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Benefits of Employee Payroll System Through Bank Payroll Services  Having a business that has started to develop, both from the business system and HR definitely requires a payroll administration system needed by a company, to increase the ability to generate salary reports or paychecks automatically through the system and ensure employees comply with tax and legal filing requirements, based on summaries understanding and benefits on the investopedia page, this system is called payroll. Payroll will help a company in its employee payroll to be able to manage salary calculations in detail such as calculation of BPJS Employment contributions, Health BPJS, PPh 21, and employee loans, all of which will be salary deductions for employees of the company, and the company is more flexible in managing payroll for employees.

For this reason, the bank's payroll system can make it easier for companies to pay their employees and get the following benefits:

1. Fast and Timely Process
Using a bank payroll saves time in the process of calculating employee salaries, all employee salary details will be calculated automatically starting from basic salary, bonus benefits, transportation allowances, to other mandatory pieces. The salary deposit process is fast because there is no need to queue at the bank. So the value of the salary that goes into the employee's bank account is not too late according to the date set by the company to each employee.

2. Get better facilities than certain bank policies

There are several banks that have a policy of providing certain promos to a company that makes payroll through the bank payroll. This was used as an award for entrusting the bank, and was a collaboration to increase the comfort of company employees in fulfilling lifestyle needs and others.

Some employees may have rarely made a shopping transaction at the bank or there are no accounts, to fulfill the obligations for employee compensation from the company can be easily resolved by the bank, there are several banks that will facilitate the employees of the company by giving their own pay cards

Photo courtesy LinovHR COM
Photo courtesy LinovHR COM

3. Low Administrative Costs The process of paying salaries manually will cost more, the company will certainly have other employees to take care of the salary payment. If the company uses a bank payroll the costs incurred for payroll are lighter because each bank has a low administration fee policy. The administrative costs determined by banks vary, companies can adjust according to the needs of the company itself. So the payroll part of the company is not only focused on calculating employee salaries but will focus more on other tasks such as increasing Human Resources assets.

 4. Payroll process is more transparent

Payroll through bank payroll can also be used for data collection over a long period of time, so the company will have a record of the value of each employee's deduction which will later be used as decision making in providing bonuses or appointments for company employees. And also through the bank payroll, employees can see and check any deductions that are charged from the company which will then print a paycheck online so that employees are safer to save than pay slips using paper that will be easily lost, the company and employees will be more protected from payment errors.

5. Effectiveness of Salary Cut Management

In achieving the company goals that have been determined, there are certainly things that will be done to achieve these goals. One of them is when a loan is made by an employee, with the bank's payroll system there is no reason for employees not to pay the loan to the company because the company will be able to ask the bank to auto-debit or make automatic balance deductions due to loan transactions by employees. company by bank.

Before deciding to use the services of a bank payroll provider, the company should be able to compare the differences in each bank's policy first, so that later it can work well with the bank and certainly will make it easier for the company. May be useful!
 (Resource LINOVHRA COM).

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