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GreenGeeks: Can Its Performance Make Other Providers Green with Envy?

We live in an age when going green is becoming a necessity, not a luxury. Given the amounts of garbage we produce daily and the extent to which we have cluttered the planet, every single aspect of life should now be considered in the context of eco-friendliness.
Overhauling industries to make them green is not a thing that happens overnight. However, there are companies that were originally hardwired to keep the environmental aspect in mind. In the world of hosting, GreekGeeks is definitely a beacon of greenness. But is its performance on a par with its eco-efforts? We have reviewed the information available online and are ready to share the results.
Lush webetation
The first aspect of GreenGeeks that we focused on while digging was server performance. No matter the source of energy, if your servers are constantly down (or just more often than not), it deters prospective customers from buying from you.
What they want is a reliable place to host their pages, so the key factors affecting the overall performance are uptime and loading speed. The former indicates whether users can access your website whenever they want, and the former is about how fast they can do it.
Page load time can have a profound negative impact on bounce rate probability, a Google study suggests. Numerous studies have showed that people do not tolerate slow websites and do not wait for all the content to load. Poorly optimized content and coding issues are one thing, but your server’s role in it is just as important. Provided you have chosen a good option, it is not going to contribute to slow loading. So, what about GreenGeeks – can it be fast enough to ensure smooth user experience?
To find it out, we looked for objective information. There are too many factors that come into play and affect users’ opinion of server performance, such as problems with website content, weird scripts, performance of their internet provider, etc. To collect data on GreenGeeks’s server performance, we used Hrank, a chart showing several parameters that are crucial for normal server functioning.
Uptime for the past 7 months
According to it, its average uptime for the past 30 days is 99.998%, which is considered excellent. It means that all their servers have been down for no more than 2 hours in total (this is not to say that EACH of them was down for 2 hours, but the total amount of downtime for all of them made up 2 hours). The worst value for the period was detected on February 27, when it dropped to 99.978%.
Over the course of the past 7 months, it has also been pretty stable, with 99.046% as its worst result (on November 22, 2018). Apart from this one, there were only two significant drops, to 99.313% and to 99.314%.
So, now that we can see that their uptime is quite up to the mark, let us proceed to analyzing another important factor, that is load time.
Load time for the past 30 days
And this is where GreenGeeks has a lot to work on. The data suggests that in the past 30 days, the average load time has been around 953ms, with 1,018ms as its worst result and 884ms as the best one. This is definitely not fast, given how fast several other hosting providers are (there are options with 300-400ms most of the time).
Perhaps, these issues are temporary, because several months ago, from November to January, it was around 700ms. It is not that good either, but still the difference is easy to see.
Load time for 7 months
The number of websites hosted by them has been about 44,000-45,000 for quite a long time, which is indicative of the company’s stability. Even if it is not growing, at least it does not appear to be dropping.
Websites hosted by GreenGeeks
So, what is the conclusion? In terms of uptime, GreenGeeks is one of the best hosting options around, as it has been reliable for the past 7 months. However, it is not characterized by impressive load times – if it is of the utmost importance for your business to have pages that are very fast to load, you should do extra research and find out if it will be fast enough for your project.
When green tech is the new black
More people are converting to proponents of environmental protection, and this is actually a great thing. GreekGeeks, as its name suggests, has eco-friendliness as its priority. And while its eco-efforts are not questioned (it is their specialization, after all!), let us take a look at what feedback on their services can be found online.
One of the major common complaints is billing. Some are dissatisfied with the way GreenGeeks charge; others say the terms are not transparent enough, and there are people who report not being able to cancel normally. Poor support services are also among complaints. Also, the set up and domain registration fees are not refunded if you cancel within the moneyback-guarantee period.
It is always difficult to evaluate feedback. First, people are more likely to criticize rather than to thank. Second, not all the problems they mention are caused by hosting providers. Besides, there are competitors eager to tarnish someone else’s reputation. But still, the overall impression of GreenGeeks, as feedback suggests, is quite good. The feedback is diverse, with some websites dominated by praises and others flooded with negative reviews.
It is evident that eco-friendliness is the thing that appeals to users and makes them want to host their pages at GreenGeeks’s. It appears that GG is not without flaws, but still many professional reviewers rate it highly, and not only because of green servers.
Unfortunately, not all comprehensive reviews can be trusted, as reviewers are often paid to provide particular information, but in the case of GreenGeeks, it seems like it is worth giving it a try. The reason for it is that their technical performance is great in terms of uptime – the issues with load time may be only temporary, and even if it is going to be around 800ms, it depends on the kind of a project you want to launch whether opting for something with 500ms can make a difference.
The takeaway is that GreenGeeks, for all its reportedly minor flaws, is a good option to consider. Given the amount of positive feedback, which outweighs negative reviews, it excels at quite a number of hosting aspects.
First, it is green – and it is what makes it special. There are other green companies out there, but they are not numerous and not that green-oriented. The greenness of GG’s brand means that they cannot reverse it to the traditional way of powering servers, which is something you are likely to appreciate if eco-friendliness is your priority.
Second, its server performance is not that poor. The average uptime is great, but load time could be better. Last but not least, its reputation on the net is also quite good.
All this makes it possible to consider GreenGeeks a nice option, especially if they fix the load time issue soon. If you have such an opportunity, ask someone who you trust and who has already been or still is GG’s client to give you their own feedback.

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