Beginning of Awakening of Qori and Qoriah of West Kalimantan

Pontianak  The Governor of West Kalimantan Sutarmidji took off the caravan which will represent West Kalimantan in XXV National Tilawatil Quran (STQ) Selection in 2019 at the Governor's Hall, Wednesday (6/26) night. The moment of West Kalimantan as the host of the National STQ this time is expected to be the beginning of the revival of the qori and qoriah from this province that can achieve achievements.

"My message is for the West Kalimantan caravan to really focus on facing STQ, keep the most important health, eat food that does not affect the sound," Midji ordered the caravan. In the future, according to him, the training patterns for qori and qoriah must be more professional. Exercise is not only limited to conventional things, but must be more than that. Such as fitness and health of the participants must also be considered.

 REMOVE: West Kalimantan Governor Sutarmidji handed over the LPTQ flag to the Chairman of the Kalbar Caravan Shah and Laziz. HUMPRO KALBAR FOR PONTIANAK POST

The number one person in West Kalimantan requested that later the qori and qoriah be equipped with psychologists and sports instructors. "Equipped with psychologists and sports teachers, you have to have it in the future. You have to practice regularly, I have no target (STQ this time), but I'm sure there must be better developments from previous events," he said. 

Midji also asked for the front of all branches, all of which could be followed. Because at STQ this time, West Kalimantan did not participate in one branch, namely the interpretation of Arabic. The existing conditions, indeed, West Kalimantan does not yet have talents in the branch. "In the future it must be prepared. If there really are children who have to go where they are, just send them ready," he pleaded.

Midji who is also the Chairperson of the West Kalimantan LPTQ advised the West Kalimantan caravan not to be careless at the time of the implementation. Defile is considered important to see the seriousness of the caravan representing the area. "I ask not to be orderly, the discipline is important, especially for STQ participants, it must be maximum," he said.

Overall he hopes that the implementation of STQ in West Kalimantan really brings a good impression. It's not only about winning or losing, but there are interesting things that will always be remembered. That is why he deliberately requested the construction of the STQ pulpit to be made in the Equator Monument and Kapuas River (Taman Alun-Alun).

"The same as I asked (pulpit) is at zero point north and south latitude, so that it will be an extraordinary memory (for all participants), not just a victory. My Kalbar caravan is released hopefully better than the previous activities," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the West Kalimantan caravan Shah and Laziz reported that the second phase of the Kalbar caravan training was completed on 17-26 June 2019. Among the West Kalimantan trainers there were also appointed as the judges council for the implementation of this XXV National STQ. The total participants from West Kalimantan who will compete are 18 people. While the total number of caravans as many as 38 people consisted of officials, coaches and assistants.

Chairperson of West Kalimantan LPTQ Syarif Kamaruzaman added, from 13 STQ competition branches, West Kalimantan only reduced participants in 12 branches, both male and female. One branch that is not followed is the interpretation of Arabic, because there is no HR in West Kalimantan. === As the host, according to him, West Kalimantan wants to provide the best service for all caravans throughout Indonesia. While for participants from West Kalimantan, his party has great hopes that they can become overall champions in this event.

After going through two training camps, he was optimistic that participants from West Kalimantan could give their best. The minimum expectation at each branch can be included in the ranking nomination. "Going forward, through this moment, we will continue to race, prepare the best qori and qoriah, this must be the beginning of the resurrection of West Kalimantan," he hoped.

After this STQ, West Kalimantan LPTQ is said to continue to train the qori and qoriah in a sustainable manner. The training will be carried out not only at the provincial level but also spread throughout the districts / cities. "We will also involve Islamic boarding schools, according to the vision and mission of the governor, which will make the West Kalimantan community a quran," he concluded. (Source Pontianak Post Daily Newspaper)

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Awal Kebangkitan Qori dan Qoriah Kalimantan Barat

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