already sent letters to friends, or to parents of course not? Or have you ever received a letter from a friend or a friend from out of town? Well, that's what I want to talk about a little bit, namely correspondence or postal letters.

AUSTRALIA: Postcard from one of Australia's pen pals, Dave Fisher, who sent a CD of his song songs to me, Photo of Dok Asep Haryono
AUSTRALIA: Postcard from one of Australia's pen pals, Dave Fisher, who sent a CD of his song songs to me, Photo of Dok Asep Haryono

Post Mail Will Last Forever
In this day and age, we are certainly very familiar with the name SUREL or Electronic Mail. In English, it is known as E-mail which is an extension of Electronic Mail. Now, this Electronic Mail is based on the Internet network. Namely by using Internet media as an engine to send messages from one host to another host. Technical yes

Now in the era of 2000-2001 when I worked at Internet Cafes, the communication is known for chatting (chat rooms) was MIRC Dalnet, MIG 33, Yahoo Messenger, and many more. It's just specifically for Yahoo Messenger or abbreviated YM is still relevant today, the era of 2018s. Unlike MIRC (Microsoft Internet Relay Chat), which seems to have begun to be abandoned by users. I do not know the current development of whether MIRC is still used by people. Please correct me, and give me the latest news.

Correspondence with stamps (Stamp) is still very popular at that time. Even the National Movement of correspondence was always staying by the Ministry of Post and Giro at that time by holding/holding events themed correspondence events such as International Letter Writing Week, and Post and Giro issued special stamps and covers to enliven the international event which was held every October. Maybe now the event no longer exists. It's been stopped maybe. There used to be true.

Correspondence using boom stamps in Indonesia has been a long time. Even when I was in high school in 1989, correspondence was still very important. All young and old people who are active and like to send correspondence to families and friends. Likewise with Irie Fitrie, sending Lebaran Cards to distant relatives is also very encouraging, and very much in demand.

It was so noisy the correspondence (the letter) at that time until people began to like collecting Stamps they received. Become him as a philatelist. In the city of Pontianak, there was also a Philatelic Fan community which at that time I was present at the launch of its community which was centered at the Post Office and the Giro Besar I Pontianak. I still remember the chairman at that time, Ms. Endah Janiawati. now Mrs. Endah (her nickname) as HRD Manager Pontianak Daily Post until now

Myself in 1989 was very fond of a correspondence using stamps. I was very happy to correspond, to the point that several foreign embassy offices such as Australia, the United States, Canada, Germany, and many others. I did not escape sending letters with the intention of getting a tourist brochure or handbook about that country. It would be nice if my letter was replied to, and the brochure or Handbook package arrived wow it was fun not playing.

From Books to Brochures
Indeed, not all the postal letters I sent to various foreign embassies (: Overseas) in Jakarta responded to them, but there were also some who even sent me many times like subscribing. Hiheiheiee.

It is fun if the letter is returned incomplete with the introduction, even the letter that I sent to President Soeharto (deceased) was answered by sending it to me in the form of 1 (one) photo of him and his family, as well as other greeting cards. Too bad the photo of the late Suharto family was not accompanied by his original signature. It's a pity that the letter and the photo of Alm Suharto that I have kept in poor condition, there are some parts that are blurred like being hit by water.

What else can I get? Yes, from the Embassy of Chile in Jakarta, I also responded to my letter in the form of 1 (one) Book about the tourism of the State and Nation of Chile complete with a letter of introduction signed directly by the secretary of the embassy, ​​Patricio Utreras. Yes, I still remember the name, even though their reply letter no longer exists (myelin somewhere). One thing that is unique is the signature of the secretary I made as my signature inspiration until now. What is clear is that Patricio Utreras's signature is very unique and very captivating to my heart.

Then the reply letter came from the USIS (United States Information Service) or the US Embassy Information Service located on Jalan Medan Merdeka Jakarta, I also received it in the form of a leaflet or brochure about the institution and also a small pocketbook, but there was no introduction at all. Then there was also a reply from the Swiss Embassy in the form of a book about Switzerland complete with posters that were guided once so it was rather troublesome when I posted them on the wall of my room during the high school era of the 89s.

So what about the correspondence to Pena's friends?  don't ask. The correspondence I received from various pen pals was in one cupboard, so I received so many. All of them are complete with salty stamps attached to each letter. Even then I had an acquaintance with Australian foreigners, also from this hobby of correspondence as well. One of my pen pals named Dave Fisher, who was last recorded as having his address at 52 Kevin Ave, Rntree Gully, Victoria 3156, Australia, is a musician.

