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The death toll of COVID-19 in Indonesia Update by 30th March 2020 at 15.00 PM. : 122 people Died

The death toll of COVID-19 in Indonesia Update by 30th March 2020 at 15.00 PM. : 122 people Died Source: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Johns Hopkins. Created with Datawrapper

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta conveyed the development of the Coronavirus case (COVID-19) in Jakarta. There are dozens of health workers who have tested positive for Corona. Chairman of the Task Force handling COVID-19, Catur Laswanto, submitted positive case data in DKI Jakarta. Some people have recovered and some people have died.

"To this day, the number of COVID positive cases in DKI Jakarta, 720 cases, 48 ​​of which have been declared cured, 76 died, 445 are still being treated, 151 live in isolation. Those who are still waiting for the laboratory are 599 people," Catur said, Monday (3/30) / 2020).

Of the total positive cases, there were Corona cases experienced by health workers in Jakarta. They are scattered in various hospitals (hospitals) in Jakarta. "Health workers who were positively exposed to COVID were 81 people, spread in 30 hospitals in DKI Jakarta," Catur said.

In Pontianak Spraying disinfectant liquid into people's homes. Photo Asep Haryono /
In Pontianak Spraying disinfectant liquid into people's homes. Photo Asep Haryono /

81 Health Workers infected with Coronavirus in Jakarta
Until now, Jakarta still records people in monitoring (ODP) and patients under surveillance (PDP). There are 2,288 ODP and 1,046 PDP. "Based on reports to date, 2,288 people are being monitored, 497 people are still being monitored, and 1,791 have been monitored," Catur said. "For PDP as many as 1,046 people, 708 are still being treated and 338 people have returned or finished undergoing treatment," he said.

Surabaya City Government tomorrow Tuesday (31/3) will conduct a rapid test simultaneously in all Puskesmas throughout Surabaya. The rapid test tool will be given to health workers and patients under surveillance (PDP)

Head of Surabaya Health Office Febria Rachmanita said previously the implementation of rapid tests had been carried out at Soewandhie Regional Hospital and Bhakti Dharma Husada Regional Hospital (BDH) on Sunday (29/03). Of the total results of tests carried out, 66 tested negative for coronavirus.

"Of the total 66 (people) who did the test (rapid test), thank God the results were all negative," Feny said, familiar greeting Febria, Monday (3/30/2020).

Furthermore, said Feny, on Tuesday (31/03), all puskesmas in Surabaya will hold a rapid test simultaneously. The total number of rapid test equipment provided for 63 health centers was 620.

Later, the priority for the test is health workers and PDP patients first. "Of the 620, it is divided into 63 health centers according to the target number. So the priority is for health workers and PDP for the numbers according to the target number. For Soewandhie Regional Hospital, 240 rapid tests are provided," he explained.

Corona Virus Control in Indonesia Based on Scientist Data
The Corona outbreak phenomenon in Indonesia by modeling dynamic systems. A dynamic system with a 30-order, nonlinear differential equation with positive feedback has been used to model the Corona outbreak phenomenon in Indonesia.

Some control scenarios carried out by the community on government instructions are simulated. Validation is done by looking at conformity with existing data and Richard's curve model for a pandemic.

Provisional simulation results show that strict physical distancing that minimizes the rate of transmission as small as possible accompanied by rapid early detection is very effective in reducing the impact of the Corona outbreak in Indonesia.

With consistency and togetherness in carrying out physical distancing in order to reduce the rate of transmission accompanied by rapid early detection, the total number of infected people is expected to be in the range of tens of thousands of people and the outbreak can soon be over.

However, community and government weaknesses in carrying out physical distancing and slow early detection will make the number of sufferers infected with the Corona outbreak in Indonesia able to surpass the psychological number of one million people, making Indonesia potentially the new epicenter of this outbreak in Indonesia, and this outbreak will last far longer.

The writer's team recommends that the government and the public work hand in hand to suppress this outbreak, for example with a more definite and firmer policy regarding ensuring the minimum transmission rate and making early detection as soon as possible (


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