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Kadariah Palace Pontianak

Pontianak  Kadariah Palace of Pontianak was not separated from the figure of Sayyid Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie (1738-1808 AD), whose youth had visited various regions in the archipelago and carried out trade contracts from merchants in various countries. 

When Habib Husein Alkadrie, who had been a religious judge of the Matan kingdom and a prominent Ulama in Mempawah Kingdom, died in 1770 AD, Syarif Abdurrahman and his family decided to look for a new settlement area, until October 23, 1771 AD (24 Rajab 1181 H), they arrived in the area near the confluence of three rivers, namely the Landak river, the Kapuas Kecil river and the Kapuas river, they decided to settle in the area. 

Historically the Kadariah Palace was built in 1778 AD Shortly after the Palace was built, Sayyid Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadri was named the first sultan of the Sultanate of Pontianak. In its development, the palace continues to undergo a process of renovation and reconstruction to become its current form.

Kadariyah Palace in Pontianak. Photo courtesy STQN XXV 2019 Official website
Kadariyah Palace in Pontianak. Photo courtesy STQN XXV 2019 Official website

A famous tourist spot in Pontianak
Visit the Kadariyah Palace in the evening. This palace is a legacy of the Pontianak Sultanate which was founded by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman on 14 Rejab 1185 H together with October 23, 1771 M and is located 4 km from the city center and is located in Kampong Dalam Bugis, District of East Pontianak. 

The palace still holds various kinds of relics such as Singahsana, Thousand Broken Glass, handwritten Al-Quran and the descendants of the Sultan of Pontianak from the first sultan, Sultan Sharif Abddurahman Alkadrie to the late sultan, Sultan Syarif Hamid Alkadrie who ruled in 1945.

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In the front, middle and front left of the visiting palace can see ancient French and Portuguese cannons. From here, pegunjung can also see the bridge, a room that juts forward which used to be used by the Sultan as a resting place or just to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Kapuas River and the Landak River.

Still in this room, visitors can also see bells, a device that was used to mark signs of danger. In the main hall of this palace there is also an antique mirror from France which is called "kaca Thousand" by the local community. Kadriah Palace also still has a collection of historical objects that are quite complete such as various jewels used for generations, ancient objects, broken goods split, photos of the Sultan's family and statues.

The word Pontianak itself comes from the name of a female ghost in Malay, which in Java is known as Kuntilanak. It is said that while walking along the Kapuas river to open a new kingdom, in a place now called Batulayang, the group of Sharif Abdurrahman Alkadrie's ship was disturbed by the ghosts of the woman. The Sultan stopped the group and decided to spend the night there.

Regardless of the physical condition of the historical heritage at this time, the return of the Kadriah Sultanate has revived new hopes of the hearts of Pontianak Muslims. The carriage of civilization that was established by Syarif Abdurrahman will again rattle, to meet the rise of a new dawn of the glory of Islam, which is based on the Kadriah sultanate's initial vision, namely "the throne for da'wah."

Historical Tourism
The Palace or Kraton Kadriyah is one of the buildings that proved the founding of the City of Pontianak in 1771 by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie. The location is administratively located in the Inner Bugis village, East Pontianak District, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan Province. History mentions that in that year there were 2 buildings in the form of Jami 'Mosque and Kadriah Palace and forest clearing at the Landak River Junction, the Kapuas Kecil River, and the Great Kapuas River for shelter.

Kadriah Palace, which is more than 300 years old, has a magnificent building complex that stands on the banks of a river. Measuring around 30 x 50 meters, the palace building consists of 3 levels and this is what makes it the largest palace owned by West Kalimantan. 

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A brief history reveals that Sultan Abdurrhaman reigned until 1808, then was later replaced by Sultan Kasim Alkadrie until 1819. Because of being held captive by Japan in 1944 Sultan Muhammada Alkadri who had served as the throne, was finally replaced by Sultan Thah Alkadri in 1945. Characterized allies after defeating Japan, then Sultan Hamid II Alkadrie (the creator of the symbol of Garuda / Indonesian State symbol) was crowned Sultan of Pontianak in 1950 to witness the kingdom of Pontianak to have merged its name into the Province of West Kalimantan.

Inside the Kraton Kadriah there are many historical relics. Such as throne chairs, jars, heirloom krises, coronation spears, swords, thousand mirrors, sultan's clothes. Alquran and many other historical objects. Alqur'an which is located in the palace has more than two centuries of age and is an Alqur'an which was directly written by Sultan Abdurrahman. 

The thousand mirrors were given by a Frenchman in 1823, called a thousand because their reflections were able to reflect our shadow thousands of times. Customs that are still being run in kereton are marriage events, baby hair clippers, fresh tepong etc., where people outside the palace are not permitted to carry out marriages in the palace. While the flour is an event to clean the heirloom keris by the heirs of the Pontianak Sultanate at the Keraton Kadriah.

Being right in front of the palace there is a cannon symbol because this cannon determines the location of the palace palace. Kadriah Palace has a lancang kuning symbol, because yellow lancang is the traditional sea transportation equipment of the Mataram Sultanate and the symbol of the palace. At the front of the palace can also be found a bell that will be sounded if there is an emergency. 

Well, if you haven't visited the Kadriah Palace, you are considered to have never visited Pontianak City. The atmosphere that was presented was very beautiful because the scenery directly penetrated from the edge of the Kapuas river. (Taken from many resources and references)

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