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Parade Make STQN XXV 2019 So Colorful

Pontianak  The lively activities of the Decorative Vehicle Parade ahead of the opening of the 2019 National Tilawatil Quran (STQ) Selection in the Equatorial Earth became a special sight for the people along Jalan Kota Pontianak West Kalimantan, Saturday (06/29/2019).

The release of participants in Decorative Vehicle Carnival took a start in front of the Office of the Governor of West Kalimantan, Jalan Ahmad Yani and was released jointly by the Governor of West Kalimantan Sutarmidji, SH, M. Hum

Also present in the series of decorative vehicle march activities are Director General of Islamic Community Guidance, Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of West Kalimantan, West Kalimantan Regional Police Chief, Deputy Governor of West Kalimantan, Forkopimda, caravan groups from all over Indonesia and regional officials and invitees and community leaders.

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Among the Carnival Decorative Vehicles besides the host of West Kalimantan are from Banten Province, Central Kalimantan, DKI Jakarta, Riau, Bangka Belitung Islands, Central Java, North Kalimantan, West Sumatra, South Sumatra, Southeast Sulawesi, Riau Islands, Riau, Lampung, Java West and from Straits Kalimantan added from other provinces.

Each decorative car participant representing his province presents accessories and cultural characteristics that add to the lively activities. This is also part of the judges' assessment which from the beginning gave an assessment of the carnival participants.

The parade route of taaruf starts from the Office of the Governor of West Kalimantan - Jalan Ahmad Yani - Jalan KH A Dahlan - Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim - Jalan H. Rais A Rahman - Jalan Martadinata - Jalan Kom Yos Sudarso - Jalan Pak kasih - and finish on Jalan Rahadi Usman or Kapuas square.

Apart from provincial representatives from all over Indonesia, participants in Decorative Vehicle Carnival in the context of the National STQXXV were also joined by a number of decorative cars from the Regency and City of West Kalimantan Province.

Photo courtesy Qbenk from Komunitas Blogger Pontianak
Photo courtesy Qbenk from Komunitas Blogger Pontianak

Photo courtesy Qbenk from Komunitas Blogger Pontianak
Photo courtesy Qbenk from Komunitas Blogger Pontianak

Photo courtesy Qbenk from Komunitas Blogger Pontianak
Photo courtesy Qbenk from Komunitas Blogger Pontianak

A total of 16 decorative cars with 4 cheer leading cars took part in the Ta'ruf Parade activities which took part in the competition during the XXV National Quran Recital Selection (STQ).

A procession of Islamic ornamental vehicles with cultural characteristics of each province participating in the National XXV Tilawatil Quran Selection (STQ) was released by the Governor of West Kalimantan, Sutarmidji in front of the Office of the Governor of West Kalimantan. All floats are taaruf parade participants from various caravans or provinces throughout Indonesia.Bang Midji, the nickname of the Governor of West Kalimantan, said that the pararuf march was part of Islamic activities.

"The goal is to enliven as well as a forum to inform the general public that there is a national event, STQ XXV in the City of Pontianak. Even though we have previously been intensively promoting STQ XXV, "he said when opening the Ta'uf Parade on the West Kalimantan Governor's Office Page, Saturday (06/29/2019). He admitted, when he was at the location of the STQ activity, almost all of the provinces participated in this National STQ. "I deliberately took an hour to get to know each participant from various provinces in Indonesia," he said.

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Pontianak Mayor Edi Rusdi Kamtono who was also present at the event said that the taaruf parade was part of the socialization that there was a national event in the city of Pontianak as the host. "In addition, this Taaruf parade is also competed while participating in enlivening the National STQ XXV," he added.

His party prepared everything for the success of the implementation of the National XXV STQ. Taaruf's march, he said, was part of the STQ series. The routes that are passed by the float are Ahmad Yani Street, Ahmad Dahlan, Wahid Hasyim, H Rais A Rahman, Martadinata, Kom Yos Sudarso, Pak Kasih and finish in front of Kapuas Alun Park, Jalan Rahadi Usman.  "I invite all the people of Pontianak City, let us succeed in implementing this National STQ XXV and give a good impression to our guests," he said.

Chairman of the XXII Ta'ruf STQ Field, Ignatius Ik added that all participants of the Ta'ruf Parade traveled from Ahmad Ayani Street, Ahmad Dahlan Street, KH Wahid Hasyim, H Rais A Rahman Road, RE Martadinata Street, Komyos Sudarso, Jalan Pak Kasih.

"And the last route on Jalan Rahadi Usman in Alun Kapuas Park," he explained.Of the dozens of participants who took part in the competition, one float will be chosen as the best participant with cash worth 20 Million Rupiah."With the material for conformity assessment and harmony between the theme and the physical of the ornamental vehicle, it is displayed in addition to the height and interrelation of the decoration of vehicles with Islamic artistic values," he concluded.
 (Taken from many resources and references)

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