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Ai Xin will Improve the Quality of Sharing Love

Pontianak The Love Society of Ai Xin, conducted an evaluation program for love for duafa in Ramadan 1440H. The meeting, which was attended by the board of directors on Friday (14/6), was aimed at evaluating the results for Pontianak Post and Ai Xin cooperation cooperation led by Ketum Nio Ui Khiang.

"Although the activities for the love of Ai Xin who have a photograph of unlimited love with direct, true, right, clear, and open principles have received a positive response from the wider community, we must continue to improve the quality of love services by respecting and respecting all parties including those who accept," he said.

Nio Ui Khiang explained, to realize the meaning for humanitarian love Ai Xin must prioritize polite and loving sincerity in the task of serving others who need a helping hand.

After the meeting, the Ai Xin social team went straight to the end of Gg Suprapto 5, South Pontianak. Visiting Lim Jam Luk, a 58-year-old man suffering from chronic lung pain. Assistance to these poor people was given as much as IDR 3 million. This assistance is expected to ease the burden.

HELP: Ai Xin delivered direct assistance to a number of recipients. ISTcaption
HELP: Ai Xin delivered direct assistance to a number of recipients. ISTcaption

After that the Ai Xin team to Gg Continue, Jl KHA Dahlan. In an old hut they delivered Rp3 million in cash directly to Fan Miau Nyian. This 60-year-old man suffered a stroke. Then the team drove to Parit Baru Village, Sungai Raya District, Kubu Raya to submit cash assistance to Usman Karim, a grandfather without a family who was paralyzed and blind.

Every mid-month, AiXin's social team always visits and delivers love to the elderly without a living or as a recipient who is a recipient of regular monthly cash assistance from Ai Xin. They not only delivered assistance directly, on this occasion Ai Xin's team also asked questions, paid attention to the situation, and the health of the elderly on a scale basis. Not even hesitate to clean and tidy up their residence. The delivery of decent clothes, dry food from the members was also delivered directly to this grandparent.

Chairman of the Gow Nguan Hui social team is grateful that in carrying out the duties for the love of all members of the Sosisl team Ai Xin always works together. "Thank God God provides an opportunity for us to share," he continued.

This community social program is a form of concern for members to fellow brothers. Frendys Lu, General Secretary Ai Xin said that through this activity, Ai Xin tried to deliver a small ray of light that was expected to be peaceful and light soothing for those who were in the dark.  (Source Pontianak Post)

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