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5 Important Pages on the Website

Important pages on the website are important for increasing search engine ranking. Website is the best place to impress prospective customers. Even though good content, social media and advertising attract the attention of prospective customers, in the end, your website determines the final decision they will buy or not. 

There are some basic things that you must learn from various sites, such as how to apply attractive designs. When opening a website, you will also open another page on the site. Some pages on a website can be more important than important pages on other websites. How important it must be assessed from the purpose of each website

In general, pages that can be said to be important are pages that have the highest chance of achieving conversion. Providing the best opportunity to sell brands. Has more significant weight than other pages. Based on the points above, specify at least five more important pages from other pages, such as:

Gambar dari Sumber: Pixabay
Gambar dari Sumber: Pixabay 

Home page
The Home page or home page is the most obvious. You might also have realized why Home pages are the most important. The home page is an important page on the first website that the user will see. If your home page is no less memorable, engagement with a new user will quickly end. The home page is also very important that Google will consider when understanding the purpose and function of your website.

You can add strong headlines and be included with attractive visual designs. The aim is to attract the user's attention and indirectly state the purpose of your website. Adjust all elements, because the home page is a relatively small space. It's better to use a minimalist design rather than directly bombarding users with designs that are too flashy.

About page
After the user understands your brand and website, About is an important page on the next website they will go to if they are interested in learning your brand. On the About page, you can explain the strengths of the brand and explain why you are a trusted person in this industry. 

If done well, you will give a positive impression on prospective new customers, even able to convert leads directly. Selling products on the About page is included in soft selling. So it's better to focus on what makes your product more unique, show that you are experienced. On this page, you can add achievements that have been achieved. And most importantly, on the important page on this website you must include the reason why the user must believe in the product you are offering.

Contact page
When a user reads the content on your website and is interested in what is offered, of course they will search the Contact page. Contact pages have become commonplace and almost always on every website. 

So if you miss this one page, it will be very unfortunate, because you can lose the opportunity to convert. Every user who opens the Contact page, is interested in talking about business. Then the Contact page on the website should make it easy for them to contact you. It doesn't matter if you only want to focus on one form of contact, but still include a number of other options such as email or fax.

Blog page

The Blog page serves to 'show off' your expertise in the industry and help potential buyers to make the final decision. Blogs should be updated regularly. Can be once a week or twice. Try each post is good writing. Increasing the archive of your posts, becomes increasingly important because it will determine the ranking in search engines. So don't ignore the blog, DomaiNesians.

Checkout page
The important page on this website is the final process, where in the end prospective customers complete their purchase process. If your website does not have an e-commerce platform, find one page that has the same function, namely as the final page. Google doesn't really take into account this page, but customers will really care. 

Because they are interested in buying your product, the next task is to make the purchasing process easy to complete. A neat design, easy navigation, and fast processing are important things that need to be applied on important pages on this website. (From DomaiNesia)

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