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Pontianak city air quality is getting worst

Pontianak. Head of the Pontianak City Environmental Agency Tinorma Butar-butar said the evaluation of air quality parameters improved. Previously, air quality in Pontianak was classified as medium and now (yesterday) it became unhealthy.

"Per 24 hours, new real data are obtained. Yesterday at 102, now (yesterday) 104, and it was counted until 15:00, "said Tinorma, yesterday afternoon.

He reminded the public not to burn rubbish even though it was in a private court yard. Even though it is small, it is also a contributor to the poor air quality in Pontianak. He acknowledged that people were still burning rubbish on private land. "Although it is small, it causes pollution that damages the air," he said.

Tinorma stressed that people who were caught burning garbage even though on private land should be given tipiring sanctions. Garbage, he continued, should not be burned.

Waste should be processed at the source. Waste which is then considered worthless is taken to the TPS and then transported by the officer to the TPA. "The garbage is not burned but processed. We will process it at the TPA, so we are not allowed to burn the garbage even though it is in the house, "he said.

STILL THICKNESS: The canoe crosses the Kapuas River with thick smoke conditions that cover the City of Pontianak. Day by day, the smoke condition was getting thicker, but the community was still active as usual. SHANDO SAFELA / PONTIANAK POST
STILL THICKNESS: The canoe crosses the Kapuas River with thick smoke conditions that cover the City of Pontianak. Day by day, the smoke condition was getting thicker, but the community was still active as usual. SHANDO SAFELA / PONTIANAK POST

Head of Pontianak City Health Office, Sidiq Handanu said, an increase in ARI cases was seen in the number of visits to puskesmas which were then reported to the health department. However the increase was not too significant and is still relatively small and changes every day.

The visit reported to the Health Service was 100 specifically for ISPA. Even that number is considered to be within normal limits. If 100 visits are divided by 23 puskesmas, the average visit is four to five people for one puskesmas.

Sidiq continued the community visit because of a cold because coughs and colds remained high even though it was not the haze season. Moreover, the impact of the smog was not immediate, but only felt four to five days later.

While the majority of children stricken with ARI. That's in children who are vulnerable and have a history of asthma. He reminded the public to increase drinking water and fruits. "The current condition is dangerous for children who have risks, so they must reduce activities outside the home. If it comes out, keep using the mask, "Sidiq ordered.

The head of the Pontianak City Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Saptiko ensured that patrols to prevent land burning still continued. From the patrol it is certain that no hotspots have been detected in Pontianak.

Saptiko stated that the haze that blanketed Pontianak was a shipment from another area. It could not prevent, let alone the smoke carried by the wind. While in Pontianak City itself there is currently no land fire. "It can even be sent to Malaysia," Saptiko said in Pontianak yesterday

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According to him, the patrol was carried out as a step in anticipation and outreach to the community. Including to businesses and housing development. Strict action is still given if he does not heed the rules of the government.

The dense air of Pontianak due to fumes from forest and land fires forced the Pontianak Mujahidin Elementary School to dismiss their students for two days. Starting from Tuesday (yesterday) and re-entering on Thursday, September 12, 2019. The purpose of the school being closed is in anticipation of ISPA exposure to Mujahidin Elementary students.

"Because the smoke conditions make the air unhealthy. The Mujahidin Elementary School students were forced to study at home for two days, starting Tuesday and coming back next Thursday, "Head of Pontianak Mujahidin Elementary School, Sutaji told Pontianak Post, Tuesday (10/9).

Sutaji said that the Mujahidin Elementary School students' vacation was off after a joint meeting with the Mujahidin Education Institute. From the results of the meeting, the management considered that the air condition was now in an unhealthy level. In anticipation of ISPA, the management of the Mujahideen Education Institute took steps to dismiss students and study at their homes for two days.

From the information that entered it, it was confirmed that there were complaints from the parents. Mainly about the condition of the haze, so that makes parents worried to take their children to school. "What is done is more in anticipation," he said.

He appealed to students not to leave the house if it wasn't really important. Even if asked to come out, he can use a mask. For the subject matter asked for two days each study at home. "Hopefully the air will improve. That way children can return to learning comfortably, "he said.

"The air condition is in the unhealthy category. What was taken by the Mujahideen Institute by dismissing their students was right. This is in anticipation, "said the student's parents, Awaliya.

As a parent, he was also worried about seeing air conditions like this. Especially in the morning to noon. The air is even more concentrated. If the condition of the body is not fit can interfere with health. "I'm just dizzy when inhaling smoke. Especially children. The danger is ARI, "he said.

The haze event seems to be an annual routine. He requested that the Government be able to take steps in combating forest and land fires. As a result of this incident all losers.

The Mayor of Pontianak, Edi Rusdi Kamtono, has not yet taken steps to dismiss students in state schools. "The air condition in Pontianak City is indeed in an unhealthy level. But not until dangerous. Students are still in school as usual, "he said. (mse / izani.)

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