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Longing For Malaysia

Hi again with me, Asep Haryono, a blogger from Indonesia. Well, I have told you some stories about traveling to Malaysia before, and I have told you some simple tips when traveling to the country.

I just cannot close my eyes to the fact that visiting Malaysia which I have been conducted for the last November 16-17, 2009 will not be forgotten.

The sweetest memories were with me and bear in my mind which I am always memorizing any time. Having met with wonderful youth from the South East Asia countries during Youth Engagement Summit (YES) 16th t0 17th November 2009 has given me so much wonderful experiences, knowledge, new business contact, and friendship at the same time.

Giant Tower I have seen this. Petronas Twin Towers in Sepang KLCC. I wish I could reach the top of the Tower. Photo by Asep Haryono
Giant Tower I have seen this. Petronas Twin Towers in Sepang KLCC. I wish I could reach the top of the Tower. Photo by Asep Haryono

Time really goes by, and it is really pleasing for me to tell some stories again about visiting Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia during my visit to the country last 2009. There are lots of things, not only exploring the city, but the most important is I got something new especially in the field of business contact, friendship, and also the opportunity to develop in the future.

The first thing that I would share is about Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang. During my visit to Malaysia last November 2009, I was so lucky to be able to see this one of the largest international airports in South East Asia and they are also famous for their awesome and outstanding facilities inside the airport.

It is quite difficult to find out the limited area of this Sepang Airport due to I did not have many opportunities at the time landing at the Sepang The airport in November 16th, 2009. I have heard that there were two major terminals, lost-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) and also KL City Air Terminal. Both of them very confusing me though. This can be understood due to my very first visit to Malaysia.

Begambar sekejap. Oops. Take a photo in the Sepang Airport.
The photo was taken in November 16h, 2009 by someone

You can watch the short Video too :))
Take a look at this ya. It's simple and funny for me :P

When you were here in Sepang Airport, you must be patient in the queue for checking your airline ticket, and I think you should be. It is a good idea for you, the traveler, to go to the airport one hour earlier from the time of departure. This simple tip is very useful to avoid the possible traffic jam you might find on the street. Malaysia is a great country, and I was lucky to see Kuala Lumpur in a very close range.

The Sepang International Airport also recognized as the main gate or the main airport all across Malaysia and located in the area of the Selangor District.

I have never been actually in the city of Selangor. I was so lucky though when some of the officials of the committee of the YES 2009 conference guide me and some other Indonesian team in the airport.

And also some Indonesian delegates should use Monorail or subway to enter the airport, and we did it. Not more than 10 minutes, we have been reaching the waiting room before departure to Jakarta, Indonesia.

I took this monorail or subway just for returning home. When I have reached the Sepang Airport, some officials from the YES2009 picked us up to the Malaya Hotel for two days. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?. Just take a look at the photo I have enclosed herewith too.

Unlike in Indonesia where we have to be more careful of the possibility of being stolen by thieving or pocket taker, you will be safe and sound during traveling in the heart of the city, Kuala Lumpur. However, I was lucky to be there in KL during the YES 2009 conference, but I had very little opportunity to see around the city.

Unlike in Indonesia, whose traffic jam and "macet" can be found very easily, there in the heart of the country, Kuala Lumpur, we hardly find "macet" or any traffic jams around the city. I and my other Indonesian friends would love to see around the market and shopping center of the city within a walk and we basically love to walk around. Walking is a good sport, cheap and easy to do by everyone, right? We did it

So cool city here I have seen it. Kuala Lumpur is the finest city to look at.
So clean here. I hardly find any garbage on the street. Very comfortable city.
I walked through this street with happy, and enjoy those wonderful buildings.
Photo by Asep Haryono

The street is very clean and well organized. I have seen much useful information from travelers like me which need much additional information kit from local people. I have asked some question to KL people about the direction to Petronas Twin Towers, and the KL people so friendly and warm in answering my questions. The KL people would love to help visitors to reach the Tower. Thanks so much to all people therein Kuala Lumpur.

Have you ever watch a movie called "Entrapment" in 1999 production which featured Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery? The movie played in 1999 and the location set is taken in Petronas Twin Tower.

I have seen this Petronas Twin Tower, and I could imagine how they are playing the movie and imagined some stories behind the scenes just viewing this giant tower of Malaysia. The movie also has taken in the Bukit Jalil LRT station, However, I have never been in the Bukit Jalil, and I wish I could see the Bukit Jalil too someday.

There are lots of side stories during my very first visit to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia in some other times, especially about the outcome of the Youth Engagement Summit (YES) 2009 in full reports and photos at some time in the future. The stories next will include some personal experiences in hunting local merchandises, culinary journeys, and other interesting stuff. (Asep Haryono).

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