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Arabs call Iran the mastermind of various cyber attacks

CNBC Indonesia. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir called Iran a dangerous country in terms of cyber (cyber) attacks while saying that his country had been "repeatedly" attacked by a country considered an enemy.

When asked which country he believed to be the most dangerous in terms of cyber attacks, Al-Jubeir answered emphatically."The most dangerous country behind cyber attacks? Iran, "Al-Jubeir told CNBC International on Sunday (2/18/2018).

"Iran is the only country that has attacked us repeatedly and tried to attack us many times. In fact, they try to do it virtually every week, "he said. Speaking on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, the Foreign Minister repeatedly criticized Iran for what he called "evil behavior" in the Middle East region. He referred specifically to Iran's support for Shiite militant groups, Hezbollah, which have influence in Lebanon and various other countries in the region.==The interests of the Sunni Arab Kingdom have for years been at odds with Iran's interests, but last year tensions between the two countries increased due to conflicts in Yemen and Syria.

Regarding the accumulated hatred between the Arab Empire and the Shia Islamic Republic, Al-Jubeir's statement was not surprising. CNBC contacted the Iranian government to respond to Al-Jubeir's comments but had not received a reply.

Al-Jubeir said his country was taking steps to counter the cyber threat received from Iran. "We take all the steps needed to provide defense against our data banks, the internet, and other things. We also take the steps needed to train people to be involved in attack operations to make the system impossible to infiltrate, "he said.

Cyber ​​observers have also shown what they see as an increase in the ability of sophisticated cyber spies from the country.In September last year, the US Ministry of Finance included two Iranian-based hackers and eight people on the US sanctions list accused of being part of cyber attacks on the US and 2012 financial systems, Reuters reported.

Iran denied any role in the cyber attack even though it was also linked to a closer attack on the country. Hackers believed to be related to the Iranian government attacked the giant Saudi oil company Aramco in 2012. The action successfully removed the 30,000 computer system and crippled operations.==

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MIn addition, security experts have also traced a number of subsequent attacks back to Iran, including hacking in Saudi Arabia's aerospace and petrochemical companies as well as Western countries. Cyber ​​security company FireEye said it detected a coding system that contained Farsi references in the malware left behind by hackers.

Since the Stuxnet virus damaged equipment operated by Iran's Natanz Uranium Enrichment Facility in 2011, Iran's cyber capabilities are said to have developed very rapidly. In September 2017 FireEye called the hackers group believed to be behind an attack on the Saudi and US airlines and oil companies and South Korea as "APT33. The group is also called preparing an attack that could cripple the entire computer network.

"The footsteps of Iranians are in all parts of this effort, especially the government," said the analysis of the FireEye Cyber ​​Spy Director, quoted by Reuters.

Iran did not confirm or circumvent allegations that it was behind the attack.Cyber ​​security is the main focus of the Munich Security Conference, which has gathered more than 450 senior officials and heads of state to discuss current and future threats for international stability. (
Ester Christine Natalia, CNBC Indonesia)

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Arab Sebut Iran Dalang Berbagai Serangan Cyber

Ester Christine Natalia, CNBC Indonesia

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