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3 Unique Things From the Cap Go Meh 2019 Celebration in Singkawang


Singkawang City is one of the cities in the province of West Kalimantan. West Kalimantan has almost the same area if the cities on Java are combined, which is 146 thousand square kilometers, or nearly 7.53 percent of Indonesia's area. The vastness of the area makes West Kalimantan have a variety of cultures.

To go to the city of Singkawang, if you use an airplane, arrive at Supadio International Airport, then from Supadio Airport you can immediately take it to the city of Singkawang by land which has very good road conditions. It is recommended that you start the journey since the morning because the trip to Singkawang takes approximately four hours if it is not jammed. From the estimates on the map, the approximate distance from Pontianak to Singkawang is 151 kilometers away.

Singkawang is called the City of Million Klenteng, because of the many temple buildings or monasteries as Buddhist places of worship there. Arriving in Singkawang, the monastery that must be visited is Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Temple.

If the visitor is already in this place, then the elderly guard who is on duty there will allow visitors to shake the cans containing wooden sticks with numbers until they fall to the floor. The wooden stick that has fallen to the floor is considered an option, then the number matches the meaning of the message in the book that is believed by the guard

3 Unique Things From the Cap Go Meh 2019 Celebration in Singkawang

Have you seen this 2019 Singkawang Cap Go Meh Festival? If the answer is "no" or "not yet", make sure you and your family are planning to come and see this colossal festival firsthand next year.

In 2019 the Cap Go Meh Singkawang Festival was very lively until it became a trending topic on Twitter with hashtags # CapGoMehSingkawang2019

What makes this colossal festival so enthralling these domestic and foreign tourists is some of its uniqueness, among others

First,  Recorded in National Tourism Agenda
The Cap Go Meh Festival in 2019 which took place in the city of Singkawang and has become one of the agenda highlights of Singkawang city tourism has been recorded and is included in the Calendar of Event (CoE) of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. This is because the Singkawang Cap Go Meh Festival is one package with 2570 Chinese New Year celebrations.

On the day of the Cap Go Meh Celebration, almost all the main roads in Singkawang City will be crowded with people who will witness Tatung, Barongsai and Naga attractions. Usually the event is centered in Pekong Besar which is located in the middle of the market and shopping center

Tatung and his escort troops will tour the route that has been determined by the committee and watched by people from various walks of life in the city of Singkawang and its surroundings, even from other cities and also tourists from overseas. The atmosphere of hustle and bustle is indeed a special attraction. The whole day all shops and shop houses were closed for this event. Last year the festival included 9 Dragon Replicas.

In 2018, the Cap Go Meh Festival is able to bring many tourists. PHRI of Singkawang City to calculate hotel occupancy rates and restaurant visits rose 200%. They were swept away by the uniqueness offered by the Cap Go Meh Festival. And, this best charm continues in 2019.
The best array of attractions, from art and cultural performances, live music from national artists, tatung attractions, the Cap Go Meh expo, to the attraction of 12 dragons. The location is in several points of the City of Singkawang. Start Kridasana Field to Singkawang City Center, from February 5 to February 19, 2019.
The Cap Go Meh celebration is the closing of the Chinese New Year is a very festive celebration. This year Cap Go Meh is celebrated on Friday (2/14/2014). The city of Singkawang in West Kalimantan is the center of the colossal Cap Go Meh celebration. This event is very well known both at home and abroad. Acculturated Chinese and Dayak cultures make this city nicknamed "The City of Thousand Temples". Singkawang is a quiet city

Second, the presence of the Spectacular Tatung Attractions
The most awaited is the parade of the Chinese Dayak-tatung. Every year there are more than 500 tatung parading while showing off their magic. Tatung is a human figure who according to some beliefs is being possessed by a god spirit. The word 'tatung' itself comes from the Hakka language, which means spirit.

Tatung is a fusion of Chinese culture with the natives, so the Tatung of the Dayak also join in the Cap Go Meh celebration in Singkawang. Cap Go Meh symbolizes the 15th day and the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration for the Chinese community throughout the world. This means that the celebration of the Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days.

The most interesting part of the Cap Go Meh celebration in Singkawang City is the Tatung attraction. It is said that Tatung is only in Singkawang, not anywhere else in the world where people celebrate Cap Go Meh. And this is the second reason why this Singkawang Cap Go Meh Festival is a pity if you just miss it
Tatung in Hakka language is a person possessed by a spirit of a god or an ancestor. Where the body or body of the person is used as a communication tool or intermediary between the ancestral spirit or the god. Using certain Mantra and Mudra the spirit of a god called to the altar will then enter the person's body.


While showing off their immunity they were paraded around the city accompanied by tetabuhan music and typical Chinese drums (Singkawang Malays call it 'Dung Dung Ce'). There are also those who climb the sword steps, usually consisting of 36 or 72 shoulders / stairs. The more able to rise to the top it means the stronger the knowledge of the Tatung.

Tatung is a person who provides himself to be entered by one of the gods known to the Chinese community. Not only adult men become tatung, but there are also children and women. Cap Go Meh is believed to have been implemented for generations since 200 years ago. The tatung come from various sinmiau (kelenteng) which are scattered in all corners of the city of Singkawang, Sambas, Pemangkat, and the cities or villages in the vicinity.

This activity has begun to be developed as an object of tourism to attract domestic and foreign tourists. The strength of the Tatung will have an impact on the growing popularity of the name of the monastery or its temple so that on a typical day more and more people will come to the temple or temple to pray. more and more people are worshiping more and more donations and more prosperous temples. the prosperity of a temple from year to year shows that the more prosperous the surrounding community means that the surrounding area and residents are blessed by Dewa (God)

Third, the Stunning Lantern Festival

The excitement will continue with the Lantern Parade Festival. Normally held at night, the Lantern Parade Festival is a phenomenon with the beauty of its color. After enjoying the colorful lanterns, tourists are invited to enjoy religious nuances in the city of Singkawang. The Rejection Procession by the Clergy or Tatung is given on February 18, 2019. Next, there is the procession of the Prayers of the God of Heaven

lIt's the stuff of artistic dreams dreams are made of: Thousands of glowing orbs and ornamental structures on the night sky as illuminated faces stare skyward in awe. The scene may be a visual jaw-dropper, but the event behind the spectacle is so much more than eye candy. While the President of the United States is still on this week, people around the world are recognizing a significant Chinese holiday this Feb. 19: the Lantern Festival.

Today's revelers celebrate the Lantern Festival for a variety of reasons, and there are myriad interpretations of the holiday's rich symbolism. But the origins of the celebration are thought to tie back to Buddhist origins. Emperor Ming of Han reportedly became aware of monks lighting lanterns to pay respect to Buddha, so he ordered all the Chinese temples, households and royal palaces do the same.

While many modern-day observers no longer retain the religious aspect of the holiday, the lantern tradition still remains strong. People light lanterns of all shapes and sizes for any number of purposes: to invoke good fortune, pay respect to family members, honor a relationship and more. Some people also write riddles to attach to their lanterns to add to the fun, and others pen love notes.

While the holiday has a vast number of meanings, it's generally considered a jubilant occasion to be shared with family — many of which mark the day with a holiday meal featuring a dish that Chinese northerners also call yuan xiao, and Southerners call tāng yuan. These fried or steamed rice dumplings include a syrupy sweet filling that often includes red bean or black sesame paste. The festivities often also feature daytime lion dances and nighttime fireworks. (Taken from various resources)

All the galleries are taken from different resources

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