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Failed To Overcome Smoke

Pontianak. Despite the hot fog that blanketed the West Kalimantan, it still rained. Some areas are still potentially raining with moderate intensity and heavy thunderstorms, thunder with strong winds.

“The time is short at 00:30. The distribution occurs in the districts of Sanggau (Noyan, Cambodia, Bonti), Sekadau (Downstream, Belitung), Kab. Sintang (Upper Binjai, Lower Ketungau), Upper Kapuas (Lower Silat, Semitau, Suhaid, Selimbau, Jongkong), and Landak (Meranti) Regency, ”beber Sutikno, BMKG Forecaster Supadio Pontianak said Wednesday (11/9).

Rainfall data shows that in general cloudy sunny conditions except in the Kapuas Hulu and Sintang districts there is rain. in general, no rainy days in the West Kalimantan region are included in very short criteria of 6 to 10 days, except in Ketapang and Sambas Regencies, medium criteria, namely 11 to 20 days

Photo courtesy Pontianak Post
Photo courtesy Pontianak Post

Despite the rain, air quality was analyzed from the monitoring of particulate matter air quality equipment at the Mempawah Climatology Station on 10 September 2019 conducted at 00.00 to 23.55 generally in the medium category. The highest PM10 concentration of 150.59 μg / m3 occurred at 11.00, included in the unhealthy category.

Sutikno continued monitoring of weather conditions and the latest weather prospects in West Kalimantan Province on September 11, 2019 at 09.00 explained that visibility was generally more than 1,000 meters. Except in Pontianak and Ketapang District, each minimum visibility touches the 500 meter by 800 meter number. 

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While the dominant wind direction moves from southeast to southwest, the highest maximum wind speed of 32 km / h occurs in Ketapang Regency. The highest maximum air temperature reaches 35.8 degrees Celsius in the city of Pontianak. While the lowest minimum air temperature of 21.8 degrees Celsius occurred in Sintang Regency.

Sutikno continued that the heat that hit the West Kalimantan region continued to increase the number of hotspots. The number continues to go up and down. Previously touched 3,116 hotspots, becoming 572 increased again to 872 hotspots. "The distribution is 12 regencies / cities in West Kalimantan. Only Pontianak and Singkawang were not detected by the hotspot, "he said.

Data from the Pontianak Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency data from the hotspot distribution map from eight data processed using Modis sensors on Terra and Aqua satellites provides an overview of the locations of areas experiencing hotspot distribution from 10 September at 07.00 to 11 September at 07.00.

The largest contributing hotspot areas are held by Ketapang and Sintang Regencies, each exposed by 519 with 100 hotspots. While the Kubu Raya Regency where Pontianak Supadio Airport is exposed to 75 hotspots.

"Kayong Utara and Melawi Regencies each with 62 and 51 hotspots," he explained.  Chairman of Commission I of the West Kalimantan DPRD, Subhan Nur said that the haze disaster in West Kalimantan had become a kind of annual disaster. It is best to find the most appropriate and effective formulation from the intervention of the technical and expert teams.

"If the haze in West Kalimantan can only be overcome with nature, namely rain from above. For the coming years, it is expected that the right formulation will already exist, "he said. (Den) 

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