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Forest fire cause State loss

Pontianak Currently the government is still fighting to overcome the haze disaster caused by forest and land fires (forest and land fires). The cost of handling disasters that often occur each year reaches billions of rupiah. The country is certain to always lose money.

Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of West Kalimantan Province Lumano revealed, in general the cost of forest and land fire control was disbursed by the central government through the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

For West Kalimantan, currently BNPB has deployed nine helicopter units. Four units were placed in Ketapang Regency, namely two helicopters for water bombing operations and two for patrols. While the other five were placed in Lanadio Supadio, Kubu Raya. Of the five, four units are for water bombing operations and one is for patrol.

Regarding the operational costs of the helicopter, he claimed not to know for sure. All contracts and funding are arranged directly by BNPB. While the Karhutla Task Force in West Kalimantan was only tasked with determining the points of operation through daily briefings. However, to rent a helicopter the cost is likely to reach hundreds of millions per hour.

SMOKE HAZE : As far as the eye can see the smoke haze is getting thicker in the morning due to the impact of burning forests and land. Photo taken in Kubu Raya area Wednesday (19/9) Photo of Asep Haryono
SMOKE HAZE : As far as the eye can see the smoke haze is getting thicker in the morning due to the impact of burning forests and land. Photo taken in Kubu Raya area Wednesday (19/9) Photo of Asep Haryono

Meanwhile, the combined task force of 1,500 personnel who were deployed to people's homes was also funded by BNPB. The operational fund per day is IDR 145 thousand per person. Divided from tired money Rp100 thousand and food allowance Rp45 thousand. With this amount, it means that it costs around Rp217,500,000 per day for all joint task force personnel.

If calculated, the cost per month is only multiplied by 30 days, which is around Rp6.5 billion. While the combined task force consisting of elements of the TNI, Polri, BPBD and the community has started working since July 25, 2019 until today. "Do not know until when (finished), maybe late September or early October," said Lumano.

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For the joint task force activities he explained, the point was to provide education to the community and related parties. The goal is that no more people do forest and land burning. However, seeing the current conditions where a lot of land has been burnt, they automatically participate in the extinction process. "So the handling budget is from the center of everything," he said.

While the funds from the West Kalimantan BPBD itself, he said there were also allocated for handling forest and land fire. However, the amount is not too large, per year a maximum of around Rp. 400 million. "Most of which is really for activities (funds from BPBD) around Rp. 300 million to Rp. 400 million," he said.

The funds have been used almost two months running during the prevention of forest and land fire in West Kalimantan. Especially for fire fighting activities in the field. Until now, according to him, the budget is still sufficient. "With the current condition still sufficient, if for example an emergency response is available, there are unexpected funds available in the provincial government treasury, it can be used," he said.

While the haze disaster due to forest and land fires in West Kalimantan, until now it has not been included in the status of emergency response. For the scope of the Lumano province explained, it can only be said that the emergency response when there are at least two districts / cities which also declared emergency response.

Then there must also be a statement from the relevant parties that the air quality has entered a very, very dangerous condition. "If we (West Kalimantan) are still flexible, up and down (air condition)," he explained.

So far, for the handling of forest and land fires that have been carried out, among others, by the air task force through water bombing helicopters and land task forces that directly extinguish the fire at the location. While for the new artificial rain will begin.

Casa aircraft which will operate to sow salt in the sky of West Kalimantan only arrived in Pontianak on Tuesday (17/9) yesterday. "Coming from Malang (Casa plane). That's from BNPB in collaboration with the Air Force, "he said.

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Lumano assessed that fire fighting on peatlands would indeed be more effective with natural rain. Direct blackout efforts are also considered more effective than water bombing. But for direct outages, water access and availability are usually constrained. Therefore, water bombing remains the choice for extinction in locations that are difficult to reach by the task force. "But we haven't found another solution besides water bombing," he concluded.

Separately, the Governor of West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan) Sutarmidji rate, from the forest and land fire disaster it is likely that the state spends more on fire fighting than the contribution received from the granting of a concession permit. Because, the number one person in West Kalimantan confirmed, the biggest contributor to smoke caused by forest and land fires is corporate concession land.

"Only we (Indonesia) (from plantation and forestry investment) talk about labor and exports. That's the problem, but the money spent is greater than what is obtained. Actually from the trade side, we come up short. Not to mention the image of the country in the world, "he told the media crew," Tuesday (9/17).

For this reason, according to him, the handling of peatland fires must be more specific. All parties must be well coordinated and understand the problems in peatlands. The guilty party said he was the one who gave permission not selectively and did not dare to take action when the company committed violations.

The regent should be brave and KLHK must be brave enough to pull it out, the regent who gave permission to propose to the center, why did the governor not know," he said. Therefore, he considered, it was necessary to cooperate with all components, both those at the central and regional levels in addressing forest and land fire issues. All must be dealt with comprehensively. Can not be done partially. If it continues like that, until whenever this problem will not be solved.

The governor, he said, did not have the authority to grant land use permits. All by the regent and KLHK's approval. The current condition is that the granting of a permit is not accompanied by a consideration of the impact that can be caused.

Midji suggested the government move from the BPK audit results on existing plantations, forestry and mining. Audit results from the BPK concerning the management of the company's concession land can be followed up to resolve the issue of permits that have been issued. "Or the regents who proposed revocation," he said.

Current conditions, if the peatlands have burned, it will be difficult to extinguish. It requires large amounts of water that can only be obtained from rain. That's because the depth of peat in West Kalimantan is quite high. "BRG (Peat Restoration Agency), BNPB and KLHK have to sit at one table to solve this problem. It can't be done when the new president is rebuked and doesn't understand what to do, "he said.

He himself admitted that he had maximally carried out the governor's authority. With this regulation, many companies were warned. From the initial 103 companies, currently there are 30 companies increasing to 133. The provincial government then asks KLHK to seal and around 40 companies have been sealed. Then of that number, there are 17 who have been given administrative sanctions according to the Governor Regulation.

If the law is enforced, Midji believes the company will not dare to burn again. "I have no interest. Even the budget of APBD did not receive anything. Even damaged our way, "he said.

In addition, he requested an evaluation of Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI) permits. Permission for non-arable land should be revoked. The problem is there are indications when getting a concession, the existing forest cover is cut down but not replanted. "Evaluate who gives permission. That's finally the peatland is open and flammable, "he said.

HTI is one of the causes of the burning of peatlands. For the HTI concession that has been issued, he claimed not to know the total area. But in terms of figures, in West Kalimantan the number of permits is estimated to have been in the hundreds.

Smoke problems due to forest and land fires must be addressed from upstream. He hopes to start from granting plantation, forestry or HTI land concessions including mining. "How much land have been planted? "For those not planted, the permit can be revoked," he said.

Midji stressed that there should be no more companies trading or transferring concession rights to other companies. According to him, the sale and purchase of concession lands could reach tens to hundreds of billions.

"Which one is planted, we don't know. It is possible to only take wood cover, not pay and sell. After the wood is finished, they leave it and wait for someone to buy the land and sell it again. Just revoke it (the permit), the only sanction is to revoke it, it will stop smoking next year, "he concluded. (bar)

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