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Several options for understanding this process from logisticians of various industries. Logistics management is a field of activity of an enterprise aimed at organizing and regulating financial, material and information flows with the aim of minimizing costs on the whole route, as well as general optimization of enterprise activity. Logistics is the science of managing and optimizing material and related flows in the process of product distribution. The logistics chain is an interconnected chain of processes for the movement (distribution) of goods from the supplier (raw materials) to the customer (final product), including the processes from order to service. At Zoe Talent Solutions you will find the logistics management and its skills courses.

There is a production with the need for raw materials (components) for the release of the final product. The market has already developed working conditions with producers and suppliers of raw materials from the moment of payment of money to suppliers (producers), until the receipt of money for the delivery of finished products. The whole process should be organized and managed at all stages so as not to break out of the monetary limits on procurement activities with its transportation and storage. The organization of logistics management is the interconnection of individual business processes of an executive nature. The task of logistics is to optimize the executive processes in the company in the amount, and not separately.

Logistics is an effective management of material flows with the lowest possible costs and aimed at improving the quality of customer service and improving the level of organization of logistic processes. This is the planning, control and regulation of all processes that the material flow goes through from the source of raw materials to the final consumer. Namely - transportation, warehousing , in-plant processing, packaging, distribution of finished products, etc. In this way, the material flow naturally increases in cost. The use of a logistic approach in managing the material flow allows one to save (or not to spend) both money (for example, by reducing stock resources) and reducing the cost of manual labor and transaction costs. In this case, a well-established information system is of great importance.

The logistics chain is a well-established relationship between departments:

- delivery of finished products;
- supply department;
- production;
- warehouses;
- sales department;
- department of foreign trade.

With rational interaction between departments, products (still in the form of raw materials) are delivered to the warehouse in the required quantity, then to production (in the right amount and on time), then to the finished goods warehouse, then delivered to the customer (without delay). The calculation of the profitability of delivery is carried out (by what route, by which mode of transport, etc.).

Logistics organization - coordinated action of market analysis processes. procurement, production, delivery, as well as analysis and accounting of processes that do not affect production - seasonality, market jumps, absorption and fragmentation of counterparties.

Merchandising in logistics is the process of product movement from the moment of its release to the final customer with full control and optimization at all stages of its passage through the intermediate stages of production and movement.
Logistics management is the planning, organization and control of activities for the movement and warehousing of goods, from the moment of purchase and until the point of its final use / realization.

Logistics management - the creation of schemes, structures, processes aimed at the uninterrupted and economically viable (with minimal costs) interaction of all structures of the organization. Their effective interaction with the external environment.

Logistics goods management is a system that includes various structural divisions:

- delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the warehouse and to the consumer;
- inventory management. customs;
- warehouse turnover;
- development of route schemes and transport loads;
- expedition management;
- relocation and storage of goods

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