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Smart work is not hard work  hard but must be smart work so as not to be inferior to the technology itself. Those who work smart are those who can put their work according to their portion and priority. The length of time the work does not guarantee the quality of the work itself. Therefore, it is important for everyone to understand the following 12 ways for smart work.

1. Focus on Goals
Focusing on what you want to achieve is a way for you to not be easily tempted by other things. It is also important to dare to say 'no' to work that you feel is not your responsibility. Remember, multitasking is good, but it doesn't mean it's always good to do it.

Earl Miller, a Neuroscience Professor from The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, as quoted from page states that humans have the capacity to think simultaneously so that they consider themselves multitasking as an illusion that can damage productivity, cause mistakes, and inhibit creative thinking .

2. Make Priority
As stated earlier, working smart means being able to place priority. Make a priority scale in each of your jobs. Do priority work first or get extra attention than thinking about small things that don't have a big effect.

3. Create a to-do-list

For more organized work, you can make a daily, weekly or even monthly to-do-list. This can be a guide for you to complete the work according to the expected path. If you are used to it, then the work rhythm will be better and can minimize wasted time for unnecessary work.

4. Stay Flexible

Make priorities and to-do-lists not solely to make you so fixated on what you have planned. Remember, time changes, environment and conditions are dynamic. That is, there is a possibility that priorities will change. So it is also important to be flexible when it really is needed.

5. Mature preparation
When a matter is prepared carefully, the process will be easier and faster too. That is what is expected from smart work. Well-prepared preparation also helps to avoid wastefulness such as repeating or not optimizing like the perfunctory work. In addition, preparation will also make self-confidence higher because the body and mind are ready for what they are doing. Even unexpected things are also ready to be anticipated.

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6. Know Your Productive Time

Every person has his own productive time. There are those who feel more eager to work at dawn, some are even more excited when working late at night. For this reason, for smart work to be achieved, you must recognize yourself. Doing work when productive time will save a lot of time because 4 hours of work when productive can be more maximal results than forcing eight hours of work throughout the day.

7. Apply 80 for 20 techniques

Working Smart means using minimal effort to make the work as much as possible. There is a well-known technique that is 80 to 20. This technique teaches us to use 80 percent of the energy to focus on completing the hardest 20 percent of the work. This will make other, lighter tasks easier to complete.

8. Applying the Pomodoro Technique

In addition to techniques 80 to 20, in the world of work is also known as the Pomodoro Technique. This technique teaches someone to group their activities into 25-minute pieces of work, 5-minute breaks. So, you have to focus on one job in 25 minutes and minimize any interference. Next, you can take a short break for 5 minutes and then refocus on working for the next 25 minutes. After four or five rounds, you can take longer rest periods ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.

9. Use a Calendar as a Reminder
Something clearly visible in front of your eyes will help you to be more realistic with goals and achievements. For this reason, it never hurts to use the calendar as a reminder board. Write every week or month on the calendar with a specific target. Also write down the schedule or things to do to reach the target. Display a calendar on a work desk or on a wall that is easy to see so you can easily focus on the proper path.

10. Enough Rest
The most important thing for smart work to be achieved is regular and adequate rest. Make sure the brain, body, and soul can let go of work tension so that they are better at facing the next job. It should also be noted that it is quite meaningful according to the level. Long rest does not mean you save more energy to work. Because in fact someone who has too much rest will actually feel more lazy to start work.

11. Sharpen Communication Skills

Smart work must also be accompanied by intelligent communication. That is, your ability to be able to hear, ask questions, and issue opinions must be honed so that communication with the environment is not constrained. Miscommunication can be fatal and will only waste energy and time.

12. Routine Review of Work
The last way you can do is to regularly review what has been done. You must be competent in analyzing the work that has been done so you know what the shortcomings are. From the results of the analysis and review, make it a reference to improve yourself in the future.

That's 12 ways you can do smart work. In essence, Smart Work is a matter of the quality of the work itself, not the quantity or how long you are busy working. It should also be noted that smart work means being able to make maximum use of resources including technological advancements. You must be able to keep up with the times, because in the current era, the slow ones will definitely be defeated by the fast.
 (Carley Lerner).

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