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The Government Makes Artificial Rain

Pontianak Weather Modification Technology (TMC) or artificial rain began in the sky of West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan), Thursday (19/9). Efforts to accelerate the occurrence of rain is the first time carried out in West Kalimantan during the prevention of forest and land fires (karhutla) in 2019.

Head of West Kalimantan Province BPBD, Lumano explained that TMC which was carried out yesterday was only one sort with 800 kg of seedling material. That's because seeing a potential cloud that is still limited. Seeding is done in the sky in the Landak, Sanggau and Sekadar districts

"The plan is only one sort at 14.00 WIB. Only they also saw the presence or absence of clouds. Its location in Sanggau, Sekadau, and Hedgehog. There is seen a cloud there, "said Lumano to Pontianak Post, Thursday (19/9).

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He explained, the CASA-Nusantara or CASA-Nurtanio (CN) aircraft owned by the Indonesian Air Force used for TMC operations had actually arrived in West Kalimantan since Tuesday (17/9). However, the aircraft could only operate yesterday because it was waiting for potential clouds to be planted. "If there are (clouds) they are usually sown with three types or two kinds. So this must see the condition of the clouds, "he explained.

SEADANYA: Warga Perumahan Nuansa Serdam bekerja keras memadamkan api dengan alat seadanya sebelum para pemadam datang. Api hanya berjarak 10 meter dari permukiman warga,sementara sumber air sulit didapat. SHANDO SAFELA/ PONTIANAK POST

As for other handling operations, said Lumano, it is still ongoing. The air force with a water bombing helicopter will also continue to operate. One helicopter was even stored in Singkawang City to keep the smoke from spreading to the border areas of the country.

"One (water bombing helicopter) to Singkawang, can also handle Sambas and Bengkayang. Because (near) the border of Malaysia, it must be guarded. Priority for the border, "he concluded. As is known, BMKG Supadio predicts new natural rain will fall today, Friday (9/20). On Friday (9/20) from 07.00 West Indonesia Time to Saturday (9/21) at 07.00 West Indonesia Time, local rain is expected to occur in three regencies, namely Sambas, Kapuas Hulu and Melawi. While in other areas some are only cloudy and tend to be shrouded in smoke.

While from the forecast data that applies from Saturday (9/21) at 07.00 West Indonesia Time to Sunday (9/22) at 07.00 West Indonesia Time, rain began to spread evenly throughout the West Kalimantan region. Moderate, heavy to heavy rain will occur in several areas such as Sanggau, Ketapang, Sintang, Kapuas Hulu, Sekadau, North Kayong, Kubu Raya and Pontianak. While in other regencies / cities there will only be local rain.

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Seeing these conditions, BMKG has given a warning to be aware of the potential for rain accompanied by lightning / lightning at night and early morning. The areas that have the potential to rain with heavy intensity occur in parts of Ketapang and North Kayong.

Appreciation of the Governor's Statement
The statement of the Governor of West Kalimantan, Sutarmidji who assessed that the cultivators were not the cause of the haze disaster from the forest and land fire received an appreciation from the West Kalimantan Traditional Farmers Association. The honest statement was considered the first time delivered by the regional head in this province.

"We are grateful and give appreciation for the statement of the Governor who did not join in accusing the cultivators of the causes of forest and forest fires," said Chairman of the West Kalimantan Traditional Farmers Association, John Mijar Usman, through his written statement on Thursday (19/9).

From this statement, Mijar considered that the governor was very aware of the dynamics faced by cultivators. Because of that, the governor was also asked to be able to empower farmers by wanting to respect local wisdom that had colored the practice of hereditary farming.

While the smoke disasters caused by land fires in concessions in dozens of companies, it supports law enforcement efforts. It is hoped that there will be no negative assessment of cultivators as a cause of forest and land fires. Mijar, who is also responsible for Melona in Supporting, Melawi Regency, hopes that the same assessment will also be expressed by officials and other regional heads in the province.

As is well known, the Coordinating Minister for Political Law and Security of the Republic of Indonesia, Wiranto, once expressed the accusation that cultivators were the cause of forest and land fires. The skewed assessment was then welcomed by protests by the West Kalimantan Traditional Farmers Association and a number of civil society organizations, mass organizations and youth organizations. (Source  Pontianak Post)

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