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Social Media vs. Email Marketing. Which One Is More Important?

All marketers must think of social media as a place to market their products. And because social media itself is increasingly prevalent among the public, many marketers think that they must have a Twitter account or Facebook Fan Page. But unfortunately, not all decisions are based on a strategy. Although not everyone thinks that the popularity of social media can ignore email marketing, in reality, it makes email marketing forgotten.

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Email Marketing is a Social Intermediary
Email marketing can be likened to the currency of all social networking. You cannot Sign Up to any social media account without using an email address. Every social media certainly requires an email address, usually to send notification emails (notifications). And unfortunately, marketers are starting to forget that email marketing is an important component in online marketing and new media.
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Gambar dari Majapahit

Why is Email Marketing Important?
As a marketer, you need to know the importance of email marketing. The following two reasons are proof that email marketing has an important role:

89% of retailers succeed using email marketing tactics. The data is taken from Forrester Research and
67% of subscribers also stated that they decided to buy goods offline after receiving email marketing.

Email Marketing is Different from Other Strategies
The data above shows a high percentage. The next question is how can email marketing actually generate high ROI and positive responses from subscribers?

Permission-based. If you get a subscriber organically and they have given access to communicate via email, then in fact, the subscriber is asking you to send information. When becoming a subscriber, at least they will open, click, or share the email to relatives. This is what will make a higher ROI.

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Subscriber-driven. One of the best things about email marketing is that subscribers tell them what they want. They will choose what information, how often, and in what form (promotions, newsletters, events). And because subscribers can choose what information they want, you will get a higher percentage of engagement. Engagement itself will provide feedback on every email sent. Every marketer uses at least one tool that will help report on the effectiveness of each campaign

Email marketing is a fairly easy strategy. Important points in email marketing are delivery times, targets, and emails that are in accordance with their requests. It is not difficult to provide emails that are appropriate or relevant to subscriber requests. You can see from references, previous purchases, activities, and so on. Market segmentation and some extra steps will increase the percentage of customer engagement, even increase purchases.

Balance Email Marketing and Social Media
Email marketing is important, but the explanation above does not mean we are better off ignoring social media. Both channels are equally important and will be better if done in a balanced manner. Social media is not only a place for sharing content, but it can be used to review content or promote cross channel. Let's look at data that also concerns the following social media:

75% of daily social media users say that email is the best way to communicate with customers (MarketingSherpa-2010).  49% of Twitter users say they made an online purchase because they got an email (MarketingSherpa-2010)

Email and social media can be likened to bread and jam, or salt and pepper. They will be better if run together. Therefore, try to take a break for a moment, think again about marketing strategies and promos that you have been running. Have you been optimizing email marketing all this time? If not, try to find out the best way to use email for marketing purposes that are in accordance with each customer's journey. (Domainesia)


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