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The state of Coronavirus development in West Kalimantan Indonesia

Pontianak West Kalimantan reacts quickly to the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 alias Covid-19, which makes almost all areas "suspended animation". A special team monitors supervise progress and coordinate with the field team immediately formed.

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"We specifically agreed to call the Covid-19 Plague Monitoring Team in West Kalimantan Province," said Syarif Amin Muhammad Assegaf, Deputy Chairperson of the West Kalimantan Provincial Parliament, recently in Pontianak. The formation of the special team itself consisted of representatives of the West Kalimantan Provincial Parliament. The hope can be useful for the community in 14 districts/cities.

Ilustrasi from Pontianak Post
Ilustrasi from Pontianak Post

In the same place, Sueb, a member of the West Kalimantan Provincial DPRD, said that the formation of the team was a contribution to the West Kalimantan DPRD in tackling the global Covid-19 pandemic that had been so unusual in the world, Indonesia and especially West Kalimantan.

"Through this team, members of the West Kalimantan Provincial Parliament can directly monitor and coordinate related to daily developments in the field, both with the Task Force Team, the Health Service, Hospitals and others," he said.

Hanura politicians from the electoral district of Kubu Raya-Mempawah hope that the Covid-19 outbreak in West Kalimantan, whose peak is expected in April 2020, can be minimized. Because to this day, the vaccine has not been determined yet. Have you found it or not?

"So that the concern of all parties, including friends in the DPRD, is expected to monitor and cooperate with teams in the field," he said.

West Kalimantan DPRD member from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, Angeline Fremalco, said that this special team was a form of real work of the West Kalimantan Legislative in responding to the global pandemic Covid-19. "The task is more on supervision and coordination," he said.

As the People's Representative, the West Kalimantan Provincial Parliament needs to know the extent of the process and development of the Covid-19 outbreak, both data from the West Kalimantan Provincial Government and the Police.

"DPRD also received many reports or information from the public regarding Covid-19. We immediately coordinate with the Task Force or team in the field, so that the information arrives quickly. That's why our specialistist team is more focused on supervision and coordination, "he said.

The Covid-19 Plague Monitoring Team, formed by the West Kalimantan Provincial Parliament, showed that the representatives of the people did not just sit and watch the situation in the community.

West Kalimantan DPRD member from PPP, Ustafd Miftah added that as part of the West Kalimantan Provincial Government, the West Kalimantan Council fully supports the policy adopted by the West Kalimantan Governor, Sutarmidji in preventing Covid-19 transmission to the public. The form of support from West Kalimantan DPRD is to form a Monitoring Team.

"This is a form of our sensitivity to the Covid-19 outbreak in West Kalimantan," he said.Miftah hopes that the community can work together with the Provincial Government and West Kalimantan DPRD in combating the Covid-19 global pandemic.

"Whatever happens in each environment related to this outbreak, report to us (DPRD). We will immediately follow up so that it will not continue to grow, "he said.

Spread Corona Already Local Transmission
The Governor of West Kalimantan (Kalbar) Sutarmidji again reminded the public to be more concerned with preventing the spread of Covid-19 in this area. Pontianak City is said to have become one of the local transmission areas of the corona virus transmission.

"Based on the Ministry of Health's website, the Corona case in Pontianak is no longer infected because someone has gone to a certain region or country (imported case), but it is increasingly dangerous because the resurrection has already been between Pontianak residents themselves," Midji said his nickname, Thursday (3/26) night .

For this reason, he asked the entire community to continue to heed the prevention efforts made by the government. All parties must be able to work together so that the steps taken go well.

"If you do not want to stay at home, do not want to keep your distance and do not care about your health, then you are very vulnerable to contracting because we do not know who has been infected around us. I have often said it, "he stressed. (Bar and Deni)

Source Pontianak Post Online

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