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Pontianak Dangerous Air Condition

Pontianak The air condition in Pontianak City based on information on the concentration of BMKG Pontianak particulates (Pm10), on Monday afternoon was classified as Dangerous. Seeing this condition, the Government immediately anticipated the handling of acute respiratory infections by placing oxygen houses in six Puskesmas and one oxygen house in the Pontianak Health Service.

"The haze caused by forest and land fires makes the air condition this afternoon (yesterday) looks thick. Pontianak City Government through the Health Service immediately took a stand by placing oxygen houses in seven points. Six of them are at the Puskesmas, "Pontianak Mayor Edi Rusdi Kamtono told the Pontianak Post on Monday night.

The oxygen houses are located in Kampung Dalam Puskesmas, Alianyang Puskesmas, Bangka Kampung Puskesmas, Siantan Hilir Puskesmas, Healthy Gang Puskemas and Perum I Puskesmas. One additional oxygen supply is at the DHO

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At the oxygen house, he continued, serving people who have respiratory problems due to ARI. That was done as an effort to deal with ARI quickly. From the information of the Head of Health Office in Pontianak, it is recognized that there has been an increase in ARI cases in Pontianak City. Hopefully with the oxygen house can help people who experience respiratory problems.

The plan, Pontianak Mayor, tomorrow (Tuesday) will go down to review this oxygen house. Besides the use of masks. ARI can be prevented by increasing endurance through a healthy lifestyle.

Drink plenty of warm water and consume nutritious food should be done. Consumption of fruits that contain vitamin C can also increase endurance. "If it's not important the community is important it's good not to go out at night," he said.

Photo courtesy Asep Haryono /
Photo courtesy Asep Haryono /

Head of the Pontianak City Health Office, Sidiq Handanu, said that there are seven locations designated as oxygen houses, namely Pontianak City Health Office, Gang Sehat Health Center, Alianyang Health Center, Perumnas I Health Center, Kampung Dalam Health Center and Siantan Hilir Health Center. He explained, the purpose of this oxygen house is as first aid if there are residents who experience shortness of breath. The oxygen house was provided by Nebulizer. "If anyone experiences shortness of breath caused by asthma from the effects of smoke, please take it to the oxygen house in the designated health service," he explained.

If the patient's condition becomes worse, shortness of breath, continued Sidiq, then immediately take a higher health facility or the nearest hospital. "So the oxygen house is provided as first aid," he said.

Sidiq explained, for the Siantan Hilir Community Health Center, it had indeed served 24 hours, then at the Pontianak City Health Office, there were two health service providers (ambulance service telephone numbers) of two officers. Specifically for this day, he admitted that there were several Puskesmas providing labor facilities who were also assigned to be alert to serve patients exposed to smoke. However, for Puskesmas in Bangka Village and in Perumnas I it has not been able to be optimal due to limited personnel. "Maybe tomorrow we can only ask for help from the Poltekkes and Untan Medical Faculty to help our medical staff," said Sidiq.

According to him, if you see the latest air conditions are already in unhealthy conditions. For this reason, his party anticipates if these conditions continue. Because it is worried that it will not rain. If this condition lasts a long time, it is certain that public health will be affected. "We all pray that hopefully it will rain soon so that the air condition in Pontianak gradually returns to normal," he concluded. (Iza) 

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