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OVERVIEW West Kalimantan Province

Pontianak West Kalimantan is one of the provinces in Indonesia with Pontianak as the capital of the province. West Kalimantan has an area of ​​146,870 km2 (7.53%) of Indonesia. West Kalimantan is traversed by the Kapuas river which is the longest river in Indonesia and has many tributaries so that West Kalimantan is dubbed the "Thousand Rivers" province.

The position of West Kalimantan is astronomically crossed by latitude 00 so that the weather is very hot. Between March 21-23 and September 21-23 every year there is a unique natural phenomenon when the sun is right on the equator. At that time the position of the sun will be right above the head so that it removes all the shadow of objects on the surface of the earth. 

This event is called the culmination of the sun. On that day many tourists, both local and foreign tourists, came to witness the rare event in the Pontianak equator monument.
Map Of West Kalimantan.  Photo courtesy STQNXXVKalbar

West Kalimantan consists of 14 districts and cities. The inter-district lane is connected to the highway. In addition, there are also interstate land routes that connect Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. To visit Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and even the Philippines can use buses between countries. It is not surprising that every day Pontianak is visited by Malaysians and Brunei Darussalam.

West Kalimantan has a variety of natural and cultural charms. In terms of culture, West Kalimantan has very diverse customs and traditions. The dominating ethnic groups in West Kalimantan are Dayaks, Malays and Chinese. In addition, there are also immigrant ethnic groups from Java, Sunda, Bugis, Minangkabau, Batak, Madura and Bali. Although diverse, but harmony between different ethnic groups is maintained. This is stated in the West Kalimantan slogan, "Harmonious in Ethnicity"

Besides cultural diversity, West Kalimantan also has amazing natural charms from the coast to the mountains. Although West Kalimantan does not have a volcano, West Kalimantan also has hot springs located in Bengkayang District. The difference is that the hot spring does not contain sulfur. In the economic sector, most are engaged in the trade sector. Currently there are 3 large malls in Pontianak. The mainstay of agricultural commodities in West Kalimantan is Aloe Vera and Orange
 (Source STQN XXV 2019 Official Website)

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