If you are looking for travel and adventure, we help you decide the best destination to spend your vacation.

If for you a real good trip cannot miss a little emotion, this text was prepared with your next destination in mind. We know that Brazil is a country full of natural beauties and great places to visit, however, where to go to make a trip with adventure? To know more tips for adventure travel just find here at Travellens

We've listed 19 options that can appeal to you when planning your roadmap. Each of these places has its own particularities, it all depends on what you want to have fun with. Are you interested? Then take a look at our adventure tourism guide in Brazil.


Waterfalls of the Chapada dos Veadeiros

To begin our list of adventure tourism, you could not miss the Chapada dos Veadeiros Waterfalls, which are famous all over the country. The region is home to countless waterfalls, among the most famous are Santa Bárbara, with a natural swimming pool and the Capivara, surrounded by canyons.

Monte Roraima

Monte Roraima on the border of Brazil with Venezuela and Guyana is one of the most popular trekking destinations. The place is ideal for tourists looking to mix travel and adventure, as the ascent to the top can take a few days and you have to prepare to follow. Some even call the "expedition" course, for demanding a strong preparation and contact with nature.
Trekking in the Itatiaia National Park

The Itatiaia National Park is one of the places to venture in Brazil and is on the border of Rio and Minas Gerais. The site offers several options for trekking, waterfalls and mountains to visit. However, the most famous activity is the path through the trails, through many rocks and climbing until you reach the highest peaks. Some hills the road is more difficult, but it's just a matter of preparation.

Trekking in Chapada Diamantina

The long walks through the Chapada Diamantina are the great attractions of the place, which is the point of adventure tourism in Brazil. The recommendation is to go with the help of tour guides not to get lost, especially in spaces with bushes more closed. However, the regions are quiet, such as the Pati Valley, famous among tourists.

Parachute in Boituva

As soon as we think of adventure tourism we already relate to Boituva, a great place to jump from parachute. The region is home to the National skydiving Center, so if you want to experience this radical experience, this is the ideal location. Remember that you can choose the jump mode, whether in group or alone with instructor.

Route of Emotions

Have you considered visiting three of the most visited destinations in Brazil at one time? The Emotions Route offers you this option and still makes your trip full of adrenaline. Passing through the Jericoacoara National Park, the ParnaíbaDelta Environmental Protection Area and the LençóisMaranhenses National Park, you can experience true adventure tourism.

Amazonian Waterfalls of PresidenteFigueiredo

The PresidenteFigueiredo Amazonian Waterfalls are home to everything you need on your vacation. Some need a trail to get there and still have violent falls. Already others are quieter, but with several stones and native forest around. Remembering that some have space for camping in their vicinity.

Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara

Kitesurf is the new radical sport of fashion. And Jericoacoara is the best place to practice it, because besides you guaranteeing a tour of the region, the strong winds give you the learning of a totally new activity. This is one of the types of adventure tourism that is worth a try.

Boat trip in the Amazon

Have you considered taking a boat trip between the famous Rio Negro and Simões? But not only that, a boat trip in the Amazon allows for walks through the forest and visits to various indigenous tribes. The adventure tourism is present on each boat stop, where you can discover the riverside beauty.

Paragliding in Rio de Janeiro

Who has never dreamed of having a panoramic view of the wonderful city? Do parasailing in Rio de Janeiro is almost a must for adventurers visiting the area, the flight lasts about 10 minutes but well choose the places you want to fly before jumping! A great tip: prefer the flights under the beaches.

Rafting in Brotas

Another of the places that has adventure tourism in Sp is Brotas, the capital of rafting . But besides the experiences in the brave rivers, you can also practice various other activities such as climbing the waterfalls, kayaking, diving in springs, zipline, quadricycle and much more.

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The Aparados da Serra National Park is part of adventure tourism in Brazil, in which its most famous attraction is the Itaimbezinho Canyon, one of the largest in the Americas and much sought after by tourists. In the region, besides enjoying the views, you can also go hiking, go biking on the trails and bathe in the Ox River.

Caves of the Earth Snore

A mysterious tour is done by the Ronca Earth Caves, which are numerous, but all have huge stalactites, pillars and rocks inside. Being that, some streams of water end up entering and invading the environment, leaving the vision still more beautiful. However, in order to enter and enjoy this whole tour, you must have precautions and equipment of your own, so it is considered an adventure tourism attraction.

Trekking back on Ilha Grande

In Rio de Janeiro, Trekking is located back on Ilha Grande, one of the most famous hiking trails in Brazil. A mixture of beaches and mountains may be ideal for you, as the route passes through open regions and some trails within the Atlantic Forest. The time may vary according to your mood and pace, but overall, it takes about 7 days.

Trekking in LençóisMaranhenses

A mixture of mobile dunes with paradisiacal lagoons is the constant sight of the trekking through LençóisMaranhenses. In general, the walk through LençóisMaranhenses National Park lasts around 5 days, passing through local villages and famous crystalline lagoons, such as Azul and Bonita.

Expedition in Jalapão

Similar to the LençóisMaranhenses in the dunes, the expedition in Jalapão happens in Jalapão State Park and passes through several beaches, rivers, waterfalls and "deserts" of sands. It is an adventure tourism because it takes a certain amount of time and requires camping, but the journeys and packages of days can vary according to the will of the client.

Anavilhanas National Park

The Anavilhanas National Park is located on the Rio Negro and is part of the adventure tourism destinations in Brazil. There you can interact and swim with the red dolphins, go on the beaches, do trails terrestrial and aquatic. The environment is great for getting in touch with nature and observing the local flora and fauna.

Trekking of Serra Fina - SP / MG / RJ

This course is only recommended for those who already have experience in trekking and are in good physical condition, because it requires a lot of disposition. The rekking of the Serra Fina passes through great Brazilian mountains and lasts about 4 or 5 days, but be prepared to face high vegetation and a little cold in the camp.

Mom's Bag

The Mamanguá bag is a full plate for those who are looking for travel and adventure on the beach. Located in the Paraty region, you can enjoy kayaking, rowing, snorkeling and many others, as well as exploring the trails of various levels, some of which lead to the highest peaks in the region.

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