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What should you prepare for building an online shop

Utilizing opportunities from the internet to do many things turned out to be really happening. You can do anything with the internet, search for information, play games, watch movies, make purchases, build virtual stores and so on. Capital laptop or smartphone that you have, all can be accessed easily and instantly.

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It is this desire that finally many people competing to create opportunities to reap the coffers of money. One thing that is becoming a trend is the rise of online stores with all kinds of products offered. You also must have thought to "make an online shop" right?

How to make an online shop
It became natural when all things were sold online, stores that used to only have physical buildings eventually opened an account online. Why? Many people do not have enough time to visit offline stores, so online shops are the solution to that problem.

Store owners do not want to lose consumers just because they do not adapt to the development of existing technology. And consumers do not want to bother to get the goods he is looking for. Win-win solution! The question now, do you want to participate in "making an online-shop" as well? If so, then you should refer to our discussion this time!

Image from Northern  Life Magazine
Image from Northern  Life Magazine

Everything you will make certainly needs preparation, as well as when you will make an online shop. It's okay when you are confused about what needs to be prepared, no need to worry because creating an online store is not as complicated as you imagine. There are some things you have to prepare, what are they? Follow the steps in this discussion:

Research Opportunities
The first preparation you need to do is research. Research everything you need to build an online store. Starting from choosing suppliers of goods that you use, the quality of the products you will sell, the business model that you will use to the promotion strategy to survive. Okay, let's breakdown one by one.

Choosing a supplier of the items you sell is important because it ensures that the supplier you choose can work well together. Communication with suppliers is important because suppliers have responsibility for the products. The supplier you choose must understand that the job is to provide the needs.

He must be responsible, work together and support each other so that the flow of sales of goods runs smoothly. Make sure that you have a communicative supplier giving stock information. Your supplier should be a party that can communicate effectively and responsively because everything related to your sales will always communicate with him.

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After the supplier business is safe, you must focus on understanding the products you will sell. Many people fail to sell successfully because they simply sell without thinking about the products they sell quality or not. Today's product sales require a strategy so you have to understand your product, so you know what strategy is most appropriate for marketing your product.

Online Shop Base
You must have an online shop base to display the items you sell. You have to prepare the platform that you will use. There are many platforms that you can choose from websites to social media. So this is what you can prepare:

Choose Domain and Hosting
The online store that you make if you decide to use a website, then you must choose a domain and hosting service company that you can rely on. Choose a dynamic company to accompany the growth of your online store.

Select Platform
There are many platforms that you can choose to start building an online store. Can use the website with the first step as explained above, or also use social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Store Customization
Arrange the design you want to display, if you use a website with a WordPress base, you can customize it by selecting the theme in the plugin. You can adjust according to your needs how the visual settings of your website.

If you use social media like Instagram, then you need to arrange the layout of your feed, choose a theme for each post that you will install. Install photos with attractive quality and clear product descriptions.

Place the Product on the Page

Display the items you sell on the page in accordance with the provisions that can be accessed. Arrange the appearance of your product, arrange it so that consumers who visit the website or social media are comfortable to see the posts that you make.

Recommend and sell
You need to introduce and attract the attention of the audience when you first launch your online store.

Coming Soon Content

Make people have an impression on your online store even though you haven't officially launched it. You can create content that contains "coming soon" to make other people curious about what you will do.

Give them spoilers about what you are going to do and make them curious. This initial intention is important because it will help you see anyone who is quite interested in your product.

Fishing Rods from Social Media
Also, make an announcement to your social media about the product that you will issue. Create interactions with people who have the potential to like the products you offer.

Put a link on your social media bio, collaborate with influencers to create a gimmick in the beginning, build interest by being curious.

Offer discounts or promos
What people like is discounted or attractive promos. Give them a discount to be the first person to get the product you offer. Spread this promo on your social media so people are aware of your online store and products.

Promos are a means to build closer relationships with your customers. Want more impressions? You can work with influencers or advertising services that have a lot of mass. Can also use platforms like Facebook Ads or

Are you still hesitant to make an online shop right now? Let's move! It is not wrong to try to make your dream online store. Hopefully, this article is useful and inspiring! (Source DOMAINESIA)

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