He writes songs about Bali. He sent a CD of the song to me. Shipped directly from Australia. The post was addressed to my office. Post Package The contents of this song CD were received around 2004 also I have included the cover photo of the letter above. Please scroll up. He once said in one of his letters that I would treat me a cup of coffee when I met him in Bali. One day, I will ask for his promise to me.

Get Free Stamps
One thing that became my notes during the "career" correspondence or hobby of correspondence from 1989 was the use of random English messy bin messy which I have been using since I was in high school at that time. i I do not know many languages ​​correspondence in English (English letter writing) but just desperate. Correct or just wrong ignorant important send, send, send. Once a reply has been received and got a booklet alone get an introduction, it was fun not playing.

There is also a unique hobby of correspondence until I was in college in Pontianak (West Kalimantan) in the 1990s. In fact, I was so fond of this hobby that I had to rent a post office box at the Giro Post Office of the Tanjungpura University Campus (UNTAN) branch, P.O.Box 6247 Pontianak. I still memorized it because I rented it for more than 5 years with the monthly rental fee was very cheap at that time only 1000 rupiah, if not wrong.

What are the benefits of renting a post office box at the Post Office? One of the benefits is that the letter that comes and is sent to me will be put in the post office box. So even if I moved my boarding address at that time, I am calm because of all the mail, money order, or postal items I always take in my mailbox at the post office.

So, are you interested in renting a post office box? Just contact the PT.POS and Giro offices in their respective cities, fill out the form and enjoy using it. Now for fans of correspondence (Correspondence), the use of POS boxes is powerful enough to receive letters or postal items for us even though we have changed address.

For Post Mail, of course, you can enter the POS box. I just open (unlock) the post box and check whether there is a letter for me or not. What about the big packages? Of course, it won't fit in a small post office box. Yes, clearly not included.

Especially for Besuaar Postage parcels, there is only a summons sent by the clerk in my post office box. Now take the summons that looks like white paper the size of a postcard, then take the package, yes at the Post Office manually, that's the story. Now want to rent a rich post office box?

I have experience when I checked in the post office box I found a small piece of paper with a foreign Post Office, and as soon as I reported the discovery to the post office, I finally got the news that the paper was paper that could be exchanged for a number of free stamps. Hooreeeeeee got free stamps. Finally, I got a couple of free stamps worth a fair amount that I could use to send letters to my heart's content for 1-month

Still Attracts People
When I went to college (Era 1990-1998) the name Wesel Post was common to students. Some of my class students used to get a transfer from Bank Transfer or send money from parents through a bank account or transfer. There were still many of us, local students, at that time more comfortable using the Wesel Post. So once the post uncle passed by the front of the house (formerly the Post Pak was called), all the occupants of the boarding house came scattering to meet the post uncle.

Now POS Wesel, which is one of PT Pos Indonesia's products, is still in demand and in the hearts of the people. Now with the increasingly modern and sophisticated products of PT Pos and Giro, the Indonesian people can now use them according to their individual needs and desires. In the past I only knew POS POST, it turns out that in the modern era, there are many PT POS and GIRO facilities that can be utilized by people throughout Indonesia. Like Express Mail Services (EMS), Post Packages, Express Post, Special Express Post, Letters Ordinary Post and many more.

Specifically for WESEL POS itself, there is now a WESEL POS subscription or Instant Money Order available. If you get regular mail orders every month, specify the date, and can be consulted to the Post and Giro in each city. For example, every 5th of every month, then you can receive POST DEMANDS every 5 th of this year called Subscription Wesel Post, easy and practical right ?.

So it is with Instant Money Orders. Once the money is sent via Instant Mail, then friends will receive KU (Money Transfer number), now send the money transfer number via SMS or telephone to the person who will receive it. And the recipient will take the money by only showing the money transfer number and proof of valid ID card.

It's fun isn't it? Even today various government and private agencies and agencies still use the services of PT. POS and GIRO in sending their official letters. Well there are still many enthusiasts of PT POS and GIRO, right?

Don't ask about Western Union, because I have experience withdrawing remittances from Google Adsense twice through Western Union at the Pontianak Post office. This is indeed proven.

Enough to include the Remittance Number from the sender's Western Union and proof of KTP only the money can be taken without any deductions. Very interesting is not it. Personally, I will always continue to use Post Mail for my various purposes such as sending book packages, sending Lebaran Cards to Parents, and so on.

Although now there is an era of information technology that greatly facilitates us such as Electronic Mail or E-mail and short messages or Short Message Services (SMS) from mobile phones will not be able to shift the role of PT POS and GIRO Indonesia in providing their best services to the wider community to remote areas throughout Indonesia. POS and GIRO will always be in the hearts of the Indonesian people forever. (Asep Haryono)

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