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Kuta Is Ours: Indonesia

Bali is one of the cities in Indonesia that has a very strong appeal to bring tourists both coming from within the country (DN) and or even from abroad or abroad (LN). Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Bali Province states that Bali's Economic Growth in 2014 grew 6.72 Percent faster than the previous year.

This encouraging thing is coupled with the development of Bali tourism in 2014. The number of foreign tourist arrivals (Bali) to Bali in December 2014 reached 347,370 people with tourists who came through the airport as many as 341,111 people and who through the seaport amounted to 6,259 people. This clearly shows that Bali can be highly developed again in 2015.

Kuta Beach as one of the mainstay tourist areas of Bali must continue to improve if Bali wants to be more advanced. To develop and organize the Kuta Beach area of ​​Bali absolutely requires more professional planning and management of Kuta beach while still maintaining the management of environmentally friendly Tourism Objects (Ecotourism).

This is where the active participation and participation of the people around Kuta Beach (Local Residents) are demanded, the local government and also the role of the tourists themselves  

Its me when I visited Bali around in 2008.  Photo taken in front of I Grand Bali Beach in Kuta.  Photo Syahrir Badulu
Its me when I visited Bali around in 2008.  Photo taken in front of I Grand Bali Beach in Kuta.  Photo Syahrir Badulu

Kuta Beach Must Be Clean
To reach Kuta Beach in Bali is very easy. The ease to reach Kuta Beach in Bali starts from the flight ticket reservations that are widely available at the Official Airplane Ticket Sales Points anywhere in Indonesia. Various attractive offers and prices are also widely offered by various official hotel websites, as well as the sale of airplane tickets, personal blogs to airplane ticket sales agents in hotels that are closest to the tourist location itself.

The issue of cleanliness of Kuta Beach has always been a concern for the Badung Regency Government which is responsible for the cleanliness of Kuta Beach which is indeed included in its control area. The author's own observations when he first set foot on Kuta Beach in 2005 were still beautiful, still clean. The beautiful Kuta beach attracts tourists who come to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon.

Tourists in this case who do come to visit Kuta Beach not only enjoy the nature and beauty of Kuta Beach, but also need to be enlightened without having to patronize. How important it is to throw garbage in places that have been provided around Kuta Beach for example. In this case the Badung Regency Government can provide an example for tourists both at home and abroad: Disposing of trash in a place that has been provided.

One of the relatively easy ways is to dump trash cans in various corners in the Kuta Beach area that can be reached by tourists. If it is full of garbage containers, then the Cleaning Officer has been assigned to clean the Kuta Beach area from Trash in carrying out its actions. Transporting the trash cans that are already full to return empty at its original place.

Enforcement of high-value fines is indeed not the only option that must be taken by the Badung Regency Government to minimize domestic and domestic tourists not to reduce their habit of littering. But at least the socialization of "Kuta is We" can achieve its goals. Kuta Beach is (not only) the Badung Regency of Bali alone, but belongs to the entire Indonesian Nation. We must keep Kuta Beach clean from the rubbish heaps.

Do not let it happen again Kuta Beach is not famous for the beauty of the beach and the beautiful sunset but rather famous for its rubbish heaps. This has indeed happened in 2014 when Kuta Bali's beach was full of rubbish heaps and disturbed the sights of tourists at that time. The news was already spread on several blogs, websites and journals at home and abroad.

Traders Must Speak Foreign Languages
Have you ever heard of an English-speaking taxi driver, Tarnedi? His ability to use English in serving passengers is the topic of discussion for Netizens. Various reviews from bloggers, even interviews and videos circulating on YouTube. The ability of Tarnedi, a Taxi Driver who did not graduate from elementary school but fluent in English had become a byword in social media.

I myself have seen firsthand when visiting Kuta Beach in 2007 where I saw a Sopenir merchant attracting with 2 (two) foreign tourists (tourists). I myself do not know what foreign language they use if the accent is like using Italian. The driver of the dish was apparently able to "destroy" the heart of the foreign tourist and buy the product of the driver. For me the view is very interesting

It is no longer a secret that the existence of street vendors, impromptu driver vendors, and fitness service providers in the Kuta Beach area is one of its own sights. From this it is clear that the existence of the Kuta Beach Tourism Object which is worldwide is like a very strong magnet to dredge dollar coins or rupiah coffers.

Creative efforts undertaken by communities around Kuta Beach need to be supported by the provision of adequate facilities and infrastructure to sell their "sales". Almost the existence of street vendors and hawkers really colors Kuta Beach. What role can the Badung Regency Government take to increase the participation of street vendors, and these food and driver sellers to boost tourist arrivals to Kuta Beach?

