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Phishing Website and How to Avoid it

Have you suddenly been unable to log in to your social media accounts? Even though you are sure to enter valid login information. Or even worse, your social media pages contain content that cannot be accounted for, even though you didn't upload it.

If you've experienced something similar, maybe you've just entered the web phishing trap. Web phishing is a fraudulent website, which is made to resemble certain website pages in order to steal someone's personal information. Most phishing websites are made to resemble social media pages, which are made to steal your login information. On a larger scale, web phishing can also be used to steal bank account login credentials and the like, which could potentially harm you financially in large amounts.

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Phishing websites often appear to provide a username and password login box, which is intended to trap people who log on to use this page. The goal is that they will take the login details that you input, and then maybe your account can no longer be opened, taken over by the phishing offender.

Nowadays there are lots of phishing webs scattered on the internet that are ready to wait for anyone who is careless and will be the victim. Web phishing is very dangerous. If your account is exposed, then not only that account will be lost you can not use again.

But the worst, the possibility of the account is used for spamming. If it has happened like this, then people who are friends with you might be thinking that no no, think why you have the heart to do it like that. So, what are the characteristics of web phishing? How can we avoid Web Phishing? Here are the characteristics of phishing web that you must know.

  • The look of the website is very similar to the look of the reference.
  • The web address / address bar does not match the original web address visited. For example you should visit the address but the phishing website uses to try to trick you, etc.
  • There are many links that when clicked will direct you to a not found page, or to a completely unrelated page of the existing article.
  • There are other odd things that aren't on the Original website address. Maybe there are a lot of animations for example shooting stars, other effects on the Facebook site, or unusual languages ​​like "Come on Create an Account Now" on the original website it says "Create a New Account".
The characteristics of the phishing web that we wrote above, are a few points that you need to know so that you can be comfortable when surfing the internet. If you encounter some of the features mentioned above, and you could enter your account user and password, we recommend that you immediately change your account password as soon as possible through the official webpage. Also add a phone number as validation for additional security.

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But if you have not had time to log into the website address, you can also test whether it is web phishing or not, by entering random user and password. If it turns out that it can successfully log in with an incorrect user and password, it means that the web is definitely a phishing web.

How to Secure Your Account from Phishing Web
If the password has been changed by a phishing web hacker, you still have a chance to save your account. How:

  • First, remember the original user and password of your account.
  • Login to the official website address of your account that has been stolen. For example you lose your facebook account. Please login to and click the Forgot password menu.
  • After that you will receive a link to change the password.
  • Please login to your email, then open the password reset link.
  • And finally, you can change your password again, and the account can come back again.
Thus our article about how to find out phishing web. Hopefully our article is useful for you and you can be more comfortable and calm when searching for information on the internet. We also need to remind you, for those of you who want to have a website with a secure server, you can make a domain and hosting reservations at Rumahweb Indonesia . With low costs and friendly support, you can already have a cool website.(Alwan Rosyidi - RUMAH WEB).

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