The role of the Badung Regency Government which is responsible for the existence of the world Tourism Object, Kuta Beach, can provide foreign language training with minimal mastery of English to the Kali Lima Traders (PKL), Food sellers, Instant Sopenir Traders to fitness service providers that are clearly located in the region Kuta Beach tourist attraction.

For foreign tourists (tourists) and domestic tourists (wisdom) themselves can provide moral support to people who have a creative business with a variety of "selling" earlier to continue to improve their ability to use foreign languages ​​by becoming friends to talk and practice.

What I mentioned above are a few small examples of Kuta Tourism Beach Management from the perspective of Ecotourism, especially in the aspect of Social Tourism and Landscape Tourism aspects.

It is explicitly stated that the Landscape Tourism itself, Kuta Beach, has become very interesting and tempting foreign tourists (Domestic tourists) and Domestic Tourists (wisdom) to come and come again to enjoy the "world paradise" of the Indonesian people who are so respected throughout the world through the exoticism of the beach Kuta.

Communities around Kuta Beach with their diverse Creative Economy need to be equipped with Foreign Language mastery skills which are seen as one of the implementations of the Environmentally friendly Kuta Beach Tourism Management approach (Ecotourism) from the perspective of Educational Tourism. The Badung Regency Government is obliged to provide education and train street vendors, hawkers and other community economic actors with the mastery of English.

Kuta Beach is clean, free from rubbish heaps, supported by the ability to manage and empower the creative economy owned by local residents (in this case the Kuta Beach community) to work together with the Badung Regency Government to guard, guard and develop Kuta Beach as a very high-value asset and it is very potential to contribute large revenues for the Badung Regency Government in particular and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in general. Kuta is us too

Ecotourism for the record
Kuta Beach with the development of all the necessary aspects as I have mentioned above is an example of a small part of the approach to the implementation of the Kuta Beach Tourism Management with the concept of management of ecotourism.

There are still a number of other notes which, although somewhat deviant from the Subject of Management and Arrangement of Kuta Beach Tourism, are still closely related to the aspects of Bali Tourism services in general, namely those relating to Culinary Tourism, Historical Tourism and Cultural Tourism. The last three elements are still related to aspects of managing Ecoutourism. What is it like?

During the Author's Visit in Bali a few years ago, he stopped by one of the Nature Conservation Tourism Areas, in this case Mangrove Forest Tourism which is also very famous in Bali. Mangrove Forest or we are familiar with other very popular terms, namely mangrove forests. The main function of the existence of this Mangrove Forest is to withstand waves of sea water that will enter the mainland.

This tourist location, the Mangrove Forest, is in great demand by domestic and foreign tourists alike. Young people, students and environmental groups also do a lot of research, research and cultural tourism in the region. Make no mistake, the location of Mangrove Forest Tourism in South Bali is very suitable as a location for prewedding or lovers of photography. Amazing is not it.

Too bad when I visited this area of ​​the Mangrove Forest there were not many information boards that were ready for the visitors. The ticket stands seem "modest" as far as they can be changed. The local government can modernize the entrance gate again to the Mangrove Forest area with a better system, although it does not have to look sophisticated like military equipment.

Closing Section
Although I have often visited Kuta from the period of 2005 - 2010, I feel that I always want to come and come again to the Kuta area. Not only want to feel the Elegant Sunset (Sunset) in Kuta Beach which is very beautiful. Why do I call it that? Because I myself have never had the opportunity to enjoy the Sunset (Sunset) on Kuta Beach.

I have felt various hotels during the period of my visit in Kuta during that period, but again I felt "something was lacking" if I didn't see Kuta Beach again. Once when I walked around Kuta Beach one afternoon, I saw a number of Caucasian tourists who were spicy enjoying Rujak they bought around the Kuta Beach area.
"Chili is good," said the foreign tourist. I was surprised that it was not only Indonesians who liked hot food, but this sensation was also very popular with foreign tourists.

Maybe the Badung Regency Government can make a research of tourists' preferences or preferences in terms of Culinary in Bali. People say traveling without cuisine feels empty. It's also true. I myself if traveling to Bali will definitely not miss the no less important part of a Tourism Concept namely Food.

Once, when me and his entourage walked along the Kuta highway during the Bali Carnival Kuta around 2005, me and the entourage were visited by young people wearing slang. The hat was turned upside down, the White T-shirt with the image of Kuta Beach and Sneakers were wearing black sunglasses. This young man who is estimated to be ABG aged asked us to get a few rupiahs to simply prop up his stomach that afternoon. Cool too.

The appearance of pren (cool beggars) like this is rather difficult to distinguish from other domestic tourists visiting Kuta Beach. One thing that is unique in my view. Unlike typical beggars of money-beggars on the streets in other cities, their appearance is much impressed with slums and even tends to be fashionable and stylish. (Asep Haryono)

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